Man on Pause Season 1: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer and Other Updates !

Who ever knew that andropause could push people into making the big moves they have always had in mind and simultaneously take their life from perfect to chaos? Not Yusuf. The Man on Pause is an upcoming show that explores the life of Yusuf, a man in andropause who decides that his life is too bland and needs more changes. The series’ first season is yet to premiere, but we cannot help but wonder what awaits us in the second season. Well, Here is everything we know so far.

Man on Pause Season 1 Release Date: When will it be out?

We are yet to know if the series will be good enough to deserve a second season and when it will premiere. The dramedy’s first season is expected to be released on 7th October, and if all goes well, you should expect a second season before 2024.

Man on Pause Season 1 Plot: What should we expect?

The Man on Pause is a dramedy full of absurdities and twists, but isn’t that how life is? As the title suggests, the series focuses on a 50-year-old Yusuf. Yusuf, a father of two kids, has lived his life to the fullest and realizes he is undergoing andropause.

The andropause grows him closer to his life, and he realizes that this might be the perfect time to make changes and actualize the bold moves he has been thinking of. Yusuf decides to move to a better house, and with moving comes many complications; his landlord, his side chick, his ex-wife, and his kids. We are yet to know what the season two plot will entail, and we will have to wait on how the season one story will unfold.

Man on Pause Season 1 Cast: Who will be in?

Engin Gunaydan’s “The Man on Pause” is played by Yusuf. He is 50-something years old and realizes that he is undergoing Andropause and figures out that he has to do something about it. Gunaydin is a famous Turkish actor and Comedian, and he has featured in series like Vavien, which got him a couple of awards.

Despite starring in the Man on Pause series, he has also been cast as the series creator as he has a rich history of developing screenplays. He stars alongside Derya Karadas, who plays Meryem, Ergin Torun, and Doga Zeynep. Netflix is yet to give an update on the actors in the second season, but we expect all of the season one actors to reprise their specific roles. We might also see new faces in the second season, depending on how the first season will go.

Man on Pause Season 1 Trailer: What should we expect?

So far, we do not have any updates concerning the second season trailer. The show’s first season is yet to be released, and it is too early to expect the second one. You can, however, watch the newly released first season trailer as we wait for the second season, which might take more than a year, depending on the show’s creators. The trailer is available on both Youtube and Netflix. You may also want to put your reminders on for 7th October, the show’s first season debut. Do not miss out!

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