Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Brother Francis Antetokounmpo: Age, Wiki, NBA, Football, Net Worth!

In the basketball industry, Antetokounmpo is a famous name. The family has five basketball players. Two of them are actively involved with the NBA.

The oldest of the five brothers, Francis Antetokounmpo, is a professional semi-player in basketball. He’s better recognized as a soccer professional. He is also interested in music, although athleticism is his first love. His first official song, “Shekosi,” was released in 2020. Music distinguishes him from his siblings.

In basketball competitions, Francis Antetokounmpo may not be as popular as his brothers, but this doesn’t make him any less. He has studied genres more broadly and diverse than anybody in the family.

So how much do you know about Francis Antetokounmpo? If not more, then we are here for you as we gathered his age, height, weight, wife, children profile, and the particulars of his life, along with the Net Worth collected in 2023.

Francis Antetokounmpo Early Life:

Full Real Name Francis Olowu Ofili Adetokunbo (Antetokounmpo)
Profession Soccer Player, Musician, Basketball Player
Date Of Birth October 20th, 1988
Age 34 years old
Birthday October 20th
Year Of Birth 1988
Nationality Greek
Ethnicity Nigerian Descent
Religion Not Known

Francis Antetokounmpo was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on October 20, 1988. Charles Antetokunmpo and Veronica Antetokunmpo were both born to him.

The family’s real last name is Adetokunbo. On Giannis’s passport, his last name was misspelled. After that, the whole family members replaced it with Antetokounmpo.

He has 4 younger Brothers: Thanasis Antetokounmpo, Kostas Antetokounmpo, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Alex Antetokounmpo.  All five children are extraordinarily athletic. In the sporting sector, each one has effectively created its personality. Charles and Veronica Antetokounmpo originally lived in Nigeria. They were born Nigerians.

For the sake of its firstborn, the couple of Antetokounmpo decided to leave the nation. They flew to Athens, Greece, in pursuit of better lives. But for a little while, they had to leave Francis with their grandparents in Nigeria. All the journey and shifting is the reason behind Francis being the only Antetokounmpo brother born outside of Europe or Greece.

Charles Adetokunbo worked as a handyman. His wife Veronica served as a babysitter. The couple has been working very hard to satisfy the demands of their family. In addition, they resided in the town as the sole black family. The family may have migrated to a new nation, but they have never escaped Nigeria. The children have also been taught Greek culture, although their Nigerian origins have been prominent constantly.

Francis Antetokounmpo Education:

Full Real Name Francis Olowu Ofili Adetokunbo (Antetokounmpo)
Profession Soccer Player, Musician, Basketball Player
Date Of Birth October 20th, 1988
Age 34 years old
Birthday October 20th
Year Of Birth 1988
Nationality Greek
Ethnicity Nigerian Descent
Religion Not Known

Francis Antetokounmpo Age:

Talented Francis’s already 34 years old. He was born on October 20, 1988, in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a Libra, according to horoscope charts. And we know that persons with this sign are distinctive, enthusiastic, and empathic at the same time.

Francis Antetokounmpo Height and Weight:

Weight In Kg Not Known
Height In Feet 6 feet 5 inches (195.58 cm)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown

He stands at 6 feet 5″ similarly, although we do not know his actual weight. Furthermore, he is well kept and has dark brown eyes with black hair.

Francis Antetokounmpo Family and Brothers:

Father Charles Antetokounmpo
Mother Veronica Antetokounmpo
Brothers Thanasis Antetokounmpo, Kostas Antetokounmpo, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Alex Antetokounmpo

Francis Antetokounmpo was raised by his parents Charles Antetokunmpo and Veronica Antetokunmpo. His parents were born Nigerians and both basically lived in Nigeria.

Francis Antetokounmpo Siblings:

Thanasis Antetokounmpo, Kostas Antetokounmpo, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Alex Antetokounmpo are his four siblings. All of them are great athletic. Each of them has efficiently formed its personality in the sporting area.

Francis Antetokounmpo or Ofili is the oldest one of all brothers, he is a professional soccer player and also made his career in music.

Thanasis Antetokounmpo

Thanasis is less than Francis for years. In collaboration with the Greek team Filathlitikos, he began his basketball career. The average record with the Greek squad was 12.2 points per game. The New York Knicks recruited him in the 2014 NBA Draft, the 51st overall pick. Still, this 6 feet 6 inches player debuted in the NBA two years later, in 2016.

He was hired by the Milwaukee Bucks and met his brother Giannis on July 16, 2019.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis must now be Antetokounmpo’s most popular sibling. He’s younger than Francis by six years. He is playing with Thanasis for the NBA Milwaukee Bucks. The Milwaukee Brewers selected him in the 2013 NBA draft, 15th overall. Because of his height, speed, and ball-handling talents, this 6 feet 11 inches gentleman is commonly nicknamed “Greek Freak.”

Kostas Antetokounmpo

The gap of nine years between Kostas and Francis is huge. Still, the same mother’s brothers had a fraternal and amicable equation. For the 2018 NBA Draft, Kostas was declared. He was drawn as the last choice by the Philadelphia 76ers. The Dallas Mavericks were traded to him afterward.

