Aaron Rodgers: Age, Height, Biography, Family, Relationship, Career, and Net Worth!

Aaron Rodgers is the famous American football athlete of the National Football League, named “A-Rodgers. Since his draught back in 2005, he played with the NFL’s Green Bay Packers by setting many records. 

He is not only Super Bowl XLV champion with his extraordinary skills but also Super Bowl XLV MVP. Moreover, he has received various distinctions in his career, such as 2 NFL Most Valuable Player, 2 Top Team All-Pro, Associated Press Athlete of the Year, etc.

So, would you like to discover more about Aaron Rodgers? If yes, this article will enlighten you about his biography, net worth, relationship status, age, height, weight, kid profile, and other life information gathered in 2021.

Birth Name:Aaron Charles Rodgers
DOB:December 2nd, 1983
Birthplace:Chico, California
Age:37 years old
Mother’s name:Darla Leigh Pittman Rodgers
Father’s name:Edward Wesley Rodgers
Siblings:Jordan Rodgers, Luke Rodgers
Education:Pleasant Valley, University of California, Berkley
Height:188 cm
Weight:225 lbs
Hair Color:Light Brown
Eyes Color:Blue
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Ex-Girlfriends:Olivia Munn, Danica Patrick
Social Media:Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Merch:Books, Jersey and Poster
Profession:Professional Football Athlete
Net Worth:$120 Million
Last Updated:September 2021

Aaron Rodgers Early Life:

NFL’s famed Aaron Rodgers was born to Edward Wesley Rodgers and Darla Leigh Pittman Rodgers in Chico, California, on December 2, 1983.

The father of Aaron, Edward, was a Chico State Wildcats soccer player. Edward always taught Brother Rodgers not to drink or to party at school. He advised them to always limit themselves to sports like his own.

He also has Jordan Rodgers and Luke Rodgers, his brother and sister. His brother Luke is playing quarterback for Vanderbilt University.

He played for NFL teams such as Jacksonville Jaguars and Buccaneers in Tampa Bay. Aaron, in particular, took to heart his father’s word and became the football star we now know about.

In addition, at the age of ten, Rodger’s The Ukiah Daily Journal featured his finest performance in a local free-through basketball competition on the top page.

Rodger’s parents brought him up as a Christian when he was grown up, but he reportedly declared that he had no more religions with him.

Aaron Rodgers Education:

In addition, when Rodgers moved to Ukiah, California, his family attended Oak Manor Elementary School.

He also joined Vose Elementary School and Whitford Middle School later when his family moved to Beaverton, Oregon. He performed baseball for the Raleigh Hills Little League in different places, including shortstop, center field, and pitcher.

In 1997 he returned to Chico and attended high school in Pleasant Valley. He achieved a one-season school record with 2,466 total yards in 2001 while playing for his school.

Rodgers also concentrated on his education as an outstanding football athlete. He finished high school with an excellent score of 1310 on SAT and A- averages. Moreover, Rodgers attended Butte and California Community College as his college.

How old is Aaron Rodgers?

In 2021, Aaron, known as “A-Rod,” was 37 years old. Aaron is a Sagittarius according to the horoscope. People are recognized for this sign for their enthusiastic, lively and intellectual character.

How tall is Aaron Rodgers?

Rodgers is a 6’2″ (1.88 m) height and 225 lbs weighted athlete. In addition, he has light brown hair and blue eyes.

Aaron Rodgers is also famous for his mustache back then and even now. His beard style has also evolved tremendously.

Aaron Rodgers Career:

Let’s look at his incredible college career before starting Aaron’s professional career and achievements. Moreover, he got very little interest from recruiters, even despite Rodger’s excellent high school record.

Later, he reportedly remarked that his impressive physical dimensions as a high school player of 5’10” (1.78 m) and 75 kg resulted from the lack of attention throughout the recruiting process.

He intended to go to the State University of Florida and start with Bobby Bowden, head coach of the college team. However, the university dismissing him allowed him to compete for a scholarship at the University of Illinois. However, he refused to accept the offer to leave football for law school.

In addition, he was recruited by Butte Community College, situated in Oroville, to play football.

Year Wise Opportunities to Aaron Rodgers:

In 2002 – 2003:

He led the school in Butte with a record of 10-1 for NorCal Conference and a national rating number 2 as a student. There, the California Golden Bears head coach Jeff Tedford acknowledged him. Tedford was amazed to hear that Aaron was never recruited by any of the collegiate teams before.

