Best Free iPad Drawing Apps !

Are you a digital artist, graphic designer, or any sort of creative professional? If yes, you’re in luck as this post shares insight into the best drawing app for iPad free. 

Whatever creative work you love to do either, painting, sketching, graphic design, animations, drawing, etc. The drawing apps reviewed here will give you the best creative experience by turning your iPad into a productive workspace, unleashing your creativity, and making you a digital art pro.

Read on to find out the unique features of each of the best free drawing apps for iPad listed here.

What do you need to find a Drawing Apps for iPad?

An essential tool for a digital artist is a drawing tablet. This is because there are so many benefits it gives you. Hence, as a digital artist or creative professional, you surely want some of the best drawing apps on your iPad. 

While many premium professional tools in most drawing apps are accessible through in-app purchases, many top-notch features are available with the free download app.

Furthermore, when it comes to determining the value you’ll get from any product, there are two things to keep in mind, and they include;

  • Expensive doesn’t always mean great value.
  • And affordable or free doesn’t always mean its bad

Therefore, we understand the best drawing apps for iPad don’t necessarily have to be expensive. They just have to be good enough to satisfy your creative needs. 

Luckily, the Apple App |Store is filled with so many useful apps and drawing tools to do just that. All you need to do is find the right app for you, which is why we’ve put out this post to help you identify the best app to draw on your iPad for free. 

Benefits of Drawing Apps:

  • It offers flexibility
  • It saves times – you can bring it along with you and express your creativity wherever you are
  • It offers quick drawing – some iPads have been known to have more processing power than most PCs 
  • It comes with accessories like the stylus pen that would make you more productive and efficient.
  • It offers a simple user interface and ease of navigation

Hence are 10 of the best drawing app for iPad free.

1. Autodesk Sketchbook (Best Free Drawing App on iPad)

Name PlatformRatings on App StoreBasic Features
Autodesk SketchbookiOS4.8Free download
Offers in-app purchases

This is one free app that allows you to draw, paint, and sketch quickly on the go. It is packed with lots of unique features to give you the best creative experience either as an artist, designer, illustrator, animator, architect, or any sort of creative expert. 

It has a simple-to-navigate user interface and lots of tools to enhance your productivity and efficiency while drawing on your iPad using this app. With this app, you can create brilliant-looking images and illustrations.

Even more, you can stay focused while working with this app as it comes with a distraction-free interface by allowing you to remain on a current page without other tools interrupting your workflow until you need to go to another page to access a tool.

In addition to that, it’s an ad-free drawing app; hence your workflow will not be interrupted by annoying ads. It’s compatible with all major drawing and designing platforms.

It comes with over 190 customizable brushes and works well with 100px canvas, giving you unlimited abilities to capture your creative ideas. 


  • Distraction-free and simple to use interface
  • 190+ customizable brushes
  • JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF support
  • Smart/predictive stroke technology
  • Supports camera scanning
  • Perfect drawing app for kids and professionals


  • It reduces the quality of images saved on your camera roll.

Overall, this drawing app would turn your iPad into a creative workspace that ensures your creativity, productivity, and efficiency as a digital artist.

To download, click the link Autodesk SketchBook to download it from the App Store.

2. Canva (Best for Graphics and Video Creation)

Name PlatformRatings on App StoreBasic Features
CanvaiOS4.8Free download
Offers in-app purchases

Whether it is social media images, blog post images, website designs, business cards, posters or banners, book covers, infographics, logos, or invitation cards, there’s always something you can do with this app as a creative designer.

This app gives you the freedom to start a design from scratch with a blank canvas or choose from over 55 000 templates created by professional designers for whatever design you want to make. 

You can also import your images from your folders or use the available images in the app for your designs. If you love to add witty or funny texts to designs, you can also do this with this app.

Finally, the app allows you to add text, resize them, and change the fonts as you wish, as it has over 700 font options you can choose from. Even more, you can easily share your designs with colleagues or friends by creating a Canva team account.


  • It offers a wide variety of design options
  • It offers a lot of flexibility and customization with the templates and other features


  • It doesn’t support multiple item selections.

Overall, this app can be described as that one app you can use for virtually all your designs as it offers a lot of pro features that would make your designs look professional and stunning.

To get the app, click on the link Canva to download it on the App Store.

