Batgirl and Zatanna Are Coming To HBO Max Live-Action Project!

At AT&T’s Investor Meeting, Warner Bros. took a look at the DC Comics projects to be released over the next few years. DC Films president Walter Hamada hinted that some of DC’s upcoming superhero films could be released at the HBO Max.

According to DC Slate, there are five live-action DC projects with their official release dates of 2023. The already-announced movies include Blue Beetle or Green Lantern Corps that have been under development over the years. Although James Gunn is in the midst of shooting his The Suicide Squad spinoff show, Peacemaker also has prequels planned for Matt Reeves The Batman. There is no deficiency of DC content, and currently, two more projects have become part of the slate.

The confirmation of the Batgirl project is far less surprising than that of Zatanna. Recently, there were reports that Batgirl could be a part of an HBO Max’s original film. Since 2017, WB and DC are creating a Batgirl project when it was declared that Joss Whedon was functioning on a solo movie for Barbara Gordon. He has left the Batgirl project due to his professional behavior and controversies. Then came the news that Christina Hodson was writing Batgirl. 


The Zatanna project was first revealed in 2018. At that time, WB and DC hadn’t publicly engaged anyone to work on a Zatanna project. The recent gossip about the live-action project led to Zatanna being involved in Justice League’s J.J. Abrams’ for HBO Max. There is a probability that DC and WB could offer various solo projects. Maybe Zatanna could be one of them.

Currently, Batgirl and Zatanna are related to DC’s official projects for the next few years, and I hope more updates on both will come out soon. We are ready to inform you what they have slated for both projects and whether they are conceived as films or TV shows. Yet neither project has a director or cast, nor we know who features the lead heroines. Till then, we will have to wait for more news or updates regarding DC projects.

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