Top 10 Hollywood Horror Movies of all Time

A lot of horror movies have hit theaters every year, it’s worth highlighting some of the best Hollywood horror movies of all time. These movies will scare the daylights out of you, frighten you, bring out your worst fears

1. The Descent

An rare horror flick with an all female cast. A group of women go spelunking in an undocumented cave in a remote region of North Carolina, and began to be hunted by blind subterranean monsters who have a highly developed hearing sense. The girls start to die the dust one by one and once it starts, it’s harrowing and intense. Most of the film is shot in cramp and dark caves, and this makes the experience unsettling even when there are no monsters in sight. The Descent is a completely immersive experience.

2. Rosemary’s Baby

After a neighborhood girl confers suicide and a variety of other unusual occasions, a pregnant lady starts pondering about the idea of her expectant child.

3. The Others

Nicole Kidman is a stunning artiste. Also, her execution in The Others is hugely underrated. She plays the possessive mother of two youngsters who live in a remote house. Her youngsters are to a great degree touchy to light and should be kept out of regular light constantly and can see just by the light of candles. Three hirelings touch base at their home and unusual things start to happen. The consummation of The Others is totally mind-boggling, yet what comes in the middle of is dreadful as well. You don’t perceive what is frequenting the house, however you feel the nearness. It is tempting. There is an indication, a proposal. Once in a while anything concrete. Some may discover the pace moderate, yet whatever happens remain till the end. That is while everything progresses toward becoming topsy turvy.

4. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

A group of teenagers on the road in Texas stop off at the wrong farm and encounter a family gone awry. Once abbatoir specialists, the rot of the Southern country economy has abandoned them jobless, and the directionless father and sons take to using their butchering skills on passing people. One by one, the kids encounter members of the grisly family.

5. Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe is the main film on this list that does not have anything heavenly in it. But that very fact makes it even scarier, for this can actually happen in your neighbourhood. This film fserves as a stern warning to robbers. Three youthful cheats intend to victimize a visually impaired veteran clearly accepting that it would be easy. All things considered, they are dead wrong (pun planned). The army personnel don’t spend their life fighting across the world only to be robbed back home. The tension is predominant, sufficiently thick to be cut with a blade. This may simply be the scariest film that does not have the standard loathsomeness tropes like ghosts, vampire, zombies, and so forth.

6. The Exorcist

when a 12-year old young lady is controlled by devils, a youthful cleric willingly volunteers magnanimously spare her at the behest of her famous movie-star mother.

7. Shutter

The Asians do know how to panic people. Screen is a Thai horror film that is been changed twice – one in English and one in Hindi (Click featuring Shreyas Talpade) and both have been rejects as modest impersonations. Generally considered by numerous as the scariest film ever, Shutter is a hard and fast awfulness. A picture taker and his girlfriend hit a girl and run away. The photographers begins to feel strange occurrences and a scary face of a woman keeps popping up in the photos he clicks. Around a similar time, he likewise whines of neck torment which the specialist expels as nothing. Watch out for the frightening turn at last.

8. A Nightmare on Elm Street

A group of young people are threatened by “Freddy Krueger”, an underhandedness being from a different universe who gets to his casualties by entering their fantasies and slaughtering them with gloves that have cut cutting edges connected to each finger.

9. Friday the 13th

A new owner and several counselors gather to revive Camp Crystal Lake, where a young boy drowned and several vicious murders occurred years earlier. One by one they discover how unfortunate Friday the thirteenth can be as they are stalked by a fierce executioner.

10. Psycho

This four-time Academy Award-designated masterpiece of cinema is one of the most iconic horror films ever. In “Psycho” (1960), Anthony Perkins stars as Norman Bates, the disturbed proprietor of a macabre motel in Alfred Hitchock’s landmark triumph of terror. After a strange explorer, played by Janet Leigh, meets an infamous end, spine-tingling suspense builds into a scream-inducing climax that revolutionizes a genre.

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