Kurt Russell Thinks Stars ‘Should Step Away’ from Being Vocally Political: ‘We Are Court Jesters’!!

A big name in Hollywood, Kurt Russell, recently passed out a new statement about political issues raised by the celebrities in this past election environment. This 69-year-old American actor had a healthy perspective that celebrities should keep them entertained to serve their acting skills in Hollywood rather than talk about political issues. He added points on stars as stated that we all are COURT JESTERS. We are only meant to entertain in Hollywood.

Although it’s prevalent that celebrities are involved and are so vocal on various political issues but according to this actor, they should keep shut about politics.

In a joint interview for the New York Times, this actor has surpassed a statement which is currently viral like a forest fire in Hollywood. He stated that we are Court Jesters that we all are supposed to do.

Along with Goldie Hawn, his longtime love, the couple is promoting their new Santa Claus, The Christmas Chronicles part 2, as it will air on the streaming network Netflix.

When the interviewer asked him about the political issues raised by many celebrities in this last election, the actor concludes that we(stars) should step away from being vocal in politics. He further added that there is no reason that celebrities as an entertainer can’t learn and according to him, those who are sharing their political thought have higher chances to lose their status as a Court Jester.

He also considered himself as a Court Jester and added that we all are born to do this. You can see how this actor brilliantly surpasses his political views in such a sarcastic way.

On this statement, the interview asked him not always to be funny, then he(Kurt Russell) added that being funny isn’t still the job of a Court Jester.
Along with Russell, Hawn also spoke out his views in the interview that we all had a President who was an actor named, Ronald Regan and we as celebrities can learn as much as anybody can.

According to Hawn, it is a celebrity’s personal choice to use this platform(politics).

From the past interviews and social interaction, it is revealed that Russell and Goldie Hawn’s children are also vocal about politics.

Kate Hudson, daughter of Goldie Hawn, urged her followers to post America’s newly become president, Joe Biden, and his wife.
According to Hawn, she is not going to use this platform to speak about the election.

By the end of the interview, Russell maintained that the Hollywood celebrity should not wade into politics publicly as it would affect their status and hurt their crafts. In this way, you could see how Kurt Russell is cloning appealingly with a particular viewpoint!! We can say that sarcastically his mission is accomplished as he left a pointed Arrow towards the Hollywood celebrities who are so vocal about their hard political reviews.

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