Top 10 ancient arts in the world

Top 10 ancient arts in the World

Art has been a part of expression since the evolution of the mankind. The discovery of pre-historic sculptures, cave art suggest that different form of arts were practiced throughout the evolution of mankind. Even though the way of expressing ideas through art was different at that time, it can be predicted that the way of expressing, inner emotion through different form of art was existed.

Cave Paintings- Fumane 

Period: 35,000 BCE

Fumane Cave Paintings
The Figurative images of animals and anthropomorphic figure. The oldest art in Italy and the oldest figure painting in the world.Describes and introduces the Aurignacian culture now in the Lessini Hills, Verona, Italy.

Cave Paintings– cosquer 

Period: 25,000 BCE

Cave Paintings- cosquer
It is the Hand stencil art and cave paintings, as well as abstract symbols which describing the Gravettian Culture.it includes Cosquer Cave, Calanque de Morgiou, Marseille which kept in the French museum.

Koonalda Cave Art 

Period: 18,000 BCE

Koonalda Cave Art
Lying some 200-feet below the Nullabor Plain in South Australia, Koonalda Cave contains the oldest and best examples of Aboriginal finger fluting.

 Amur River Basin Pottery 

Period: 14,300 BCE

Amur River Basin Pottery

Heavily influenced by Chinese ceramics, the Amur region had a warm monsoon climate and a wetland ecology, which supported both a Paleolithic and a Neolithic ceramic industry.it is the Siberian Late Paleolithic Culture. Now it is placed in Amurskaya Oblast, Russian Far East.

Tuc d’Audoubert Bison Sculpture

Period: 13,500 BCE
Tuc d'Audoubert Bison Sculpture

Tuc d’Audoubert Cave contains charcoal drawings, animal paintings and rock engravings, but it is best known for its relief sculptures of two bison, sculpted in soft clay. The relief carries marks left by artist’s fingers and nails. Also explains the Magdalenian Culture.Nowitis kept in Ariege, Central Pyrenees, France.

The Swimming Reindeer 

Period: 11,000 BCE

The Swimming Reindeer

The Late Magdalenian Culture has the Carving from the tip of a mammoth tusk, this late Ice Age sculpture of two swimming reindeer – found in the cave of Montastruc, Tarn ET Garonne in British Museum, London. France is the oldest work of art in any UK museum.
 Tassili-n-Ajjer Rock Art 

Period: 8,000 BCE

Tassili-n-Ajjer Rock Art
The major African art contains the Mesolithic art, the Tassili-n-Ajjer plateau is famous for its animal & human engravings or paintings.It indicates Archaic Tradition.Now also can see in Africa.

Catal Huyuk Chalcolithic Archeological Site

Period: 7,500-5,700 BCE

Catal Huyuk Chalcolithic Archeological Site

A major centre of Neolithic art, Catal Huyuk is noted for ancient animal and human imagery, like “The Enthroned Goddess of Catal Huyuk”, terracotta clay sculpture of Mother Goddess figure about to give birth while seated on a throne. Presented in Catal Huyuk, Anatolia, Turkey

Chalcolithic Pottery

Period: 5,000-3,500 BCE

chalcolithic art

It is the Ceramic Ware painted with human, bird, plant or animal motifs.Mainly describes the Chalcolithic Culture which is now placed in Iran (Persia).
Xia Dynasty Chinese Bronzeworks 

Period: From1,750 BCE
xia dynastry

It introduces us about the Xia Dynasty culture which is the Bronze plaques/sculptures a piece-mould casting with jade decoration. Can see inYellow River Basin of Henan Province.

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