The Top Ten Ancient Greek Games !

Ancient Greek games have only been viewed as a religious festival. The Greek Olympics, which inspired the founding of modern Olympics 1896, was supposed to have begun in 776 BC. So here are the ten Games that have led from ancient Greek,

Top 10 Ancient Greek God !

The history of ancient Greek mythological gods and goddesses is extremely famous. They were popularised and then immortalized by renowned ancient Greek playwrights. Concerning ancient Greece's majestic gods, let's see how many of your favorites put it into the Top Ten.

Top 10 Outstanding Ancient Egyptian Paintings !

The Egyptian civilization is known as one of the oldest and richest civilizations in history. Along with other artistic paintings that have existed since ancient times, these paintings represent much of Egyptian history's early days. Here is a record of the Top 10 Magnificent ancient Egyptian art that still please Egyptian visitors and reflect this ancient tradition's essence.

The Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World !

The Ancient Seven Wonders were first described in 225 BC as a "Themata," which means 'things to be seen in Greek and 'must-sees' in modern English) in the book 'The Seven Wonders' written by Philo of Byzantine. Here you will get the names of all seven wonders of the Ancient World!

Top 10 Most Worshiped Ancient Egyptian Goddesses !

Egyptian gods were considered to represent nature; the people respected them and did not want to annoy them. So what forms did these gods take? Let's catch a look at the top 10 worshiped goddesses of ancient Egypt:

Top 10 Ancient Arts In The World !

Art has been a part of expression since the evolution of the mankind. The discovery of pre-historic sculptures, cave art suggest that different form...

Top 10 Historical Places in Europe

Historical Places Of Europe This article is about historical places in Europe. Cave monastery of Geghard Location: Armenian The main chapel was built in 1215, the monastery complex was founded...

Strangest Pre-Historical Animals in the world

Strangest pre-historical animals strangest pre-historical animals-The world is cluttered with so many different creatures — some cute, some scary and some just plainly bizarre. However,...

Top 10 ancient highways in Europe !

The list of top 10 ancient highways are listed below Old North Trail Located: North America It stretches approximately 4,600 miles from Crown Point in eastern New York to Lake Sakakawea State...

Top 10 ancient languages in the world

Ancient languages in the world There are about 6000 languages that exist today. Language began thousands of years ago and determining the oldest of them...

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