Justin Bieber & Shawn Mendes’ Highly Expected Collab’ Monster’ Music Video is Out Now!

Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber sparked up the rumors about a collaboration when they were spotted together in a studio in August. After a few months, Shawn confirmed the news and enlightened fans with the news of a new song featuring both Justin and Shawn

After a series of teasers, the two stars have finally released their Collab titled “Monster,” and also a music video to go with it! This is a blessing for the people who are fans of both the stars. Undoubtedly, instead of just enjoying the song, some people have started comparing the two stars.

Netflix will drop “In Wonder” on 23rd November, documenting Shawn Mendes’ swift rise over the past year. It will feature his transformation from a promising singer and songwriter to an undeniable pop artist who can sell out arenas. In Wonder will also show the difficulties faced by the celebrities as well as the rigors of touring.

Justin has been busy lately, performing his songs at various places. Last month Bieber performed Holy on Saturday Night Live. He also appeared on Ariana Grande’s “Stuck With U.”

This collaboration meant a lot for Shawn Mendes, as Justin Bieber is the reason why he started singing in the first place. Shawn told us that Justin’s “One Time” came out when Shawn was nine years old, and he completely influenced him at that time. Shawn added that Justin was like Elvis to him, and to have a human to human conversation with him made this the most special song he ever wrote.

Mendes told us that he called Justin and told him about the song; he said that it is about how society can put celebrities on a pedestal and watch them fall, and make it an entertainment thing. Shawn continued that it’s hard, and Justin’s heart fell deep into it.

After all those teasers, fans can finally listen to the song and watch the video directed by Colin Tilley. Judging by the fans’ reaction, the song was worth the wait, and it sounds good.

After the announcement of their collaboration, Bieber has a little fun with Mendes and posted an old video on Twitter where he asked, “Who is Shawn Mendes?” To that, Shawn Mendes replied with a pic of himself alongside Jacob Tremblay, who portrayed a young Justin Bieber in “Lonely,” Shawn added- “Don’t you remember taking us this pic together?”

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