What’s New on Amazon Prime in June 2022!

Amazon Prime Video does not slow down in June after a month packed with exciting releases in May. The streamer will show and film a lot in the coming weeks, including a criminal thriller, a hit detective show, and more. This article offers you a picture of what’s new in June 2022 on Amazon Prime Videos.

Many new series, including mini, documentary and reality dating series are going to release worldwide on only Amazon prime platform in June 2022. There is a combination of animation, comedy, romance, mystery, adventure, and action waiting for you on Amazon Prime videos. 

The June month starts from ‘The Boys’ season 3, following with an animated series Fairfax – season 3. A movie starring an Australian actor with are really different storyline is awaited after the movie’s trailer out. Many series like The Summer I Turned Pretty, The Lake and Chloe are releasing their 1st season. 

At end of June ‘At Home with the Gils’, a documentary series will release and it’s about the famous Brazil Gils. A reality dating series named ‘The One That Got Away’ and last but not least a Spanish mini-series named Boundless is on the way. 

Having collected the latest series and films arriving in June 2022, here are our leading ten choices. As constantly, they are all part of your subscription to Amazon Prime.

10. The Boys – Series

Director Eric Kripke
CastJack Quaid
Karl Urban
Laz Alonso
Genre:Superhero and action fiction 
Released Date:3 June 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:Updated soon
IMDb Ratings  Updated soon

The Boys was the biggest hit of 2019 by Prime Video, it is based on the comic book by Darick Robertson and Garth Ennis. It was loved by all comic book fans and thus, this series won a new legion of followers. Season-1 was released on 26 July 2019 followed by season-2 on September 9, 2020. 

Season 3 will start from the same cliffhanger that was left in the last episode. Homelander is still alive and is in Vought Tower, even though the boys are not hiding any longer. It will be more exciting to watch season 3 as some unanswered questions about how butcher and the boys struggled as an underground group will be revealed. 

This season Jensen Ackles (The Winchesters) will be seen playing the role of soldier boy. Jensen is an actor, director and producer. This season’s first three episodes will officially stream on 3rd June 2022 and the remaining 5 episodes will be dropping weekly every Friday thereafter.  

9. Fairfax —series

Director/ Creators: Matthew Hausfater, Aaron Buchsbaum, Teddy Riley
Cast:Skyler GisondoJaboukie Young-WhiteKiersey ClemonsPeter S. Kim
Genre:Animation and Comedy 
Released Date:10 June 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:80%
IMDb Ratings4.9/10

Fairfax is an animated comedy series featuring four middle school best friends. The first episode of Fairfax was released on 29 October 2021, with Amazon prime video network. Writers of this series are Matt Hausfater, Aaron Buchsbaum, Teddy Riley, and Peter Knight. 

The cast of Fairfax is Skyler Gisondo (Santa Clarita Diet) as Dale, Jaboukie Young-White as Truman, Kiersey Clemons as Derica, and Peter S. Kim as Benny. Season 3 of Fairfax, is scheduled to release on 10th June. This series is a continuation of the never-ending quest for fame on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles.                                                                                       

8. My Fake Boyfriend – Movie

Director:Rose Troche
Cast:Keiynan Lonsdale, Dylan Sprouse, Sarah Hyland
Genre:Comedy and Romance 
Released Date:17 June 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:Updated soon
IMDb Ratings Updated soon

This movie has featured Keiynan Lonsdale (an Australian actor), as a young man named Andrew. Andrew has a huge problem he can’t stay away from his toxic ex-boyfriend, who has dumped him. So, Andrews’s friends Dylan Sprouse and Sarah Hyland decide to help him. His friends use social media platforms to create a fake boyfriend account named ‘Cristiano’. 

As Cristiano becomes viral and is a worldwide sensation, Andrew meets the real love of his life-his dream guy Rafi, a charming restaurant owner. Now Andrew has to deal, to end this fake boyfriend image and win Rafi’s heart. 

The producer of the movie is Jason Moring, Michael Philip and Richard Alan Reid and is written by Luke Albright, Joe Wanjai Ross and Greg Boaldin. 

