Mourning on Televisa: Ricardo Blume, an actor of “María la del Barrio” and “Mundo de Jugue” Died!

A Televisa character Ricardo Blume died at the age of 87 on Friday. The death was reported via a tweet from The National Association of Interpreters (ANDI).

The caption of the tweet was, “The #Directive Council and the #Vigilance Committee of @ANDIMexico announce the sensitive death of the partner and interpreter Ricardo Blume. Our deepest condolences to his closed ones”.

Even though Blume was born in August 1933, in Lima, Peru, he was recognized in Mexico for his work on several soap operas like Toy world. Around 1960, He commenced his TV career, and it was that period when he featured in the first editions of Just Maria Y. Italian arrives to marry with his acquaintance Saby Kamalich and Angélica María, respectively. At the same time, he created gratitude to titles like Tristan and Isolde, The suspicious truth.

In later years, he developed other vital titles within the TV station, such as The beasts, the carriage, and Toy world, where he fetched to life “Mariano Salinas,” the father of the performer “Cristina.” This well-known production was on the broadcast for more than two years.

Following that success, he made another hit by being Viviana’s hero, telenovela by Lucía Méndez. In the 80s, he paused his TV career; he came back with the new decade To reach a star.

When Blume took part in the new version of “Italian comes to get married” featured by José Ron and Livia Brito, he was active until five years ago.

So far, no further details have been disclosed about the causes of Blume’s death, even stating that he already had some illnesses such as lung infections.

The news of his death has received a lot of international attention. In fact, his name is trending on Twitter in Mexico, the Peruvian Ministry of Culture delivered a message expressing regret over the death.

The government agency’s social network publicized the statement, “The Peruvian Ministry of Culture regrets the death of Ricardo Blume, a well-known national leading actor in theater, film, and television. We convey our deepest sympathies to his loved ones and followers.”

Many artists mourned his death and said goodbye to him with heartfelt posts.

The actor died on October 30 in Mexico, the country where he spent a significant part of his life since the 1960s.

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