Meet Jon Favreau’s Most Adorable Alien Creation ‘Alien Xmas’ Trailer From Netflix!

Netflix has dropped the trailer of the highly anticipated movie, Alien Xmas. Chiodo Bros are back with a brand new stop motion film. Chiodo Bros have proven their mettle after showing their performance in movies like Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. Chiodo Bros has also worked with Tim Burton on Vincent and made Hansel and Gretel even better with their contribution, not to mention Jon Favreau’s Elf. Jon Favreau is a voice actor and an executive producer on Alien Xmas. 

Alien Xmas trailer gave us a glimpse at the North Pole characters from Elf (Jon Favreau). If you observe, you can easily see Arctic Puffin and Baby Walrus chilling out in the North Pole; however, if you even blink, you might miss the scene! We don’t know for how long North pole cute characters will stay in Alien Xmas. Edward Chiodo took to Twitter to express his excitement; it seems like he is waiting for the release just as much as the fans are.

Earlier this year, Edward Chiodo revealed what he had in store for the audience. Edward told us that the upcoming holiday special is based on the book his brother (Stephen) and Jim Strain wrote together. Chiodo Bros have been working on Alien Xmas for more than a year and a half now with Jon Favreau as their executive producer. Edward told us that it is a beautiful little story about the true meaning of Christmas. Edward provided the story’s gist and said that a nasty and evil alien race invades the earth to plunder it and take all humans’ stuff. In order to do that, they plan to build a machine that would suck earth’s gravity leaving everybody floating in space, and then the aliens will suck it all in their vacuum spaceships.  

This is the story of the very first Alien Christmas!  Humans only have the help of an alien called X with Santa and elves as the first line of defense. X is the smallest of all the Klepts (alien species), but he had the biggest heart of them all. X learns that in this big world, which is full of stuff, things aren’t meant to be taken; they are meant to be given.  

Edward told us that this is not the only project they’ve been working on; another unspecified project is in the making, which is facing delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When Chiodo Bros were asked about how they got into the entertainment industry, Charles said they were bitten by the monster bug a long time ago. Charles added that the movies like Godzilla, King Kong, and Son of Kong fascinated them, they grew up with them, and it was their thing.  

Alien Xmas will hit the screens on 20th November 2020, exclusively on Netflix. The book (Alien Xmas) was published in 2006, but we can say that Chiodo Bros will end up selling a lot more after the release of this iconic stop motion picture. Take a look at the first trailer of Alien What to watch this weekend on Netflix.

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