The 30 Popular Singers in the World

It isn't easy to name the 30 most popular singers in the World at any given time. This is because many factors determine popularity, including age, gender, and musical genre. Among other stuff, here are some of the most important factors to be considered when assessing popularity. So, let's round up to the most popular singers of the World and flow in the saga of music.

Top 20 Rappers Who Died Too Young !

Over the years, some prominent rappers were killed by homicide, drug overdoses, natural causes, and a range of other reasons before their time. Some rappers were shot, while heart attacks and cancer killed others. This article provides you a penetration into the top twenty rappers who died at a relatively early age.

Monarch Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Other Details Here!

Fox is stepping up with just another musical, "Monarch," a series about country music, featuring both the oldies and the recently released. The series tells the story of a family Dynasty built from scratch and now one of the most loved family music empires. However, fame comes with many good and bad publicity, and when the throne is threatened, Nicky has to do everything to protect it. But will she succeed in keeping the dynasty together as it has always been? 

Backward in Heels Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More Information You Need To Know !

Jennifer Lopez will be coming to our screens, not for her iconic music or phenomenal dance moves, but she will be producing one of Amazon's upcoming series, Backwards in Heels. Here is everything we know about the upcoming Backwards in Heels series.

The Unbroken Voice Season 1: Everything You Know About Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Storyline !

Let's talk about when you can expect to see The Unbroken Voice, the show's cast, and the trailer for the upcoming season.

Kendrick Lamar and Taylour Paige have released the short film ‘We Cry Together’ !

Kendrick Lamar and Taylour Paige star in the short film "We Cry Together." The film is a fictional portrayal and representation of the early days of their relationship when they were both at a time struggling to make it in the music industry.

Lin Manuel Miranda: Net Worth, Actor, Rapper, Wife !

Lin Manuel Miranda is one of the most influential people of our times and has made his name famous since the very beginning of his life. Lin Manuel Miranda has a net value of only $80 million at the age of 41 and continues to grow in one actor, poet, writer, rapper, theatre director, playwright, all in one.

Young Thug: Rapper, Real Name, Age, Height, Net Worth !

Young Thug is a US rapper with a net value of 8 million dollars. Young Thug's style is unique, and his fashion is equally distinctive. Some might call him eccentric, but his success and fame have undeniably become part of the hip-hop scene of today.

Famous TikTok Boys To Follow – Top 25 Male TikTok Stars Ranked !

Tik Tok is a video-sharing site that is notable for making the Lipsy video concept famous. In this article, we will concentrate just on male influencers from TikTok and highlight some of the greatest on the site.

Top 20 Best Movies About Slavery Of All Time !

Let's catch up our new article of Top 20 Best Movies About Slavery Of All Time! Click here to read more.

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