Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge VR’ Trailer Reveals Yoda in ‘Temple of Darkness’ Tale!

ILMxLAB announced in May 2020 that it has shaken hands with Oculus Studios to create a virtual reality game, and now ILMxLAB has dropped a new trailer of Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge. The fans were hyped since the day they first heard about the game. The trailer highlights the young Padawan in a mysterious Jedi temple. The trailer gave us a glimpse of Yoda, who is voiced by Frank Oz; yeah, we know it is one of the best things about the trailer. We hear  the original voice of Yoda, telling Ady that the temple is creeping with death, following them around, “A Mysterious Evil Awaits!” 

The game is set on planet Batuu (Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge). The trailer has ended the rumors; the game is indeed taking place in the high Republic era, way before phantom Menace! Gear up to cut your enemies in half with a lightsaber. You will be Ady Sun’Zee, and we Don’t think that we will get to switch the character.

Director Jose Perez III, John Nguyen (lead experience designer), producer Alyssa Finley, and Ian Bowie shared their experience with us; they explained what was it like bringing alive Yoda’s character with Frank Oz.

They explained that the makers have worked on Yoda’s minor details; for example, the player imagines him to be bigger from far away, but when you stand close to him in the game, he is much smaller. Creators worked on minute details to make him look like the Yoda we know from the Movie. The first part of the game is coming out on 19th November, and part two has also been greenlit for 2021. There are chances of more installments of the game in the future. Bowie also said that this game is the perfect opportunity to learn more about different characters; to jump in different times; Yoda is just the beginning as there is much more to explore!

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