Jennifer Aniston Receives Backlash On Twitter Over ‘Insensitive’ Christmas Ornament ‘Our First Pandemic’!

Hollywood’s darling star Jennifer Aniston has arrived in a difficult situation this Christmas after she flaunted a disputable ornament on Friday.

Jennifer Aniston shared an Instagram story on Friday indicating a Christmas ornament engraved in a content font style with the message: “Our first pandemic 2020.” The “Friends” star didn’t indicate whether the ornament is her own. However, her fans and social media supporters appear to be expecting it is.

Twitter users are getting down on Aniston for the ornament, with some calling its message harsh considering people who have lost friends and family to the Covid pandemic. Others have shielded Aniston, saying the ornament was likely intended to be sarcastic.

Jennifer Aniston started blended responses after sharing an Instagram story post on Friday indicating a Christmas adornment engraved with the message “Our first pandemic 2020.” The “Friends” actress did exclude any inscription in her Instagram story, indicating whether the enhancement was her own. Yet, her social media devotees give off an impression of being accepting that it’s hers.

People appear to be partitioned over the ‘Our first pandemic’ trimming that Aniston shared in her story. Aniston’s image of the ornament started blended responses. Some Twitter clients got down on the actress for seeming to share a message that appears to overlook the innumerable misfortunes and phenomenal difficulties welcomed on by the novel Coronavirus pandemic.
Some appeared to interface Aniston’s Instagram story post of the Christmas adornment with different occasions celebrities made cringeworthy Covid related social media goofs.

Other social media clients protected Aniston and her post, calling attention to that she’s recently shared Instagram posts communicating sympathy toward casualties of COVID-19 and encouraged people to wear face masks and follow general wellbeing rules.

Twitter users shielding Aniston speculated that the decoration was intended to be a joke or proposed the star didn’t have terrible goals. A few people called attention to the that Aniston isn’t the one who appears to have a decoration with a comparative opinion.

“Jennifer Aniston isn’t even the first person I’ve seen with a decoration like that this year… one of my friend’s made one that said ‘baby’s first pandemic,” one Twitter user composed on Saturday.
Look at the responses here:

As of distribution time, Aniston had not freely reacted to the criticisms.

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