7. The Summer I Turned Pretty – series 

Director:Jenny Han
Cast:Lola Tung, Jackie Chung, Rachel Blanchard, Christopher Briney, Gavin Casalegno
Genre:Romance and Drama 
Released Date:17 June 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:Updated soon
IMDb Ratings   Updated soon

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a romantic drama series starring Lola Tung as Belly. Belly with her family spends every summer at Fishers’ beach house in Cousins. Every summer was the same until she turned sixteen. She got caught in a love triangle between, two brothers Conrad and Jeremiah starred by Christopher Briney and Gavin Casalegno respectively, who were her old friends. 

Further Belly deals with her first love and first heartbreak. Relationships will be tested, many painful truths will come out, and the belly will be changed forever. This series will be streaming only on Amazon prime on 17th June with seven episodes.

6. The Lake – Series 

Director:Jordan Canning, Paul Fox
Cast:Jordan Gavaris, Julia Stiles, Madison Shamoun
Released Date:17 June 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:Updated soon
IMDb Ratings Updated soon

‘The lake’ is an upcoming comedy television series, its creator is Julian Doucet. This series is Amazon’s 1st scripted-Canadian amazon original and is scheduled to release on June 17, 2022. Its first two episodes will be given a preview screening at an annual Canadian film festival in 2022. 

This series is the story of Justin (Jordan James Gavaris – the famous Canadian actor) who returns from living abroad after breaking up with a long-term partner. He hopes to connect with her biological daughter, whom she had given for adoption in his teens. Justin plans to make memories with her daughter at the family cottage, but this plan spoils as he discovers his parents left that cottage to her step-sister. 

5. At Home with the Gils – series

Director:Andrucha Waddington, Pedro Waddington, Rebeca Diniz
Cast:Gilberto gil, Preta gill, Joao Gil, Bela gill, Bem gill, Bento gill
Released Date:24 June 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:Updated soon
IMDb Ratings     Updated soon

At Home with the Gils is a documentary series. It will feature famous musical families, originally from Brazil. These families will take part in a creation of a significant tour in Europe. This tour is significant as all the different generations of this family will share the stage.

In this documentary when you enter their house and give a closer look, u will see their conflicts, argument, and their private time.

4. Chloe – Series                                                                    

Director:Alice Seabright, Amanda Boyle
Cast:Erin Doherty, Billy Howle, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Jack Farthing, Brandon Micheal Hall, Poppy Gilbert, Akshay Khanna
Released Date:24 June 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:88%
IMDb Ratings 6.5/10

Chloe is psychological thriller series. This British drama has six-part and was created by Alice Sea bright. It was aired on BBC One on 6th February and will be premiering outside the UK on 24th June on Prime Video.  

In this series Erin Doherty (The Crown) as Becky Green, a young girl who lives with her mother, She who works as a temp. She assumes looking at pictures of the perfect lives of people on Instagram is a perfect life. Becky is obsessed with Poppy Gilbert as Chloe Fairbourne Instagram profile. Chloe is the wife of a local councilor. Once Becky hears the news of Chloe’s death and later she discovers that she has got 2 missed calls from her a few minutes before her death.

Becky then adopts a new identity named Sasha, to find out the death reason of her Instagram Idol Chloe. Sasha becomes a more well-connected, famous, and powerful personality, unlike Becky. Becky is on edge of losing herself in the game she is playing.

3. The One That Got Away – Series 

Cast:Betty Who
Genre:Reality – tv
Released Date:24 June 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:Updated soon
IMDB RatingsUpdated soon

A reality dating series named ‘The One That Got Away’ is something new on Amazon. Here six contestants have a chance to explore their missed connections from their past love life. The host of this experimental dating series will be Betty Who (An Australian singer-songwriter). 

This series is derived from Amazon Studios and Fulwell 73 (Fulwell 73 is a British television, film, and music production London-based company). On June 24, it will premiere all 10 episodes.