3. Adobe Photoshop Sketch  (Best Free iPad App for Digital Drawing and Illustration)

Name PlatformRatings on App StoreBasic Features
Adobe Photoshop SketchiOS4.7Free to downloadOffers In-app purchase

Adobe is quite a popular name in the digital creative industry, and it’s no surprise that it appears on this list. After being around for over 25 years, the Adobe photoshop app has undoubtedly developed a lot of credibility over the years. 

Furthermore, the Adobe brand keeps updating the app to improve its features and ensure a better user experience. This app is designed with the digital artist in mind. 

It has many unique and useful features you can play with as a creative professional. There are 13 drawing tools on this app, plus it works well with apple pencil.

With this drawing app on your iPad, you can draw with pencils, pens, markers, ink brushes, soft pastel, watercolor paint brushes, etc. 

What’s more?  This app allows you to work with other Adobe creative tools to send your created artwork to Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. 


  • Access to a wide variety of creative tools; 13 tools that can adjust image size, color, opacity, and blending settings
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Allows you to create a wide variety of sketch brushes using capture
  • Apple pencil support
  • Allows you to work with multiple images and drawing layers


  • lacks most of the desktop drawing/painting tools

To wrap it up, this drawing app for iPad would give you the best creative experience and allow you to unleash your creativity wherever the inspiration meets you.  

With this drawing app on your iPad, you can do tons of creative work like image editing, designing website mock-ups, and more.

To download, click the link Adobe Photoshop Sketch to download it from the App Store.

4. Adobe Illustrator Draw‬ (Best for Illustrators)

Name PlatformRatings on App StoreBasic Features
Adobe Illustrator DrawiOS4.7Free download
Offers in-app Purchases         

If you want an app to indulge your creativity and create beautiful/professional-looking designs and illustrations, then this is one app you should definitely download on your iPad. 

It has a sleek, unique, and simple-to-use interface. Also, it has six customizable brushes and is compatible with the apple pencil. This app works with the pressure you apply to the pencil to give you beautiful strokes in your sketches and illustrations.

The app also allows you to draw on top of a photo, either downloaded photos or photos from your gallery. 

Overall, this app offers brilliant features and tools for creating logos, illustrations, vectors, icons, and graphics.


  • Compatible with the apple pencil
  • It gives a sleek and smooth operation without lagging
  • Easy to operate interface.


  • Limited features with the free app; to get more tools or you’ll need to opt for the in-app purchases.

To download, use the link Adobe Illustrator Drawto get it on the app store.

5. Adobe Fresco (Best for Digital Drawing and Painting)

Name PlatformRatings on App StoreBasic Features
Adobe FrescoiOS4.7Free to download
Offers In-App Purchases 

Are you a graphics designer, then you’ll love this app. This drawing app is made especially for iPad that would allow you to indulge your creativity whether you like to draw professionally or for fun.

It has a simple-to-navigate interface. This app is very efficient and enhances your productivity while giving total control of the tools when designing. Also, with this app, you get designs that are brilliant, stunning, and colorful with its true-to-life effect features.

With this free drawing app for iPad, you enjoy access to basic designs and illustration tools, and it works seamlessly with the apple pencil.

Lastly, this drawing app for iPad free download will allow you to draw and paint effortlessly while giving you realistic effects.


  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • 85 Raster, live, and vector brushes
  • True-to-life-effects
  • Stroke sensitivity


  • It doesn’t support adding text to images.
  • No canvas or paper size options

To download it, click on the link Adobe Fresco to get it on the app store.

6. Concepts (Best for SKetching and Designing)

Name PlatformRatings on App StoreBasic Features
Concepts iOS4.7Free to download
Offers In-App Purchases 

This app offers a lot of essential features and tools even with its free plan. Having this app allows you to enjoy a thrilling creative experience while giving you total control of your designs.

As you draw with this app on your iPad pro, you can easily switch between colours, flip your lines/strokes whichever way you want and alter, customize your designs to your taste.

It has a simple to use interface and there’s a menu on the side where you can easily pick the colours you want, opacity, kinds of strokes and other features you need for your designs.

Using your fingers or the apple pencil with this app lets you create beautiful designs and illustrations. 

More so, you can easily organize your drawings in a gallery or in a stack and sync them across various devices. It also features a toolbar where you can organize all your pens, and brushes. 

Overall, for a free app, this is an efficient app that offers many useful features and allows you to express your creativity brilliantly. You can also export your files and works well to other design platforms.


  • It offers a wide variety of pens, brushes, colors, grid options, and other essential design features
  • It’s a simple-to-use app.


  • Comes with add-ons or tutorial videos that could disturb your workflow.

