‘Boy Meets World’ star Maitland Ward exposes the dark side of Hollywood and explains why she left Hollywood !

It’s no secret that Hollywood can be a tough place to make it. For every famous success story, there are countless tales of actors and actresses who’ve struggled to find work, faced rejection, and even experienced a personal tragedy.

But few have been as open about the dark side of Hollywood as Maitland Ward. Maitland Ward is an actress who is best known for her role in the sitcom “Boy Meets World.” However, she has recently made a name and fame in the adult film industry. In a new interview, Ward opens up about why she decided to enter the world of pornography and how her life has changed.

Ward first found fame as a child actress on the popular television show “Boy Meets World.” However, after the show ended, she struggled to find work as an adult actress. She explained that Hollywood can be very judgmental and that her experience in the industry was often disheartening.

Ward said she studied screenwriting at UCLA, hoping to forge a different career path. But then she started posting photos of herself in “cute bikinis” or cosplay on social media. Her following immediately multiplied.

“My photos would sometimes get taken down because they were too sexy,” said Ward. “Some fans said, ‘Why don’t you sell content?’ I didn’t have any idea exactly what it meant until I learned you could sell your pictures and do whatever you want without restriction. I started a Patreon, and in a week, I had thousands of subscribers… and wanted to do more.

Ward officially transitioned into the adult entertainment world in 2017 with a porn parody of “The Babysitter.” Since then, she has starred in nearly two dozen other films. She has also started directing and producing her content.

“I love it,” said Ward of her new career. “It’s been so creatively fulfilling. I get to explore my sexuality and be whoever I want to be on camera… it’s just such a freeing experience.”

Ward says that while her family and friends have been supportive of her decision to enter the porn industry, she has faced some backlash from strangers. But she believes that people’s opinions of her shouldn’t matter.

“I’m in something that makes me happy, and proud I’m following my heart,” said Ward. “That’s all that should matter.”

Looking to the future, Ward says she hopes to continue making her content and expanding her brand. She also wants to break down the adult entertainment industry stigma.

“I want people to know that this is a real job, and it’s something that can be very empowering for women,” said Ward. “I hope I can inspire and inspire other women to pursue their sexual desires and not be ashamed of them.”

When Maitland Ward decided to enter the adult film industry, she did so to break down barriers and expand her brand. The former “Boy Meets World” star has since starred in nearly two dozen films, many of which she has also directed and produced herself. 

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