Bray Wyatt’s Ex-Wife Samantha Rotunda: Real Name, Age, Height, Divorce, Net Worth !

We realize how difficult it is for everyone, regardless of gender, to build a name for oneself in the professional world. Samantha Rotonda is one of the best real estate agents in the states that built her name. Well, part of her fame arises from being in a relationship with Bray Wyatt, a wrestler.

For those who don’t know, the WWE wrestler Bray Wyatt was formerly the World Wrestler. Under his name, he has many wins.

Samantha was a college lover of Wyatt and had dreamt of being together forever. Unfortunately, their fairy tale was nothing other than the truth, and soon their marriage collapsed.

So how much do you know about Samantha Rotunda? If not more, then we are here for you as we gathered her age, height, weight, husband, children profile, and the particulars of her life, along with the Net Worth collected in 2022.

Samantha Rotunda Net Worth:

We have now found Samantha to be an independent person and created her reputation in the property business. So what is she gaining as one? By 2022, her net value is $500,000.

In addition, its annual revenue is anticipated at about $55K. The amount comes as no surprise given how often she works as a real estate agent.

In a while, Bray Wyatt, her ex-spouse, gained $1 million in net income. He became a tremendous phenomenon and made news several times after his debut in WWE.

Samantha Rotunda Early Life:

Bray Wyatt’s wife, Samantha, was born in the United States as Samantha C. Krieger. She is American, yet she has a white background—her ethnicity.

Samantha Rotunda Family:

Rotunda is also Curt Krieger and Patricia Krieger’s daughter. And they still lack anything remotely linked to them, such as their place of stay. It is also uncertain whether or not Samantha is a single child.

Despite being a media celebrity, Samatha is not the type to drop anything about herself. But the little parts we have on her tell that she proceeds from a working-class family where she probably learned her work ethic.

Similarly, her mother worked in a hospital for the veterans, while her dad was the Casa Marina Key West Service Manager.

Samantha Rotunda Education:

Rotunda graduated from the University of Troy in Alabama as regards her studies. Any other information on her schooling is currently unknown.

Samantha Rotunda Physical Stats:

The successful immobilization agent Samantha has disrupted herself as Bray Wyatt’s wife. But whether she prefers it or not, the media and the people still associate with it. This name is therefore constantly connected to her 34-year-old former husband.

Rotunda was born in 1986, from what we know, and there is still a lack of additional facts such as her birthday. Her zodiacal sign is, therefore, unknown.

Rotunda is 5 feet 2 inches(157 cm) tall and weighs around 55 kilograms. This beautiful immobilizer has won a lot of admiration both for her look and for her connection.

Likewise, Samantha has a carved figure of 34-26-35 centimeters which she brilliantly shines. She has long brown hair and a wonderful dark brown-eyed pair.

Samantha Rotunda Career:

Samantha is, as we know, a hard-working lady from a working-class background. Rotunda was even able to build a name for herself coupled with her ex-husband’s name.

Yes, as an agent with Southern Belle Realty, Samantha has earned a place. This company allows anyone to acquire property easily. The work they conduct in East Pasco and Hernando countries is also mostly focused on.

Samantha Rotunda Relationship with Bray Wyatt:

It is no secret that Bray and Samantha have been husband and wife for a long time. Rotunda became a famous personality among the general public because of their link.

Also, as has been pointed out, their history goes back to school. Though it is not the precise time and day, the two were sweethearts in school. Funny enough, Bray left school to pursue his wrestling career. The couple remained together.

Nevertheless, in 2012 the two went down the aisle after dating for a few years. Their wedding ceremony was held exclusively before their close friends and family.

Bray and Samantha had two kids together from their relationship. Kendyl, their very first boy, was born in 2011, and Cadyn, their second boy, was born in 2013. Settled with two children, they lived a happy life.

Samantha Rotunda Divorce with Bray Wyatt:

It is said that the “deeper the connection, is harder to let go.” And the same thing occurred with Bray and Samantha later on in their marriage. With a past beginning from their college years and being married for five whole years, it was hard to know the two were having difficulties in their married life.

It is not mysterious for couples to have obstacles sometimes in their marriage, but very few lead to divorce in the end. Back in 2017, Rotunda made the headings when she registered for divorce.

Moreover, in her record, Samantha accused Bray of cheating and having an alleged affair with Jojo Offerman. Since the knowledge was out in public, rumors and allegations were heavy on the fighter.

In addition to the divorce, Rotunda also requested child support of $14,000 each month. She also sought the custody of two children and even requested that her house be placed under her name.

The two ultimately resolved six thousand dollars in child support after a tiring time in the court while other information was held confidentially. The family ultimately moved to Tampa, Florida, to escape the swarming media.

Samantha Rotunda Relationship with Dan Pixel:

Rotunda has remained slightly low from the limelight after her divorce from Bray, and they had gone their different ways. Nevertheless, her romance news hasn’t escaped us from someone fresh.

The 34-year-old Rotunda appears to have found a new man. Yes, the mother of two and recently separated was seen dating Dan Pixel, who is also the Grass Roots Lawn Care owner. She got married to him.

However, the way the two met and began dating remains unknown. At the same time, she’s not the only one to find someone new in that matter. According to several newspapers, her previous husband still had an affair with Jojo.

After the divorce, the two seemed to be out there; it appears no longer hidden. Likewise, Offerman is seven years more youthful than Bray, but he has no difficulty with their relationship.

Furthermore, Offerman is known to be pregnant with her kid of Wyatt and shortly will welcome the kid into the world.

Samantha Rotunda Social Appearance:

You may follow Samantha as @Samsellsthesouth on this Instagram account. She has more than 900 Instagram followers over there.


Among her supporters, Samantha Rotunda is widely known as the former wife and college honeycomb of the renowned WWE pro-wrestler Windham Lawrence Rotunda, famous for his wrestling name, Bray Wyatt. Her young love bloomed into a marriage in 2012, after several years. She currently works at Southern Belle Realty. Currently, she is married to the owner of Grass Roots Lawn Care ‘Dan Pixley.’

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