Top 10 Mortgage Lenders

Top 10 mortgage lenders

Top 10 mortgage lenders.Below,i  present a detailed overview of the top 10 mortgage lenders, including the many factors that allowed each firm to score so high in our selection ranking.

mortgage lenders


Wells Fargo 

Wells Fargo, one of the top mortgage lenders. It has been the dominant lender in the country for some time, and constantly been rated.

Bank of America 

Bank of America is the mortgage company having a long tier of 200 years containing a very long history.  Since then, steady centuries of growth and mergers have grown the company to the Bank of American that we know today. Bank of America is led by Brian T. Moynihan, CEO. They state that supporting new home buyers is one of the primary aims of their personal banking business as a whole, and that they are dedicated to helping first-time home buyers.

JPMorgan Chase 

JP Morgan Chase is the second largest of all of the mortgage companies by market share. They have a number of programs designed to help home buyers, including support for people with less than perfect credit ratings. They also have a wide range of refinancing options available to their customers. JPMorgan Chase has assets worth more than $2.4 trillion dollars. The company as a whole is one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Citi Mortgage

Citi Mortgage is the mortgage branch of CitiBank. CitiBank is itself the banking arm of an even larger organization, CitiGroup. As a whole, Citi is one of the largest companies in the world.Their website claims that they serve over 200 million client accounts across the planet. Citibank has a special program called “Road to Recovery”, which is a consumer outreach program. For home owners having difficulties, this program is designed to help find solutions that can help homeowners avoid foreclosures. This is a program that Citi Mortgage is very proud of, and they cite very high customer’s satisfaction results with it.

 PHH Mortgage 

PHH is another of the major players in the mortgage industry. In the rankings of the overall market share in the mortgage industry, they come in 7th. The company is led by Glen A. Messina, President and CEO. The parent company, PHH Corporation, has been around since 1946. A large part of the business that PHH generates comes from their work with Realogy. This is a real estate franchise company that utilizes PHH in many cases to provide an in-house mortgage option to their customers.


Compared to some of the best mortgage companies in this business, Nationstar is relatively new to the game. They were formed in 1997, and are headquartered just outside of Dallas, in Lewisville. Nationstar was recognized in 2013 as a 3 STAR Servicer through the STAR program at Fannie Mae. They have a NewStart Solutions program that is designed to help homeowners avoid foreclosure in the event of unexpected hardships.


U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank is the 5th largest banking company in the country and is also known as a top mortgage lender.They focus on providing frontline banking services to U.S. Customers throughout the country.They have 3086 staffed offices, focused primarily on the west and midwest, to make their services as accessible as possible. U.S. Bancorp is the parent company of U.S. Bank.The company is headquartered in Minneapolis and is a large company that was pieced together out of several smaller ones. Since 1988, more than 50 different individual banks have been acquired or merged with the company to form the national powerhouse now known as U.S. Bank.


Quicken Loans    

The thing that makes Quicken Loans stand out from most of their mortgage lending competitors is that they are strictly an online lender. They choose to do business over the internet instead of out of brick-and-mortar banks. They’ve been in business for 29 years, and despite being an online lender are considered one of the power players, and are one of the largest and most popular mortgage companies in the country. Quicken Loans wears their badge of approval from JD Power with pride. They have been chosen “Highest in Customer Satisfaction for Primary Mortgage Origination” four years running.


Freedom Mortgage

Freedom Mortgage is one of the many smaller mortgage companies that have been slowly eroding the market share once dominated by the larger players in the industry. The company started in 1990, and has slowly crept up to obtain a significant market share in the mortgage industry. They offer regular mortgages but also have a full slate of other mortgage products including second mortgages and construction loans.They also very recently acquired BluFi lending.


Capital One 

Capital One is based out of Virginia but is a global company. They offer banking products in Canada and the United Kingdom as well as in the U.S.They come on the Fortune 500 companies list and are among the 10 biggest banks in the U.S. Most of their branches in the United States are in the Eastern and Southern states. Capital One is a relatively new company to have grown to such stature. It was only founded in 1988, and its founder, Richard D. Fairbank, still runs the company to this day.


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