Netflix Unveils First Look Of Anime Series ‘Yasuke’; LaKeith Stanfield To Voice First African Samurai!

The first African samurai in the world, Yasuke, must have been fighting for his place in history. Records of his time in Japan from the 16th century to the daimyō Nobunaga Oda are still sparse and full of gaps. Now, although with a supernatural twist, he’s about to change that. Netflix recently released a teaser for the new “Yasuke” anime series, which opened on April 29.

Situated in war-torn feudal Japan, Yasuke (Judas and the Black Messiah-LaKeith Stanfield) struggles to preserve a quiet existence and is tested as a social upheaval site between a warring Daimyo. He must bring a mysterious child, a goal of dark forces and butter-thirsty warlords, in reconciliation with his violent past. In addition to production, LeSean Thomas is managing director and Flying Lotus’s music is the series’s executive producer.

In the coming anime series of Netflix, LaKeith Stanfield will be the first African samurai’s voice in history. On Thursday evening, the streaming service released a trailer for the show. The series features music by Flying Lotus, a Grammy musician who is also an executive producer alongside LeSean Thomas. The designs of the series are managed by the famous Japanese studio Mappa “Jujutsu Kaiser,” “Attack to Titan: The Final Season,” and were managed by Takeshi Koike, also directed (‘Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine’).

Although there are many fantastic elements in the series “Yasuke” of Netflix, the leading character is based on a real-world warrior active in the late 1500s. The real Yasuke is the first African samurai in history and served with the first “Great Unifier” of Japan, Oda Nobunaga.

“The idea of an African-American man going to Japan to live and work in Japanese animosity among the best in the world to anime an African who is going to live and be a warrior in Japan,” Thomas said in a March statement. “This adventure series with the talented MAPPA, Flying Lotus, LaKesith, and others feels deeply like I was meant to create it. “”

Instead, Thomas regarded this connection as a “chance” to entertain people. He likes to do that. He’s not comfortable with his own story just yet in his work. “I’m not a person from Japan. I’m not an expert in Japanese culture, but I know the craft of TV animation and can sail the waters between West and Japan and what makes these two exciting”, Thomas stated.

“Yasuke,” after a break-out in the first two “Atlanta” seasons, will mark Stanfield’s recent role in television. He recently appeared as co-host to Andre in several episodes of “The Eric Andre Show” in Stage 5 and was featured in a few episodes on the renowned “BoJack Horseman.” In several recent films, including “Knives Out” and “Die Black Messiah,” Stanfield also appeared several times.

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