Ice Cube: Rapper, Height, Wife, Net Worth!

Ice Cube is the expert stage name of O’Shea Jackson, an American rapper, writer, director, actor, and producer. His stage name came from when his senior sibling took steps to drive him into a freezer & leave him there until he was in an ice solid shape.

He shaped the rap group C.I.A. in 1986 at age 17. The next year he got together with Dr. Dre and Eazy-E to shape the gangsta rap bunch N.W.A. Bu 1989, he had left N.W.A and launched his performance career.

American rapper Ice Cube has a total worth of 160 million dollars, starting in 2022.

Ice Cube Basic Information:

Full Real Name O Shea Jackson
Profession Rapper
Date Of Birth June 15th, 1969
Age 52
Birthday June 15th
Year Of Birth 1969
Nick Name Ice Cube
Country United States
Nationality American

Ice Cube Education:

College Phoenix Institute of Technology
High School William Howard Taft Charter High School

Ice Cube Physical Stats:

Weight In Kg 88 KG
Weight In Lbs 194 lbs
Height In Feet 5 Feet 8 Inches
Height In Meter 1.73 m
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue

How Did Ice Cube Get So Rich?

Net Worth $160 Million
Source Of Income Music

Ice Cube’s total worth of $160 million has accumulated from his music profession, alongside different T.V. and film parts, just as his job in delivering the two music and movies. He likewise acquires royalties from his song composing. He has business interests outside music and embraces a scope of items.

Ice Cube Family:

Father Hosea Jackson
Mother Doris Benjamin
Sisters Beverly Jean Brown

Ice Cube Relationship:

Spouse Name Kimberly Woodruff
Sons O Shea Jackson Jr., Darrell Jackson, Shareef Jackson
Daughters Deja Jackson, Karima Jackson
Marital Status married

Ice Cube Social Media Presence:


Ice Cube has a presence via social media, with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Ice Cube is as yet dynamic as a performer and actor, and he has offered some dubious comments via social media in the wake of the fights encompassing George Floyd’s death in mid-2020.

Why Is Ice Cube So Famous?

Ice Cube was notable in hip-hop before he delivered his profession. His experience with C.I.A. furthermore, N.W.A. had made him a powerful lyricist and entertainer. This acclaim and early achievement established a solid foundation for his career.

His first solo works were dubious and epitomized firmly held views. The initial two collections he delivered, AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted and Death Certificate, in 1990 and 1991 included white people, criticism of gay men, black people, Jerry Heller, women, and Korean Store Owners. Jerry Heller was an objective of his anger since he had been associated with the administration of N.W.A. also, Ice Cube had conflicted with him. The two collections view political analysis and contain thoughts on to impact of rap music for thirty years. He has delivered ten albums up to 2018, all of which have been effective commercially.

Likewise, in 1991, Ice Cube launched his film acting career as Doughboy in Boyz n the Hood. He tracks this with the film Friday that he co-composed and played the lead job in. He likewise showed up in the spin-offs. These movies saw Ice Cube embrace an alternate persona, this time as a calm and cordial film star. In 1998 he coordinated his first film, The Player’s Club. He has shown up in around 40 films, including Three Kings, the ride-along films, and the Barbershop series. He likewise showed up in the faction hit Anaconda and in both college movies 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street. He likewise featured with Kevin Hart in Ride Along and Ride Along 2. In 2015 he was executive maker for the biographical film Straight Outta Compton, which he played by his child O’Shea Jackson Jr.

On TV, he was featured in the family sitcom Are We There Yet? Which demonstrated both popularity and effectiveness, charge for an aggregate of seven series. These series were side projects from his film of a similar name. He additionally had a documentary broadcasted on ESPN entitled Straight Outta L.A., which analyzed the foundations of gangsta rap and followed its turn of events. The documentary connected the early ascent of gangsta rap to advancements in American Football.

What Makes Ice Cube So Successful?

Ice Cube has had an interest in rap music since early on. He had the option to associate gangsta rap from the soonest days and make his name a dubious singer and offensive song.

By changing course at a fitting time, he was likewise ready to build up an effective career as an actor, show up in some 40 movies, and feature in a few T.V. shows. When he was making the most of his effective music career, film work was aside. However, he grew to be a significant part of the work he does. He has continued making music all through, despite his music career having come in just short of the leader to his acting career lately.

Ice Cube’s approach all through his profession has been inflexible. He resolved to make it in hip-hop and engage with effective groups from his youngsters. He realized that trying sincerely and benefiting as much as possible from his ability was the awesome and most encouraging approach to making progress. He didn’t notwithstanding, depend altogether on a future in music. He qualified as an architectural designer and kept it as an elective career should things not turn out for him in music. It shows that he realized the world would be whimsical, and achievement was not ensured. Ice Cube was coming into gangsta rap at its introduction to the world, and there was no sureness that it would get the public creative mind. Later contestants into the hip-hop class have people like Ice Cube as guides to follow and be enlivened by.

Ice Cube surely accepts that accomplishing the ideal work will give you personal fulfillment and pride. The achievement will follow if your work is equivalent to what you can make it. He likewise adds that in any circumstance, the awful thing you can do isn’t anything. He feels that each circumstance requests a response, and you are allowing yourself to down on the off chance that you ignore to give that response.

For Ice Cube, music is the incredible supplier of freedom. He has said that his whole life would be pointless without that freedom. He generally headed out in a different direction and did what he needed to do, and achievement followed. The criticism and contentions, he feels, were essential pieces of that success.

Ice Cube likewise honors his youth and childhood. He feels that what occurs in your childhood stays with you all through life and is the best impact on your choices later on. He prompts against squandering your one possibility of having a splendid, fulfilled life.


Ice Cube is, without a doubt, a dubious character. He depicts to the world a blunt character who, once in a while, offends people with his assertions. He is seen by numerous as an agreeable, well-known celebrity, who shows up in comedies and family movies, and T.V. programs. This split reveals that a person can have a career that takes two unique routes without one unfavorably influencing the other.
Ice Cube is a motivation for performers attempting to make it in hip-hop, and he can be a motivation to us all.

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