2. Boundless – Series.

Director:Simon West
Cast:Álvaro Morte, Rodrigo Santoro, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Adrian Lastra, Pepon Nieto, Carlos Cuevas, Raul Tejon, Goncalo Diniz, Manuel Moron, Barbara Goenaga
Genre:Adventure and action 
Released Date:24 June 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:Updated soon 
IMDb Ratings:Updated soon 

Boundless is a Spanish television mini-series, which original name is Sin Limites. This series has been composed, considering the 500th anniversary of the First Circumvallation around the globe. This series shows the 1519s, 22 voyages (voyage is a long trip done especially by sea route). This voyage was initiated by Ferdinand Magellan (Rodrigo Santoro) and culminated by Juan Sebastian Elcano (Álvaro Morte) .

Boundless is directed by Simon West and will feature four episodes with a duration of around 60 minutes.  Patxi Amezcua has written the screenplay. 

On 22 April 2021, cast members were announced. Production of this mini-series began filming on 26 April 2021 in Olite, Navarre, for shooting The Azkorri beach in Getxo was also used. 

1. Baby Monitor Murders – movie

Director:Danny J. Boyle
Cast:Natalie Sharp Nicole LaPlaca, Jon Cor, Emma Oliver Raylene Harewood Blake Stadel
Released Date:1 June 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:Updated soon
IMDb Ratings:5.2/10

 In this movie, Cassie Temple (Natalie Sharp) accepts a job as a babysitter as she fails to get an internship job before her second year of college. She believes that her Employer is setting a deadly plan after she overhears about a murder plotting on the baby monitor. 

‘Baby Monitor murders’ is the movie, originally released on 11th January 2020. Amazon Prime is now streaming it on 1st June 2022. The writer of this movie is Emily Golden, and the stars are Jon Cor, Natalie Sharp, and Nicole LaPlaca. 

June 1

  • Half Baked (1998)
  • The Cutting Edge (1992)
  • The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold (2006)
  • The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream (2008)
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)
  • Black Swan (2010)
  • Juno (2007)
  • The Transporter (2002)
  • The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
  • The Hills Have Eyes Unrated (2006)
  • Mother! (2017)
  • The Sandlot (1993)
  • The Nanny Diaries (2007)
  • The Wiz (1978)
  • Groundhog Day (1993)
  • Sabrina (1995)
  • White Men Can’t Jump (1992)
  • Dr. Dolittle (1998)
  • Whip It! (2009)
  • Switchback (1997)
  • Top Gun (1986)
  • Baby Monitor Murders (2020)
  • The Honeymooners (2005)
  • The Time Machine (2002)
  • Mr. Mom (1983)
  • The Love Letter (1999)
  • Twilight (2008)
  • The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)
  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (2011)
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (2012)
  • Philadelphia (1994)
  • Snake Eyes (1998)
  • The Fighting Temptations (2003)
  • Walking Tall (2004)
  • Rosemary’s Baby (1968)
  • In & Out (1997)
  • Galaxy Quest (1999)
  • Not Without My Daughter (1991)
  • Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957)
  • The Brady Bunch Movie (1995)
  • Fences (2016)
  • New York Undercover (1994)
  • Will & Grace (1999)

June 3

  • The Boys — Season 3 (2022)

June 5

  • Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)

June 10

  • Fairfax — Season S2 (2022)
  • No Time to Die (2021)

June 12

  • Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)
  • The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
  • My Fake Boyfriend (2022)

June 17

  • The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022)
  • The Lake (2022)
  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

June 24

  • At Home with the Gils (2022)
  • Chloe (2022)
  • The One That Got Away (2022)
  • Sin Límites / Boundless (2022)

June 30

  • Bang Bang Baby (2022) 


This list will seem somewhat thin to start, but we’ll get more and more releases in June 2022 as we move through the month. We will try to keep this post refreshed with new releases every other day. And assume you missed our recap of everything appearing on Amazon Prime in May 2022. In that case, you can obtain it here and for more coverage of the best films and TV shows streaming on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, and Showtime, check out besttoppers hub, which is updated throughout the month.

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