Top 10 Universities Of The USA in 2021!

Explore the 2021 top universities ranking to find your right university. Compare the best national universities in the U.S. to discover the perfect academic destination for you. Here we have a list of 2021 top universities in USA:

10. John Hopkins University

A private research university was established in 1876 by its first investor, a Quaker entrepreneur and philanthropist, Johns Hopkins. The university is also named after him. Also, he gifted Johns Hopkins Hospital to the nation of the United States in history. It is also regarded as the US’s first research university. Daniel Coit Gilman was introduced as the first president of the organization on February 22, 1876, who offered to integrate teaching and research to progress the higher education system. Its main campus is found in Baltimore, Maryland, and also has several centers in various regions, such as Italy, China, and Washington, DC.

Johns Hopkins University

9. California Institute of Technology

Amos G. Throop developed a preparatory and vocational school in 1891. It is a world-famous and engineering institute that produces some of the sharpest minds and most creative tools to hold important scientific disciplines and social challenges. It has excellent research facilities, including NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech Seismological Laboratory, and International Observatory Network. It is typically dedicated to introducing technical arts and applied sciences to a small American technology group. Its intensive competitive admissions process confirms that only talented students are selected for admission. It aims to support human proficiency and the nation through integrated research with education.

California Institute Of Technology

8. University of Pennsylvania

A private university located in Philadelphia, US, and founded as a charity school in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin, Penn is the oldest University in the nation. It was created before the freedom announcement. With a campus area of 299 acres, Penn has 12 professional schools for graduate and undergraduate studies, such as Law School, School of Medicine, Wharton School, School of Design, School of Dental, and School of Engineering. More than 18000 members are working in Penn as Faculty and Staff. Their Student-Faculty ratio is 6:1 with a 96% graduation rate. Notable people who graduated from Penn are Former President of the United States Donald Trump, John Legend, and William Carlos.

University Of Pennsylvania

7. University of Chicago

The Chicago University is one of the best private institutions in the US. Founded in 1890 by John D. Rockefeller, the university is situated in the third most populous US city. The Uchicago campus is at Hyde Park and was built on 217 acres of land. Uchicago has eight schools for professional education: 

  • Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering 
  • Pritzker School of Medicine
  • Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies
  • Law School and Booth School of Business
  • School of Social Service Administration 
  • Harris School of Public Policy 
  • The Divinity school

The University of Chicago has many centers and campuses globally, including Paris, Delhi, London, Hong Kong, and Beijing. With 91 Nobel Prize Winners, The University includes 29 Nobel laureates and former President of USA Barack Obama, who taught in Law School for about 12 Years.

University Of Chicago

6. Princeton University

Princeton University was originated in 1746 as the College of New Jersey. It is the fourth oldest University in the United States of America. This prestigious Ivy League Institution was officially renamed Princeton University in 1896. Located in New York, the University campus spread across 500 acres. This university is one of the most beautiful universities on the globe for its Greenery and Spectacular Buildings. Princeton University offers professional courses in social science, natural science, engineering, and humanities. Princeton is affiliated with 68 Nobel laureates, 14 Turing Awards, and 15 field medalists as researchers and faculty. Their Student-Faculty ratio is 5:1. Princeton has educated many great personalities, including Two US Presidents, Woodrow Wilson and James Madison, Former first lady of the US Michelle Obama, Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, and Pete Conrad.

Princeton University

5. Yale University

Founded in 1701, Yale University is the third-oldest institution in the U.S. They were earlier known as The Collegiate school, later named Yale University in honor of The East India Company Elihu Yale’s governor. The University Campus is situated in New Haven, Connecticut, on 373 acres of land. Yale School of Medicine, School of Management, School of Art, School of Drama, School of Environmental Studies, School of Nursing, Law School are the most highly ranked professional schools in the U.S. 

With excellence in drama, music, and sports programs, Yale University has the most prominent student organizations like Yale Dramatic Association, Yale Whiffenpoofs, and The Yale Bulldogs. Yale has the third-largest Library in the United States with over 15 million works and books. 

Many prominent leaders are graduated from Yale, including Five U.S. Presidents, Many Billionaires, Supreme court Justices, Diplomats, and Heads of the States. Many famous persons are associated as alumni, such as George W Bush, Hillary Clinton, Edward Norton, Meryl Streep, and Famous Journalist Bob Woodward. Yale University student-faculty ratio is 6:1, with about a 94% graduation rate.

Yale University

4. Columbia University

Columbia University is situated in the largest state of the U.S., New York City. Established in 1754, Kings University, later known as Columbia University, is an Ivy Research University. For over 250 years, the University is recognized as one of the oldest higher education institutes in the U.S. The main campus was built on 32 acres of land in Manhattan. Columbia University doesn’t have typical classrooms. 

In fact, their classrooms appeared in more than dozens of movies, including Spiderman. The Lion Mascot of the University inspires the famous Lion’s MGM Studios logo in Tom and Jerry. The first Nuclear weapon was created by Columbia University researchers, including some incredible inventions like Neon Laser and F.M. Radio. 

Students choose this college because they produce future leaders as 34 Presidents and Prime Ministers are from this University, including 84 Nobel Prize Winners, 45 Olympians, 90 Pulitzers award winners, and holding a record of most Nobel laureates in all lives.

Columbia University

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is acknowledged as the world’s best institute in the modern science, maths, engineering & technology sector. MIT was founded in 1861 to develop and expand the Industrial estate of the United States. MIT’s vision is to bring innovative ideas into real-life inventions to grow more business opportunities. 

The University campus is extended in about 1.6 km by the side of Charles River. MIT has 97 Nobel laureates, eight field medalists, and 26 Turing Award winners as researchers, alumni, or faculty members. Institute also owned many major labs and research centers such as Haystack Observatory, MIT Lincoln Lab, The Bates Center. 

But what made this Institute one of the top colleges in the world is their selection criteria. The acceptance rate is about 7% for National or International Students. MIT is so highly selective that out of thousands of applicants, they only accept about 100 international students for undergraduate courses. They only choose toppers and national award winners like Olympiad. MIT applicants don’t have to be just smart; they have to be creative and willing to change the world with their ideas.

MIT University

2. Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the well-known and top universities in the USA. Established in 1636, this prestigious University has a history of producing great achievers worldwide by educating Seven U.S. Presidents, including the Second President of the United States of America, John Adams, in 1797. Situated at the edge of Boston, Cambridge, Massachusetts, the University campus covers around 5457 acres of land. 

Harvard is holding an excellent record of winning awards and honors with 48 Pulitzer, 32 heads of state, and 49 Nobel laureates. The University has not just one or two libraries; Harvard has a total of 79 libraries. The largest Widener Memorial Library has about 92 km of shelves with 3.5 million works and books with over 100 languages. Harvard’s faculty to student ratio is 7:1 with a Graduation rate of 98%.

Harvard University

1. Stanford University

Leland Stanford Junior University, known as Stanford University, was established in 1885. Senator of California Leland Stanford and his wife Jane decided to build this private research university in memory of their child Leland Jr. who lost his life due to typhoid in 1884. It is situated in northwestern silicon valley, approximately 37 miles southeast of San Francisco and 20 miles Northwest of San Jose, Stanford, California.

Its campus covers 8180 acres of land with more than 16000 candidates, 2100+ faculty, and 1800 postdoctoral scholars from 50 U.S. States and 90 other countries. The ratio of student to faculty is 5:1, which was one of the best in the world. Stanford students got medals in every Olympics since 1908, with a total no of 244 awards, including 129 are Gold, which is more than any of the Universities in the U.S.

Stanford University
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