Director David Fincher Signs Exclusive 4-Year Deal With Netflix!

Netflix subscription is a must for David Fincher fans now as he has signed an exclusive deal with Netflix for four years. David Fincher took a really long break, and he has not released any movies since 2014 and was focused more on television projects. He is getting back in the game, and Mank is set to land on Netflix next month.

In an interview, Fincher revealed that he had signed an exclusive deal with the streaming giant for the next four years. Fincher already has a strong relationship with Netflix. He directed a couple of House of Cards episodes, worked with Tim Miller to develop Love, Death and Robots, and directed Mindhunter, the serial killer drama.

Many big names have recently joined hands with Netflix, such as Shonda Rhimes, Ryan Murphy, and Martin Scorsese. Martin is not really under a deal but has made an enormous contribution with his The Irishman. The case of Shonda Rhimes is pretty interesting as she left Disney and started working for Netflix because when she asked the company, she made billions of dollars for, told her, “don’t you have enough” when she asked for a Disneyland Pass. Check out the full story here.

Back to David, he stated that he signed the deal because he like the idea of working like Picasso painted. He was trying to say that he wants to try new things, to change the shape or the operating mode. So, even though we now know where David Fincher’s work is gonna land, it is impossible to guess what he’ll come up with.

David Fincher made a joke about what his approach would be while working for Netflix. He said that his behavior would depend on the reception of Mank. Either he will go with an arrogant asshole attitude wanting to make more black and white films, or he will sheepishly ask them what he could do to redeem himself. After a laugh, he added that he is gonna deliver them content and add more spectators for them.

Now we guess that you must be wondering about the value of this deal. Sources reveal that the deal worth over nine figures. So, the minimum should be $100 million. Even if the amount is between $300 million to had a billion, it won’t be surprising considering Fincher’s caliber.

You can stream Mank on Netflix from 4th December.

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