To download this app from the App Store, click the link Concepts.

7. Art Set4 (Best for Realistic Drawing)

Name PlatformRatings on App StoreBasic Features
Art Set 4iOS4.6Free to download
Offers In-App Purchases 

This is one drawing app for iPad that is made to mimic real-life drawing. On the app, you can literally see the watercolors flow while you paint. Thereby, simulating real-life painting with watercolors. The element of realism in this app is one of its top-notch features.

Also, it has a simple to use interface as you can easily zoom in and out, span, and rotate the blank canvas to your desired position. You can also split the screen if you need a reference for your work or you need to multitask. Thereby making you work more efficiently.

The tools and colors are easily accessible and it has a minimalist interface that allows less interference with your workflow. 

Tools included in this free drawing app for iPad include; Oil Paint, Watercolors, Oil Pastel, Pencil, Biro Pen, Marker, Wax Crayon, Blenders, 3D Paint, custom blending, etc.

In conclusion, this is one best drawing app for iPad with free download. The app lets you express your creative imagination with graphics and illustration tools that simulate a real-life artistic experience.


  • User Editable Palette 
  • Time-lapse Video Recording; share how you made your artwork stroke by stroke.
  • Split-screen for multitasking
  • Export designs to your photo album, email, airdrop, or other social networks


  • Lots of customization limitations on the tools; however, upgrading to the paid version will give unlimited access.

To get it, click this link ART SET4 to download it on the app store.

8. Charcoal (Best Free App for Sketching and Basic Design)

Name PlatformRatings on App StoreBasic Features
CharcoaliOS4.6Totally Free

Another best drawing app for iPad free is the Charcoal drawing app. Its simplistic and minimalist design is top-notch. It makes it super easy for anyone to use. 

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, you can easily draw, sketch or make doodles on this app. This is all thanks to its simple interface. All you need to do is to download the app, create or open a sketch and start drawing. 

Even more, this app allows you to export your drawings and use it on your favorite graphics design programs. It also supports multiple windows as it will enable you to work with multiple sketches at once.

This app features many tools, beautiful color palettes, and it comes in three canvas sizes. It also supports the apple pencil. Thereby making it easy to draw on this app.

If you love to draw and make sketches, this is one free and fun-filled drawing app you would enjoy using on your iPad.


  • It’s a simple app that anyone can use.
  • It allows you to enjoy basic drawing features at no extra cost.


  • It might not be well suited for more complex and professional drawings.

Click the link CHARCOAL to download it on the app store.

9. Paper by We Transfer (Best for Sketching and Note-Taking)

Name PlatformRatings on App StoreBasic Features
Paper by We TransferiOS4.6Free download
Offers in-app purchases

Not only is this a drawing app for iPad that is simple to use, but it is also an app that would make you feel like you’re drawing with an actual paper. This is further achieved thanks to your Apple pencil. 

This app allows you to enjoy the best of simplicity and functionality with your iPad. This is all due to its simplistic user interface. 

It also allows you to add multiple photos to a single page and organize pages into a journal and sync them across all your devices.

Finally, this is an easy-to-use app that you can use to make sketches and capture creative ideas wherever inspiration meets you.


  • Variety of responsive brushes to select from
  • Simple design or user interface
  • Excellent for sketching out creative ideas/concepts


  • You need to upgrade to the Paper Pro to enjoy more rich features and tools.

To get this app click on the link  Paper by We Transfer to download it on the app store.

10. Assembly (Best for Graphics and Vectors Design)

PlatformRatings on App StoreBasic Features
AssemblyiOS4.6Free download
Offers in-app purchases

With this app, you can create logos, icons, illustrations and more, with the premium tools featured in this app for drawing on iPad. 

There are varieties of shapes, pre-made stickers, fillers and stroke settings you can use to create brilliant designs either from scratch or editing built-in designs.

Some of its basic features include; – Fill, stroke, and shadow options, Import SVG / PNG / JPG and export SVG / PNG / PDF / JPG up to 8192 x 8192, 35 pre-made color palettes, and more.

Overall, this is app is quite useful for expressing your creative abilities as a digital designer.


  • Variety of tools and features


  • Understanding how the features or tools functions will require a little bit of patience and practicing.

Click on the link ASSEMBLY to download it on the app store.

In conclusion, these apps are some of the best free apps for iPad free. To enjoy more intriguing features, you could consider subscribing to the paid plan.

We hope you found this article worthwhile. You can continue to stick with us to enjoy more articles like this one.

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