Troye Sivan Teams Up With Kacey Musgraves, Mark Ronson for ‘Easy’ Remix Video!

Recently, Troye Sivan Collab with Kacey Musgraves and Mark Ronson to drop their new remix video of “Easy.”

Sivan teased this collaboration’s release in the first week of November by disclosing that it will feature his two favorite artists of all time. On 4 December 2020, Troye Sivan toast the 5th anniversary of Blue Neighbourhood, hitting shelves, his first studio album.

The single’s accompanied Bardia Zeinali- the director of this new Track.
In the clips, we can see Troye and Kacey are on the highways in which Kacey is featured in a hair dye, and Troye seems in a mullet look. Then they make their way to a club having dancing, drag shows, and karaoke.

Sivan and Musgraves take to go round on the verses, with Kacey Musgraves coming on the second version of his track “I’m not a saint, so just give me the blame,”
Kacey Musgraves gives his voice on the lines, “We knew what was under the surface and lived like it wouldn’t hurt us.”
Then their voices joined on the chorus of “This house is on fire/Burning the tears right out my face.”

Sivan also confessed a few basic plot ideas in his interview with Vogue by saying that we all have different life experiences. That’s why we can find solace and peace in each other. They also seemed to promote Bardia Zeinali, who directs their remix “Easy” video, in the same interview.

You can also watch Sivan and Musgraves in the original Track of the “Easy” video.

On the other hand, Troye Sivan launched the EP In a Dream last August, which includes its original version of “Rager Teenager!” and “Easy.” Later, Kacey Musgraves comes out with a new version of “Oh, What a World” on Earth Day this year and contributed to her ex Ruston Kelly’s album named Shape & Destroy in August 2020.

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