Top 10 PSP Games 2011

10. The 3rd Birthday

Aya Brea, the main character of this third-person shooter game is one her mission to save humanity from the fiasco created by the bad guys or maybe they are bad aliens. A very thrilling and adventurous game on the PSP platform which leaves the users spellbound. She goes back in the past and put her shoulders to the wheel to change the outcome of the battles which had been fought. She has got a group is soldiers but someone has to control her also! Who is going to do that…

9. Tactics Ogre: Let us cling together

Not only good movies have a magnetizing story but some games like Tactics Ogre also have. A great storyline along with a fantastic gameplay as the end of each chapter comes up with an interesting ending and a curious start for the next chapter. It’s a strategy game best suited to those who take an active part in the game story and other features. Go explore this one!

8. Prinny: Operation Panties, Dood!

There are myriad levels in this game and you have to clear your way up till the end boss of each stage. After getting done with the boss successfully, you get rewarded also. Somehow, it is a common experience that one loses his lives too quickly in this game. You start with 1000 lives but they vanish pretty much soon. Play the game to get a hang of it

7. Persona 2: Innocent Sin

This is an exciting game about the high-school students who are to battle joker and his minions who are all set to overwhelm humans by capturing their dreams and making them go through their bad pasts. The students have joined forces with the dark forces to defeat joker. Joker, on this game, personifies the evil character.

6. Patapon 3

The main buttons of this game are pata, pon, don and chaka. These are all drum beats which you will have to use pragmatically in order to direct your heroes to fight the nemesis and defeat them. If you sleep with you elder brother and he is not home for tonight, then save this game for tomorrow night to play. Yeah, you won’t be able to sleep — this game affects you that much, believe me.

5. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

The graphics of this game are really nice and amazing. The snowy areas, mountains and waterfalls make you feel as if you are in the game. The sound effects of this game take your mind traveling all the way into it where you can hear weapon slashing to monster body.

4. Legend of Heroes: Trails in the sky

The 3D feature of this game is amazing and it has a nice soundtrack. You play with Estelle Bright and his adopted brother Joshua. You can earn money by completing side-quests and you make your way to the top. The details of all your quests are recorded in the Quest Book.

3. Final Fantasy XIII Agito

It is a action oriented game and you have to control your character to kill the giant mechanical nemesis and make your way through the level.

2. Final Fantasy IV complete collection

This is a compilation of original FFIV, Final fantasy IV: The after Years and the new Final Fantasy IV – Interlude. The Interlude is hard to play as compared to the previous versions as there are very few item shops and to heal your character you will have to fall back and get healed completely. The magic and the physical attacks have been improves to a much greater degree and its fun playing this game, but its more challenging then before — remember this !

1. Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

This game requires the user to first invest some time in it and learn the basic gameplay and other details of the game. After successfully getting done with the learning curve of this game, you can really enjoy this one. It is hodgepodge of role-playing and fighting games. Some great warriors are fighting the battle of Gods. Each one of them (God) has sent down their warrior to lead them to victory in an extremely contentious situation. It’s a fight between the LIGHT and DARKNESS. Which side are you in??

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