Star Trek Discovery Season 2 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Want To Know!

American Series “Star Trek Discovery” was first aired on CBS in 2017. The series is the creation of Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman. It is the seventh show to be based in the Star Trek Universe. At the moment, the show has three seasons. It has a massive viewership since it is the sort of show that grips you! The star trek franchise has remained relevant for over 50 years airing over 700 episodes. However, the show has also got its fair share of criticism because it is too predictable. But some loyal fans and lovers (Trekkies) still keep up with the show and are dying to have the 3rd season gracing the scenes. Just why does this show continue to draw love from the Trekkies?

Star Trek Discovery Release Date :

This is the kind of show would have petitions filed in case of a cancellation, so, yes, the show has been renewed. This season is set to premiere on 15th October 2020 on CBS, all access. Kurtzman Alex has written the season premiere. Although there is the pandemic, there hasn’t been any communication towards a rescheduling. So, gear up Trekkies, October won’t be the same anymore. 

Star Trek Discovery Cast :

The show brings on-board notable characters for the 3rd season. We all concur that the show was a hit not only as a result of the writers and directors but also the excellent cast. The nine times award-winning show stars; American actress Sonequa Martin-Green as the lead protagonist as Michael Burnham. She is joined by Falling Skies star Doug Jones as Commander Saru. Other star’s onset includes; Mary Wiseman as Dr. Hughe, Oyin Oladejo as Lt. Owosekun, Michelle Yeoh, and Emily Coutts.

Star Trek Discovery Plot :

Jonathan Flakes, the director of some of the episodes, has indicated that they will be a light-hearted tone in the coming season. From the end of the Picard finale, we can predict that Spock will be in a different place. This season will probably shed more light on the relationship between Spock and the sister. Furthermore, we shall witness Canon as hinted by Kurtzman. It is exciting to think of how the synchronization, but we wait to find out. It is probably going to be fun and will have us glued to CBS. 

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Plot

Star Trek Discovery Trailer :

Nothing beats the excitement of the release of the trailer. I mean, what are movies or series without a trailer? The trailer is what grows the fan’s anticipation and keeps the buzz going. On 5th October 2019, Alex Kurtzman posted the official trailer on his Twitter account. From the trailer, Burnham and Saru have been transported to 930 years. The trailer hints at the fall of the United Federation of Planets. It also gives clues that some members of the federation that have gone rogue and Burnham are the only hope. From the trailer, the Trekkies are not ready for 15th October 2020. 

Star Trek Discovery Storyline :

Ever heard of human beings discovering aliens in other planets? Or alien finding us first? Star Trek gives us a scoop of how life would be if humans and aliens ever crossed paths. Just as the name discover suggests, the show revolves around the USS Discovery fleet team’s voyage as it finds new life forms. The team invaded the universe is the home to the Klingon aliens. Quite expectedly, the Klingons don’t take the invasion kindly. They start a full-on war on the USS fleet; the voyagers then realize that “to understand aliens, you must first understand yourself.” 

The show sends a strong message that there is hope of things getting better, even after the war. If you are the person who enjoys fantasy, this is definitely the show to watch. Star Trek Discovery is all things foreign and unreal! 

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Recap :

Many script writers often rely on the ‘breadcrumbs’ tactic when doing shows that require sequels. To achieve this, the writers often add more details to important plots as the story builds up, only to come back later and use then the explosively end the series with a bang and a twist that will leave you sleepless trying to answer; what next? The flash did it and many more. 

Although the second season ended without the Trekkies knowing why the seven signals appeared, they realized that the signals were connected. Also, the season finale so the greatest muscular cosmic fight. This was the episode that would make you duck while watching. The show seemed to be at conflict with itself, trying to build on its breadcrumbs for the perfect twisty end. Captain Pike brings a good sense of humor to the show. 

This season leaves us with the million-dollar question; what happens to the bridge crew after being stranded and separated from the world they know? 

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