Aaron was entitled to transfer to Berkeley University, California, based on Aaron’s high school record. In the fifth match of 2003, the coach named Rodgers the first quarterback and led the Golden Bears to register himself by 7–3 as a college student.

In 2004:

Aaron led the team to a junior record of 10–1. In the same game, for 26 straight passes, he set a new school record. Overall, 24 touchdowns, eight interceptions, and 2,566 yards passed during Aaron’s s 2004 season.

Then, Aaron elected to leave his senior season in 2005 after finishing the 2014 season.

In 2005:

Aaron had impressive statistics at his college, and he assumed he was taken in advance in the 2005 NFL Draft. Before the drafting process, he was sure he would be picked out by the San Francisco 49ers, who he supported.

The San Francisco 49ers, though, chose Alex Smith as their quarterback, and Aaron became the Green Bay Packers’ 24th overall pick.

One of the largest stories of the drought has been Aaron’s drop to the 24th selection, with the Green Bay Packers electing to choose Brett Favre’s replacement.

Aaron entered into a $7.7 million five-year deal in August 2005 with guaranteed money of $5.4 million. The team’s backup quarterback spent his rookie season. While Aaron was playing in a few matches, at practice, he managed the scout team.

His trainer sent him to McCarthy’s “Quarterback School” six hours a day and many times a week after Mike Sherman was fired at Green Bay Packers, replacing him with Mike McCarthy.

His talents finally improved, and McCarthy’s coach was highly impressed and believed in his skills. Aaron and Favre began to build friendships during that period.

In 2006-2008:

Rodgers suffered an injury while playing against the New England Patriots on 19 November 2006 and finally missed the remainder of the 2006 season. He recovered quickly and began the season of 2007.

Rumors of probable trading involving Aaron began to emerge earlier in the 2007 season. However, the packers of Green Bay have not been traded and have remained.

Brett Favre announced his withdrawal on 4 March 2008. In this judgment, Aaron’s quarterback starting spot for the 2008 season was clear. Those who traded Favre to the New York Jets decided to return from retirement.

Aaron’s 4,038-yard stats established the fact that he was one of the league’s greatest quarterbacks. The club beat the Minnesota Vikings with him as a starter.

Also, he won the FedEx Air award with votes the following week during his second start to the NFL. In the fourth week of the season, the 157 consecutive passes of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished with no interceptions. It was the third-longest stretch in the history of the franchise.

Although Aaron suffered from a significant shoulder injury during a game, the squad triumphed over the Seattle Seahawks but started and played effectively. His dedication demonstrated to many his toughness. He signed a contract for six years after that.

In 2009- 2010:

Aaron won his first comeback win at the opening of the 2009 season. Later, in October 2009, Rodgers won the NFC Month Offensive Player.

Furthermore, with 461 points, the Green Bay Packers established a new franchise record. The Super Bowl team broke their previous record in 1996.

In his first two years, Aaron became the first quarterback in the NFL to launch 4,000 yards. Rodger made a journey to his first Pro Bowl as the third quarterback of NFC after Drew Brees and Brett Favre, a spectacular regular-season performance.

However, Aaron got the NFC’s official start after Favre left due to injury, and Brees was removed because he took part in the Super Bowl XLIV.

He won his second NFC Offensive Player of Week and FedEx Air NFL Player of the Year accolades in 2010 during his 400-yard match against the New York Giants.

Moreover, Aaron tied the NFL back-to-back Playoff record for the Divisional Round contest with at least three touchdown throws.

So, he also made the NFL record with ten touchdowns, combined with three consecutive postseason games, as the only quarterback.

Super Bowl XLV season

After winning the NFC Championship, the Green Bay Packers got to Super Bowl XLV and won 31–25 during the Pittsburgh Steelers race.

The Super Bowl MVP trophy was a great achievement for him. In addition, Aaron completed 24 of 39 throw attempts with three contact downs for 304 yards.

In 2011-2012:

Aaron was the only player to rush from the postseason for at least 900 yards and two touchdowns. He ranked eleventh in the 2011 Top 100 NFL player list.

In the 2011 season – 2012 season, Aaron received six NFC Offensive Player of the World Awards for September, October, and November, including FedEx Air Player of the Week.

