The Devil’s Hour Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything You Need To Know!

Is Halloween your favorite time of the year? If it is, do you have anything planned? If the answer is no, worry not, as Amazon has covered you with their upcoming series. Being a thriller series, you can never really tell what will happen; even if you do, you are always wrong. The series follows the life of Lucy, a mum who wants the best for her kid. With endless nightmares, a troubled child, investigations, and a creepy man in the mix, Lucy is about to go through a roller coaster. The following is everything we know about the mind-piquing Amazon thriller series.

Is The Devil’s Hour Renewed For Next Season?

For a second and third season, Prime Video has picked up the popular UK original thriller “The Devils Hour” on 22nd November.

The Devil’s Hour Season 1 Release Date:

If you cannot afford to watch a horror movie alone, this is the time to get a companion, as the series will be coming to our screens on October 28th, 2022. With six episodes beautifully acted, get ready to be entertained.

The Devil’s Hour Season 1 Expected Plot:

The Devil’s Advocate is a psychological thriller that has been wonderfully written and articulately acted. It follows the life of Lucy, a mother, and a social worker. She sounds like just an average person, but what makes Lucy different is that she wakes up daily at 3:33 without fail. Why? Lucy is haunted in her dreams.

Lucy has a troubled son; who does not smile, does not talk, and to top it all; his mother seems like she talks to ghosts. It looks kind of schizophrenic but weird at the same time. A man is connected to the murders; nothing is yet to be proven, but Lucy has a gut feeling. A scary adventure, twisted plot, love story, and comedy all mixed

The Devil’s Hour Season 1 Cast:

Just from the series trailer, you already know there is no better cast than the ones the series settled on. Jessica Raine plays Lucy, the tormented mom who has to wake up every day at 3:33. This is not the first time Raine appears on our screens as she has several other roles, including Midwife. Fortitude, Baptiste, and she will also be casting in the Becoming Elizabeth series on Starz.

Peter Capaldi plays the disturbing character who keeps Lucy awake most of the night. Capaldi has a highly intense level of acting in the series, which gives way to the fact that he is a critically acclaimed actor and has featured in many series. His most famous role remains Malcolm Tucker in the Doctor Who series. Other characters include Nikesh Patel (Starstruck), who plays the detective, and Alex Ferns.

The Devil’s Hour Season 1 Trailer:

After all the mind-bending details you have read, it is only suitable if you want a sneak peek of the horror that awaits you. Fortunately, Amazon has released not one but two trailers for the upcoming horror series. Clocks are ticking, time is moving, threats are made, and the star might just run out of time.

If the released trailer gets your heart racing and mind working faster than usual, now imagine how excellent the series will be. Chills, death, plotting, scares, delusions, what more can you ask for? Remember, Amazon releases the series on October 28th, not be left out!

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