Avani Gregg: Makeup Artist, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Nationality, Net Worth !

American makeup artist and social media sensation Avani Kiana Gregg. She entered the world on November 23, 2002, a Tuesday, in the United States. Her early popularity stemmed from her activity on the video-sharing app TikTok. Gregg portrays Gemma in the web series Chicken Girls. She won the Shorty Award for TikToker of the Year in 2019, and Forbes will include her among the 30 Under 30 in the field of social media in 2020. So, let’s discuss Avani’s lifestyle and fortune.

Avani Gregg Early Life:

Full Real Name Avani Gregg
Family Name Gregg
Profession Social Media Influencer
Date Of Birth November 23rd, 2002
Age 19 years old
Birthday November 23rd
Year Of Birth 2002
Nick Name Avani
Current Residence Indiana
Nationality American
Ethnicity Biracial
Religion Christianity

Born on November 23rd, 2002, in Brownsburg, Indiana, Avani Gregg is a proud American citizen. Avani’s childhood is also mostly unknown.

Avani Gregg Education:

Highest Qualification High School
University Not Known
College Not Known
High School North Central High School

No information on Avani Gregg’s academic credentials appears publicly published or accessible. Nonetheless, we are keeping a careful eye and will continue Avani’s education as soon as we get access to the necessary information.

Avani Gregg Family:

Father Will Update
Mother Will Update
Sisters Shanti And Priya

Avani was introduced into the globe on November 23, 2002, in Brownsburg, Indiana. She has a complex heritage of Indian, Mongolian, and African-American roots. Avani has two sisters, both named Gregg and they are named Shanti and Priya. Her older sibling, Shanti, shares her online presence across many networks. Avani’s career as a competitive gymnast was cut short when, as a child, she suffered a stress fracture in her spine. We will also revise this piece on the Avani Gregg family to incorporate credible sources.

Avani Gregg Zodiac Sign: 

Sun Sign Sagittarius
Star Sign Sagittarius

Avani is a citizen of the United States from her birthplace, the state of Indiana. It’s safe to say she comes from more than one culture. In the year 2022, Avani Gregg will become 19 years old. Her birthday is November 23rd, making her a Sagittarius. 

Avani has also become famous for promoting her cosmetics line through online videos and branded merchandise. She had worn clown makeup to an occasion and had been a viral sensation. This sort of public presence is also a part of her merch.

Avani Gregg Physical Stats: 

Weight In Kg 50 kg
Height In Feet 5 Feet 1 Inches
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size 6

Avani Gregg is exactly 5 feet and 1 inch tall. She participates in gymnastics at level 9 and weighs 50 kilograms. In addition, she has brown eyes and jet-black hair and is often spotted in several different outfits. She does not appear to be tattooed. According to US standards, she wears size six shoes.

Avani Gregg Relationship Status 

Marital Status single
Partner Name Anthony Reeves
Relationship Status Dating

Many people wonder if Avani is married, and many more wonder what her status is. As a result of our research into Avani’s love life, we can inform you that in March 2020, Gregg verified that she was dating the social media sensation, Anthony Reeves. This information is accessible to us as a consequence of our study. Three years ago, they met for the first time on Musical.ly (currently TikTok).

Avani’s gymnastics career was cut short when she had a back injury. Despite this, she occasionally shows off her social media prowess. She has been cast as Gemma for the upcoming Chicken Girls on Brat season. She will star as one of the key characters. The first season of the show will premiere in 2020.

Avani Gregg Profession:

Avani Gregg is a TikTok personality born on November 23, 2002. She has more than 10 M followers on the app, and her videos have earned 568 million likes. She frequently engages in comic skits, physical challenges, dances, and transitions in her films. Moreover, she is a member of a group known as “The Hype House.” Charli D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, and Daisy Keech, all huge names in the world of social media, are all part of this crew. Gregg became known as the “Clown Girl” with the publication of her first viral TikTok video that year, which showed her transformation into a clown in the style of Harley Quinn.

With her best friend Charli D’Amelio, she became a member of the Los Angeles-based collective The Hype House in December 2019. In the internet sitcom Chicken Girls, Gregg plays the part of Gemma, one of the major characters. She declared that Gallery Books would publish her autobiography in the coming months, beginning in September 2020. Starting in 2020’s November, she hosted a Facebook Watch conversation show titled Here For It, in which she addressed Gen-Z issues brought forward by her audience. In conclusion, Avani Gregg is on track to becoming a highly respected Makeup Artist in the United States.

Avani Gregg Social Media Appearance 


Avani Li is an extremely popular American makeup artist with many devoted followers. In addition, she has 18.8 million people following her @avani account on Instagram and is well-known for the gorgeous photographs she shares there.

Avani Gregg’s Twitter handle is @avanigregg, and she has over 2.2 thousand followers.

Avani Gregg Net Worth:

Net Worth $400 Thousand USD
Source Of Income Social Media Influencer

The amount of Avani Gregg’s financial assets and debts is the measure of her net worth. Homes, autos, many forms of bank accounts, and financial resources belong to Avani. Some examples of financial assets that add to Avani’s net worth are equities and bonds and Avani itself.

Moreover, Avani Gregg is a new name to you, and you are curious about the source of her wealth. Let’s get one thing straight: Avani Gregg, the well-known American make-up artist, is reported to be worth $400,000, and she has amassed a substantial fortune due to her career. No matter how you slice it, that’s a lot of money, especially for someone of Avani’s age.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is Avani Gregg?

American makeup artist and social media sensation Avani Kiana Gregg. She entered the world on November 23, 2002, a Tuesday, in the United States. Her early popularity stemmed from her activity on the video-sharing app TikTok.

How tall and how heavy Avani Gregg was?

Avani Gregg is exactly 5 feet and 1 inch tall. She weighs 50 kg and performs at the highest level of gymnastics.

What is Avani Gregg’s marital status?

Gregg confirmed her romance with social media sensation Anthony Reeves in March 2020.

How much money does Avani Gregg have right now?

Avani Gregg has a net worth of $400,000 as of 2022. She has amassed a considerable fortune thanks to endorsements and sponsorships for her online content.

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