He was also the winner of the 2011 MVP of the Green Bay Packers-Detroit Lions Galloping Gobbler Game. In addition, he received 48 of 50 votes for the League’s MVP award.

To support a First-Team All-Pro distinction, Pro Bowl chose Rodgers. His teammates were elected the NFL Top 100 Players 2012 as the best players in the league.

During Week 6, by tossing six touchdown passes for NFC offensive player of the Week, Rodgers tied the team record. He was also October NFC’s Moon’s Offensive Player.

For his play in the 2012 season, Rodgers won his third career as a Pro Bowl. He was sixth in the 2013 Top 100 NFL Players poll by his peers.

In 2013-2014:

On 26 April 2013, Packers and Aaron decided to extend their five-year contract to $110 million, making it the highest-paying NFL player.

He won a 480-yard career to tie up the franchise record while playing Washington Redskins. His achievement was won by NFC Offensive Player of the Week.

For the 2014 Season, Rodgers received 31 votes and was named AP NFL Most Valuable Player. He also earned the Kansas City Committee’s NFC Offensive Player of the year Award of 101, including Fed-Ex Air NFL Year’s Player.

Pro Bowl recognized him for the 2014 season, and in the 2015 NFL Top 100 Players, he was the second-best player. It was also Rodgers’ first quarterback, at least four touchdowns without a game interception, since Y. A. The Title was 480 yards long. He was made an offensive NFC Week Player in his effort. During this season, he placed 11th in the NFL Top 100 player 2014.

In 2015-2016:

Rodgers has been the sixth-best player in the 2016 NFL Top 100 Players for his fifth Pro Bowl. In the 2016 season, Aaron completed 401 tries and 610 completions, having a percentage of 65% completion.

For the first term in his career, he led the statistics with 40 touchdown passes. In several seasons, he became one of 4 quarterbacks to take at least 40 touchdowns. Furthermore, the 2017 NFL Top 100 Players placed his colleagues sixth.

In 2017-2019:

He had to undergo an operation for his broken collarbone after suffering a shoulder injury because of an Anthony Barr’s strike. On 19 October 2017, he was officially operated on an injured reserve the next day. The operation took place. There were a total of 13 screws put into supporting his stick. On December 2nd, 2017, he returned to practice and play against the Panthers during Week 15 but was placed in the wounded reserve.

In addition, on 29 August 2018, Aaron signed an extension to the deal for four years with the Packers valued at $134 million and a signing bonus of $57.5 million. The Pro Bowl chose him for the eighth time on 18th December 2018. But because of an injury, he refused the appearance.

In the 2019 season, Aaron placed his first-ever game with a perfect 158.3 passing rate against the Oakland Raiders. For his performance, he won the NFC Offensive Week Player award.

Is Aaron Rodgers in a relationship?

From 2014 to 2017, he has involved in a romantic relationship with an American actress Olivia Munn. 

Shortly after that, he began to meet former American professional race driver Danica Patrick. From 2018 till July 2020, Patrick and Rodgers were united.

Aaron Rodgers is now involved with Shailene Woodley. Apparently, during his MVP victory speech at NFL, he declared his commitment on 6 February 2021. They have now committed themselves and want to get married soon.

What is the net worth of Aaron Rodgers?

Rodgers is reportedly one of the top NFL players to be paid. He also has approval agreements with numerous prominent firms such as Adidas, Bose, Panini & Prevea Healthcare, State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance.

In addition, he also holds a minority interest in the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA, making him the premier active player with interest in the NBA organization. In addition to that, Aaron Rodgers is the Zenith Watchmaker’s brand ambassador.

According to his contract Details, the supposed Net Worth Of Aaron Rogers falls at about $120 million. 

More about Aaron Rodgers Diet!

The nutritionist of Aaron Rodgers is Adam Korzun. Rodgers has made specific dietary changes after talking to his team nutritionist. Now, red meat sometimes incorporates his new diet.

In addition, it also has reduced its eating habits by the number of dairy products. He has a lot of green leafy vegetables on his platform, without a doubt.

Aaron Rodgers | Social Appearance

Aaron Rodgers is also active on social media platforms. You may track on the following social media accounts:


For Green Bay Packers from the National Football League, Aaron Charles Rodgers is an American quarterback. Rodgers played California Golden Bears football, where he set multiple career records, including the lowest interception rates for a single season. And as of 2021, he is enough to collect a net worth of $120 Million.

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