Pretty Hard Cases Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Want To Know!

What does your mind register when you hear the world police or see one? You mostly picture tough men and women wearing a gun strapped on their pants or rifles in their hands, stern faces, and a threatening glance that spells terror. But don’t you think even with our stereotypes about them, the police are first humans, then cops?

If you still think that a police officer cannot show emotion, then Pretty Hard Cases is here to prove you wrong. Created by Tassie Cameroon and White, the Canadian police drama narrates the adventurous stories of two officers, Detective Sam and Detective Kelly. The two just like any other ethical officers, strive hard to remain god enforcers, and this means they have to work double hard in a system that is pretty much broken. 

Pretty Hard Cases Season 4 Release Date: Where will season 3 Air?

As much as it would be exciting to get a specific release date for when the drama-filled series will premiere., it is too early to remain positive as the show’s second season is yet to drop entirely. The show’s first season premiered on January 5th, with the last dropping on April 13th, 2022. The third season premiered on January 4, 2023.

Regrettably, the highly acclaimed show “Pretty Hard Cases” will not be returning for a fourth season as CBC has made the decision to cancel the series. Although the third season will wrap up the story, fans will have to bid farewell to the beloved show despite its positive reception and increasing viewership.

Pretty Hard Case Season 4 Plot: What will happen next?

The stories tell the daily life of two ambitious people yet so different to work together. They are both in their early forties, and the desire to be among the transparent and honest policewomen in the workforce. Sam is more of an uptight, challenging, and no-nonsense detective, which suits her profile as the gang’s detective. Kelly and Sam are both goal-oriented and have managed to charm their bosses despite traveling with their deteriorating personal lives. The ability of the two to be a constant pain in each other back is what makes the show the perfect drama to binge on.

Due to the unfortunate cancellation of “Pretty Hard Cases” and the subsequent decision to not produce Season 4, it is impossible to speculate on the plot or storyline. However, based on the events of Season 3, it was evident that the friendship between Sam and Kelly was deteriorating, leaving fans curious about how their alliance would evolve. Additionally, the Season 3 cliffhanger left unresolved mysteries surrounding Kelly’s sister and Sam’s mentor, which could have been explored in a potential Season 4. The discontinuation of the show saddened many fans who were eagerly anticipating the future adventures of this dynamic duo.

Pretty Hard Case Season 4 Cast: Who will reappear?

If the series gets a renewal for another season, which the show’s creator will most likely consider, we expect the most cast to reprise their roles. Meredith MacNeill from the confetti film stars as Detective Sam, Adrienne Moore as Detective Kelly, Tara strong plays Tiggy, Dean McDermott portrays Detective Barry, Al Mukadam as Detective Taai Nazeer, Katie Douglas (Ginny and Georgia) plays Sullivan Jackie, Onie Rowe as Ryck Gray, Kim Coates plays Bill Misiano, Tricia black as Detective Tara. Other casts include Miguel Rivas, Daren A as Herbert and Ben Bass playing Brad Michaels.

Pretty Hard Case Season 4 Trailer: Is any trailer out?

Disappointingly, CBC has made the unfortunate decision to discontinue the program, resulting in the unavailability of Pretty Hard Cases season 4. Consequently, there are no plans in place for the release of a season four promo at this time. After the season finale’s debut, there is also a variety of crime drama series like Peaky Blinders, Ozark, Breaking bad, and Pieces of her, which you will enjoy watching.

Why Was Pretty Hard Cases Canceled?

CBC has officially announced the cancellation of “Pretty Hard Cases” season 4. While the specific reasons behind the decision remain undisclosed as there has been no official statement from CBC, show cancellations by networks can occur due to various factors such as low viewership, financial constraints, or other considerations. Despite the lack of information, fans will unfortunately not see a fourth season of the show.

Pretty Hard Case Season 3: Rating

IMDb ratings reflect a positive reception for the third season of Pretty Hard Cases, with episodes garnering ratings ranging from 7.1 to 8.8. However, there is currently no availability of reviews for the third season on Rotten Tomatoes. While IMDb provides insights into viewer ratings, the absence of Rotten Tomatoes reviews indicates a limited critical evaluation of the season.

Where To Watch Pretty Hard Cases?

Pretty Hard Cases can be streamed on CBC and CBC Gem in Canada, providing local viewers with access to the show. For international audiences, utilizing a VPN can enable access to CBC Gem. Additionally, the series is available for streaming on Amazon Prime, offering another platform for viewers to enjoy the show. Watch all the 10 episodes of Season 3 here.

Keep watching our space for all the latest updates related to the series.

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