What’s new on Disney plus in December 2020!

What makes a streaming service great? Not just being filled with a lot of content but also continuously adding new content for the users to stream, and Disney+ is right on track! Disney+ is packed with impressive things to watch, ranging from Marvel’s superheroes to cute cartoons. If you have a subscription to Disney+, here’s what you can watch in December 2020. If you don’t have a subscription, well, you will get one after seeing the amazing stuff happening on Disney+. So let’s fill you in about what Disney+ is adding in December.

4th December

  • Mulan

Mulan will be available for free, only for the Disney+ subscribers from 4th December 2020. The movie revolves around Fa Mulan, a young girl who lives with her family. Mulan’s journey starts when the Huns invade China after breaching the Great Wall of China. To protect China, the Chinese emperor demanded each family to send at least one man from the family to fight the invaders. However, the only male in Mulan’s family is her father. Even though Mulan’s father is an army veteran, his health is not in good condition. To save her father from the trouble, Mulan disguised as a man named Hua Jun and went to the battlefield.

  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 (episode 6)

The Mandalorian is centered around a bounty hunter known as Mando. He travels to far-off placed to pick up runaways and strays for the guild. He changed his mind to deliver the bounty when he discovered that it is an innocent child. Mando runs away with the child and cares for this cute little creature as a father. The timeline is set after the fall of the Empire but before the emergence of the First Order. 

  • The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse (Episode 4 & 5)

The character that made our childhood fun doesn’t need any introduction. The show’s synopsis says that there is nothing but excitement and joy in the world of Mickey Mouse. Watch Mickey and his pals- Donald, Minnie, Goofy, Daisy, and Pluto embarking on their most incredible adventure. Each minute is filled with laughter and enjoyment.

  • The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is family entertainment but children love it the most. It will keep you glued to the screen as the CGI and cinematography are excellent. Our protagonist is transported to a magical world of snowflakes and gingerbread soldiers. Clara requires a magic key to unlock the box that contains the priceless gift. She finally found the key, but it disappeared into a strange parallel world. Clara met a group of mice, a soldier named Phillip. Now Clara must enter the fourth realm to get the key and handle the chaos.

11th December

  • High School Musical: The Holiday Special

Watch your favorite High School Musical: The Musical performing a 45 minutes holiday special. The stars will share their favorite memories in “High School Musical: The Musical,” and they will sing their favorite Hanukka, Christmas, and New year’s favorite songs. The Holiday Special will also provide a sneak peek performance from the second season of the series.

Olivia Rodrigo, Matt Cornett, Joshua Bassett, Sofia Wylie, Larry Saperstein, Dara Reneé, Julia Lester, Joe Serafini, Frankie Rodriguez, Kate Reinders, and Mark St. Cyr will be the ones to share anecdotes of their memorable holidays.

  • Ralph Breaks The Internet

Ralph Breaks the Internet came out six years after Ralph and Vanellope became friends in Wreck-it Ralph. Now, these two found a Wi-Fi router in their arcade, which initiates their new adventure. The bad guy Ralph and the misfit Vanellope travel to the World Wide Web to save their game, Sugar Rush. The duo relies on the netizens to help them in their mission.

  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 (Episode 7)
  • The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse (Episode 6 & 7)

18th December

  • Into the Woods

A movie for those who love magical stuff. A baker and his wife are childless due to a witch’s curse, the venture into the forest three days before the night of the blue moon. They attempt to find the ingredients that could lift the spell. Finding these ingredients is very tricky as they are- hair as yellow as corn, a milk-white cow, a slipper of gold, and a blood-red cape. On their journey to find the ingredients, they run into Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Jack. 

  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 (Season Finale)
  • The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse (Episode 8 & 9)

25th December

  • Soul

Joe Gardner is a music teacher; his dream is performing Jazz onstage. Joe finally got the chance to live his dreams after impressing other Jazz musicians. However, things took an unexpected turn when he met an accident, and Gardener’s soul left his body. As the soul began to proceed to the Great Beyond, it escapes to the Great Before. Great Before is where souls develop quirks, personalities, and traits before coming back to Earth.

  • The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse (Season Finale)
  • Max Keeble’s Big Move

A boy decided to take revenge on bullies when he found out that he will be moving to another city in the upcoming week. After a series of pranks, inventive gadgets, he gave the bullies a hard time with his friends’ help. The fun ended when he found out that he is not moving after all!

Take a look at newly added content on Disney+ in November 2020. These are the releases Disney+ has announced till today, 10th November. There is a possibility of Disney+ adding more content later. Even if you had a bad year, let’s end it in the right way. Also, check the movies and TV shows coming on Netflix this December. So for which one are you most excited to watch? Stay tuned to Besttopers to get future updates!

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