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Pepe le Pew left out from ‘Space Jam’ Remake While ‘A Clockwork Orange’ Droogs Remain In The Sidelined!

The first Space Jam: A New legacy trailer followed the 1996 hybrid live and animated film and was released today by Warner Bros. Pictures. Once again, LeBron James, an NBA star, is teaming up with Bugs Bunny and other Looney Tunes characters to take on a villainous opponent's basketball team.

Netflix Unveils First Look Of Anime Series ‘Yasuke’; LaKeith Stanfield To Voice First African Samurai!

The first African samurai in the world, Yasuke, must have been fighting for his place in history. Records of his time in Japan from the 16th century to the daimyō Nobunaga Oda are still sparse and full of gaps. Now, although with a supernatural twist, he's about to change that. Netflix recently released a teaser for the new "Yasuke" anime series, which opened on April 29.

Dwayne Johnson Reveals ‘Black Adam’ Summer 2022 Release Date During NCAA Tourney Game On Digital Screens In NYC’s Times Square!

Dwayne Johnson discloses a new release date of his upcoming DC Universe project 'Black Adam' on his Instagram and Twitter, which is now scheduled to air on July 29, 2022.

Top 10 Best Movies For Teenage Girls !

Some days, you feel like getting over to your homework and desperately want to throw a pair of comfortable AF sweatpants and binge some classic romantic dramas. Their tastes depend on the choosing criteria on all sorts of movie genres, but after roll on to this list, you can differentiate which movie is still enjoyable.

James Gunn Presents a Wild and Bloody New Vision for ‘The Suicide Squad’ in Trailer!

James gunn's Suicide Squad has premiered its first trailer – full of action and laughs, almost a sequel to 2016's "Suicide Squad." The film follows a team of supervisors forced to do good by Amanda Waller, who insured an explosive instrument in the villagers' skulls.

Top 10 Best Western TV Shows !

If there is any best genre of American, then that is the great Western. The frames of Western TV shows are followed by a soundtrack of twangy notes, fire from the lounges' swinging, the tubers, the spurs, and the dusty hats. We gathered these results from the IMDb series and classified this according to the viewer ratings on all Western TV series in IMDb's May 2020 list.

Lin Manuel-Miranda’s ‘In the Heights’ To Be Released A Week Earlier Than Scheduled!

"In the Heights" is a forthcoming film from the U.S. dramatic screenplay directed, Jon M. Chu and based on Hudes' and Lin-Manuel Miranda's 2007 screenplay of the same name. In the Heights, Warner Bros. Pictures is published in the U.S. on June 11, 2021. On the same day, the film is also available for HBO Max streaming.

Warner Bros Next DC Superhero Movies ‘Hourman’ Heading To The Big Screen !

The news of a new DC Comics movie adaptation surfaced as Zack Snyder's Justice League hits releasing this week. It is reported by the deadline that Warner Bros. and DC are developing an Hourman movie for the big screen.

Best Spy Movies Of All Time !

The first real spy story was probably William Le Queux 's serial, 'The Great War in 1897' (published in volume form in 1894). So, We have a round-up here to the Top Ten Best spy movies of all time that you can enjoy and get engaged by the stories' climax.

Batgirl and Zatanna Are Coming To HBO Max Live-Action Project!

Warner Bros add Batgirl and Zatanna to the DC upcoming projects. The AT&T presentation did not reveal whether it would be Theatrical Movies or HBO Max Originals. Click here to know the details!

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