New Book Releases in November 2021 !

During November, tens of thousands of people around the world write novels in just one month. Why? Because it's fun and liberating to write a lot of words fast. It's also a bonding experience to write together as a group. Why? Because writing is such a pleasure, and it feels great to make progress on something important.

New Book Releases in October 2021 !

October is on its way, and we will see so many great New Books Releases by different authors. It also brings the bestselling books to the market. There are plenty of young adult fiction books, fantasy, non-fiction, business, travel, exam guides, and other genres that will be fresh on the market!

35 Must-Read Book Club Books for 2021 !

Let's enter the world of fiction through hundreds of interesting novels or story books. A book club is a place where one can discuss books with other people who share the same interest. Although there is no definite time set for holding a meet-up, it is always better to discuss the book as soon as possible.

The Top 25 Best Historical Fiction Books of All Time!

Historical fiction is a relatively new genre that takes real, historical events and adds fictional characters or stories to make it more entertaining. It combines fact with a fictional story to create historically accurate settings for the readers. Not every novel about history is a historical novel.

15 Best Home and Garden T.V. shows to Watch

Home and Garden T.V. shows have been a part of the television scene for many years, entertaining millions and making a select few people wealthy. The shows vary in scope, format, and subject matter, from building houses to cooking delicious meals. In this article, we will discuss 15 of the best Home & Garden Tv Shows.

The 25 of the Most Terrifying Horror Books Ever!

The premise of this article is that the reader will know exactly what they are getting into. The 25 horror books will be listed with a very short blurb about each book. You can buy these books on Amazon, eBay, and Waterstones.

15 Personal Finance Books of 2021, According to Money Experts!

While there are many personal finance blogs online and best-selling books on the subject, there's only a few resources that compiles lists of the best personal finance books together in one spot. We wanted to give you the best 15, so we decided to compile our list.

The Complete List of New York Times Fiction Best Sellers !

The Complete List of NY Times Fiction Best Sellers is a fun and easy read. It's similar to the movie's eye chart picture, but for books. The chart is in alphabetical order of authors and gives you the top 15 books from this month's New York Times bestsellers list. You will enjoy these books.

15 Best Drawing Books in 2021 !

Learning how to draw can be a very rewarding and enjoyable hobby. It can also be frustrating if you don't know what book to start with. However you want to draw, reading these lists can help point you in the right direction! That's why we compiled this list of the best Drawing books available right now.

The 20 Best English Dubbed Anime of All Time, Ranked!

For years, anime fans worldwide have been collecting the series that they love and have grown to appreciate. Whether they started out watching dubbed or subbed versions, or even if they watched them in their original language, it doesn't matter, especially when discussing these beloved series. Therefore, T.V. Time decided to compile a list of the "20 Best English Dubbed Anime of All Time".

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