With Love Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates!

Calderone Kellett is famous for writing some of the most intriguing shows, and one of her most famous shows remains to be ‘One Day at A Time,’ a reboot of the famous vintage sitcom of the same name. He also did a good job writing ‘How I met Your Mother, and now one of her works, “With Love,” has received a renewal on Amazon. The show focuses on a dynamic family, the perfect marriage of the Diaz, their children, their quest for love, and their nonbinary cousin also trying as hard to get the perfect soulmate. Season one ended on quite a cliffhanger; an engagement upcoming, the uncertainty of who will tie the knot, and the future of Sol’s relationships.

With Love Season 2 Release Date:

The series renewal should get you in high spirits if you loved watching the Diaz family on their adventure to find love. Amazon recently renewed the romantic series for another season, and despite the release date passing as unknown, at least there are preparations. The first season had six episodes, each an hour-long, and the second season will follow the same pattern, six one hour each episode, all entertaining us with the family’s dynamism. We should expect the second season to premiere early next year or in 2024.

With Love Season 2 Plot:

With Love

The shows follow the Diaz Children, Jorge Jr and Lily, on their romantic journeys to find their better halves. The pilot episode starts on a high note with Jorge Jr introducing the love of his life to the family in Nochbuena, while Lily is also in love, but her conditions are way different. She finds herself in a love triangle, making her hard to decide which man deserves her love. On the other hand, their cousin Sol, a non-binary trans, has a relationship with a coworker, blossoming amid the storms.

The series focuses on the siblings, but it also focuses on how dynamic the family is, with the last being the center of the tightly knit clan. The members of the Diaz family were forced to face their pasts in the first season, and the second season will downright pick up on how season one ended.

With Love Season 2 Cast:

The series features Emeraude Toubia, known for playing Isabelle in Shadowhunter as Lily Diaz. She casts alongside Mark Indelicato (Hacks) as Jorge Diaz, Lily bother, Issis King, playing Sol Perez, the sibling’s cousin who is a trans-non-binary in love with the coworker. Vincent Rodriguez plays Jorge’s boyfriend, Henry. Rome Flynn (Dear White People) as Santiago, Desmond Chiam as Nick Zhao, Benito Martinez, and Constance Maries as The Diaz sibling’s parents’. If the series gets a renewal, we should expect the Diaz family to explore their romantic journey, striving to find the best partners while still staying as closely knit as they were in the first season.

With Love Season 2 Trailer:

The series was only recently renewed, so it will take quite a while before we get a sneak peek of what the second season has in store for its viewers. If you loved the series, there are a lot of other series that you will enjoy watching, like Love and Anarchy, Feel Good, Bridgerton, and Tiny Pretty Things.

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