Kenny Chesney Releases Music Video for New Single ‘Knowing You’ !

On Friday, March 12, Kenny Chesney officially released the latest single music video, “Knowing You.” The track was directed by Shaun Silva and shot in New England and St. Croix, matching the New England winter dull blue colors with the bright blue water and Caribbean landscape skies.

During his touring years, Kenny was highest-paid singer and now Chesney’s net worth is $180 million.

Brett James, Adam James, and Kat Higgins composed this song and filmed it in Gloucester, Mass., and the Virgin Islands. The Tennessee native takes to the ocean in two different worlds, touching the stormy skies above the Atlantic Sea while drifting the turquoise waters of the Caribbean on a fishing boat with the woman of his dreams.

At the 2010 interview, Kenny Chesney who sang country songs confessed that he wrote the first song to get a girl, but he could not get her.

Chesney performs entertainment in a diving bar in a coastal New England town during the video, perched on a stool in the corner, with locals singing their aches and playing billiards at the bar while singing acoustic numbers. Amidst the sweeping landscape shots of the dark ocean, Chesney recounts the relaxed memories of being on the islands with the woman he loved, both lost in their own world.

But when the waters of the Atlantic intensify, the vocalist moves towards the skull necklace that his ex-lover gave him, and he throws it into the depth of the ocean. The video climaxed at a lighthouse leading the way home.

In a press release, Chesney stated that this is such a pure and heart-touching song. If you listen to it with your heart, you can meet the people you love. He wanted the video to be like audio. He stated that it is not about being on a fishing boat, but that you feel the pain and gratitude to know someone who changed your life. Wherever they are, you know that they are living their best lives; they are sparkling and doing the same thing to someone else, and that may be in this life or the next.

“Knowing You” single is added on the Here and Now 2020 album.

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