Tomb Raider Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Should Know!

Tomb Raider is an animated classic expected to premiere exclusively on Netflix. The franchise has been in the video game industry for almost three decades, and it is no surprise that it is one of the best-performing franchises that have gone down in history.

The show is a collaboration of Netflix alongside Crystal Dynamics, Legendary Television, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics. Netflix has described the Tomb Raider series as a Japanese Animation that will explore a road trip adventure.

The upcoming series is expected to be among the biggest video games adapted by the streaming channel Netflix. With seventeen video games in the franchise and another more to be added to the collection, here is every detail of the  Netflix animated project.

Tomb Raider Season 1 Release Date:

The series was first announced in 2021 alongside Skull Island, another anime project coming on Netflix, but we are yet to be updated regarding its production. The series writing concluded in May 2021, but so far, Netflix is yet to release a concrete date on when the series will be premiering.

Powerhouse Animation Studios is behind the animation, and since they are based in Austin, Texas, the production and filming of the series might take place in Texas. The Legendary Television studios will then produce the series alongside all the studios mentioned earlier; Enix, Dynamics, DJ2 and Tractor. The two seasons might be out by 2023 if Tasha Huo, the showrunner’s schedule, goes as planned.

Tomb Raider Season 1 Plot:

Tomb Raider Plot

Not so much is known of the series storyline part from the little that Netflix revealed upon the series announcement. The upcoming show will pick up on the Survivor Trilogy, the events that will happen after the episode. The show will follow the events after the Shadow of the Tom Raider episode concludes.

The possible direction the series will take will be to leave Lara’s problematic family behind. She will grow much in the upcoming season and know how to take care of and stand up for herself. The series will also take all the necessary steps to unify the tomb riders’ plot and provide a smooth transition in the last episode’s trilogy. Taha Huo, the showrunner, also explained that the series will give a side of Lara that none of the trilogies has ever given.

Tomb Raider Season 1 Cast:

The prominent character in the Tomb Raider series is Lara Craft, who Hayley Atwell (Criminal) will voice. Hayley is a studded actress famous for playing Peggy Carter in Captain America. She has also premiered as Agent Carter in her all standalone series, which makes her good for the job. Another character that will also be present is Zip, the hacker and tech genius. He will be portrayed by Aalen Maldonado, a Black American actor. Other cast announcements will be made as the series progresses.

Tomb Raider Season 1 Trailer:

The trainer of the animated show is yet to be released, but it will after the showrunners and the directors finalize the series production. In the meantime, you can watch other animated Japanese video games on Netflix. Overlord, Kakegurui, Fate, and No Game No Life are some of the series you might want to check out.

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