Pablo Escobar’s Daughter Manuela Escobar: Age Husband, Daughter, Net Worth !

Manuela is Pablo Escobar’s only daughter, born to him and his wife Tata.

For many years, Manuela received much of her father’s attention.

Pablo so strongly desired to fulfill her every whim that when she once asked for a unicorn, he continued to get her pony gifts—even adorning the animals with cones on their heads and wings on their backs.

Whatever he did was horrendous, but the fact that he went to such lengths for his daughter is proof of how much he loved her.

Early Life Of Manuela Escobar:

Full Real Name Manuela Escobar
Date Of Birth May 25th, 1984
Age 38
Birthday May 25th
Year Of Birth 1984
Country USA
Nationality Colombian
Religion Christianity

Manuela Escobar was born into a family that belonged to the Medellín drug cartel, at a time when her father Pablo Escobar had become one of the world’s most successful narcotics traffickers.

Manuela’s only sibling was her older brother, Juan Pablo. He was born in 1977.

Since Manuela was a child when her father became the “Lord of Cocaine,” she presumably did not know precisely what he had done professionally.

But she knew that her father would do anything to make his daughter happy.

In spite of Pablo Escobar’s reputation for brutality, he loved his daughter dearly.

At the height of his power, Escobar’s Medellín Cartel made as much as $70 million per day.

It showed that he was ready and willing to buy whatever his little princess desired.

Education Of Manuela Escobar:

Highest Qualification Graduate
University N/A
College N/A
High School N/A

In an apparent attempt to kill her father, she suffered hearing loss in one ear.

Since her childhood, she’s confronted many obstacles and has led an unconventional life.

Growing up, she was never forced to go to school. It wasn’t until her family felt financially comfortable that they allowed her to attend classes regularly.

Her family fled their home country to look for refuge in several nations.

Family Of Manuela Escobar:

Father Pablo Escobar
Mother María Victoria Henao
Brothers Juan Pablo

María Victoria Henao was her mother’s name, and Pablo Escobar was her father’s.

She has another sibling as well. Her brother Juan Pablo is named after his father, who shares the same name.

Manuela and her family changed their names after the death of Manuela’s father in order to protect themselves from reprisal by drug lords.

And given that some people refer to Escobar’s brother Juan Pablo, or Sebastian—they call him by both names—it is important to note that his new legal name is Sebastián Marroquin.

Zodiac Signs Of Manuela Escobar:

Sun Sign Taurus

Manuela Escobar’s zodiac sign is Taurus. According to crystal gazers, people who are born under this sign tend to have pragmatic and solid personalities—they collect the fruits of their labor.

They want to be surrounded by affection and excellence in all aspects of their lives, going so far as to create a successful business out of debauchery.

Taurus natives pay the most attention to things that touch (such as clothing), taste and smell.

This sign is steady and moderate, making it one of the most dependable indications of the zodiac. Prepared to persevere until they reach their individual fulfillment, those born under this sign are able to fulfill their potential no matter what obstacles stand in front of them.

Physical Stats Of Manuela Escobar:

Weight In Kg 55 Kg
Weight In Lbs 1.21 lbs
Height In Feet 5 feet 6 inches
Height In Meter 1.67 m
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown

Manuela has a dull brown eye tone and dark hair.

Discussing her height and weight, she is 170 centimeters tall and weighs 60 kilograms.

She is a tall, slender woman who weighs 33-29-32.

She is beautiful with her figure.

Relationship Status Of Manuela Escobar:

Spouse Name N/A
Sons N/A
Daughters N/A
Marital Status married

Manuela Escobar was involved in a long-term relationship with someone; they eventually married.

We do not yet know her significant other’s name.

We will continue to provide information as we get it.

Profession Of Manuela Escobar:

Her career is being a homemaker and running her business.

Net Worth Of Manuela Escobar:

Net Worth $2 million.

Pablo Escobar’s family lost control of its fortune in 1993 when he died. The experts who took over-assessed that the family had amassed a $20 billion fortune under his rule—but it is unlikely that any funds she has now were at one time controlled by her father.

Any Awards Of Manuela Escobar:

There is no such data about Manuela Escobar at this moment in time.

We will post an update when we have information to share!

Social Appearance Of Manuela Escobar:

It is unknown what Manuela Escobar’s life will be like tomorrow and in general, she is private and keeps to herself.

She has avoided the spotlight.

It has been years since the press reported on her; an article that appeared in El Tiempo, a Colombian news site, is one of only a few concerning her in recent times.

Manuela Escobar was living under the name Juana Manuela Marroquín Santos in Buenos Aires, a fact that was referenced in the article.

Any Controversy Of Manuela Escobar

After escaping from Colombia with her mother and brother, she has decided to live a quiet life out of the spotlight.

It has been reported that she currently resides with her sibling and his spouse, working in the advertising field.

After living a life of privilege as the daughter of a drug lord, it’s hard for her to adjust.

Despite the fact her family is not in the public eye, she has gained fame for herself through social media.

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