This 6 feet 10 inches man was declared exempt on July 21, 2019, by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Alex Antetokounmpo

The youngest is 13 years younger than the oldest, Antetokounmpo. His height is 6 feet 8 inches. He has very high expectations of his four elder brothers. You think he has a superior capacity to all of his brothers. A triennial deal with the UCAM Murcia of the ACB League was concluded with Antetokounmpo on June 22, 2020. His secondary school basketball career was likewise quite successful.

Francis Antetokounmpo Relationship:

Marital Status single

Francis still has to discover love and more success. The star athlete is entirely dedicated to athletics. We hardly imagine he’d have any time, even to be honest, to date someone. On the contrary, If he dates somebody, we don’t know.

Francis Antetokounmpo Career:

The eldest sibling of the five Antetokounmpo brothers is Francis.  He plays basketball. Even so, he is best recognized for his professional soccer career. His primary passion is sports, although he also enjoys music.

Francis Antetokounmpo Basketball:

Francis, along with his brothers, played basketball in Greece. His brothers were constantly motivated to practice basketball. But Francis didn’t plan to do it for a living. In a little local club in Filathlitikos, he played basketball. He was part of the senior men’s team of the club.

Both of them were members of the pro-level in Greece’s 2nd tier league, which Francis did not explore. He’s been fairly sporty. He was an amazing footballer with great football success. His father, Charles, continued his enthusiasm for soccer. Charles also had a lot of fun playing football.

In Greece as well as Nigeria, Francis played as a midfielder. There were several clubs with him. On January 18, 2018, he joined the Greek Soccer Club AE Sparti in Sparta, Laconia, Greece. In a few months, Francis cut his connection to them. On September 11, 2018, he participated in the Greek football team Aittitos Spaton, situated in Spata, East Attica, Greece. On January 23, 2019, he quit the club.

As a professional, Francis played football. But in the U.S., he never played. So among U.S. soccer fans, he never was renowned.

Francis Antetokounmpo Soccer:

After Brook and Robin Lopez, Francis Antetokounmpo joined with his brother Giannis and also become the second brother’s pair on the Bucks roster, hired with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Francis Antetokounmpo Musical Career:

It may be a bit extraordinary for a musician in the athletes’ household. Francis is athletic himself, yet in his blood and heart, he always held music. Veronica, his mother, was a music lover. She could even sing, it’s thought—this must-have driven Francis into music and inspired him. On July 22, 2020, he published his first song, “Shekosi.” It has the guest presence of Serbian actor Darko Peric.

His name may not be Peric, but most of us would build an illusion of his visage in our minds if anybody claims he was part of a blockbuster series by Netflix, Money Heist). The music video has 4.9 K likes, 127,629 views, 79 dislikes, and 659 comments as of November 20, 2020.

It appears that the audience appreciated the video and loaded it with good remarks. In the music industry, may the oldest Antetokounmpo shine!

The music business does not utilize Francis Antetokounmpo’s first or last name. He refers to himself as “Ofili.” Ofili is his middle name. It is of Nigerian origin and suggests wisdom and greatness. On his youtube channel, he posted several music videos.

Francis Antetokounmpo Charity:

In Athens, Greece, the Antetokounmpo was conducted in cooperation with NIKE, the “Antetokounmpo 5K Run.” It included Francis, Thanassis, Giannis, and Alex. Because of some unexplained reason, Kostas did not participate.

The four Antetokounmpo siblings ran along with hundreds of people who responded to their call. They ran within the streets of Athens and the center of the city. The center of the city was closed for the event. It was a 5-kilometer distance that started in the Sepolia Triton gym. It finished in the historical stadium of Kallimarmanon. The first contemporary Olympic Games were held in that largest stadium.

The motive was charity. Hence, every single runner paid €5 for participation. For the benefit of the “Ark of the World,” the real money received was handed to charity. It is a nonprofit organization aimed at safeguarding and assisting needy mothers and children.

Francis Antetokounmpo Net Worth:

Net Worth $1 million
Source Of Income Soccer Player, Musician, Basketball Player

In his career, Francis has explored several other subjects. From all his endeavors, he has made a considerable sum of money. The net value is estimated to be about $1 million by Francis Antetokounmpo. He succeeds in living a nice life.

His younger brother Giannis, however, has a wealth of 60 million dollars. Thanasis and Kostas will also earn a good deal of money. Their value ranges from one million dollars to three million dollars. The youngest Antetokounmpo, like his big siblings, is still too young to create wealth. In the next few years, he would certainly flourish in the basketball industry. The money is going to follow with fame.

Francis Antetokounmpo Social Appearance:


Francis mostly devotes his handles on social media to music. It is also commonly noticed that he recognizes and appreciates the social media victory of his younger siblings. You can see him on his Instagram account as @ofili_official. He has 50k+ followers on his Instagram account.

All brothers created a youtube channel AntetokounBros Tv, where they posted music videos and have more than 185k subscribers. 


Francis Antetokounmpo is a remarkable Nigerian football player and singer. He played soccer for AE Sparti and Aittitos Spaton. He then took part in a music career and launched his original soundtrack. And as of 2023, he has a net worth of about $1 million.

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