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Ed Marinaro is a well-known actor and former footballer who now works in television and film. The point is that after retiring from sports, Ed only began working in the glamorous yet busy entertainment industry. It’s nevertheless impressive that the hard-working young actor could do so well in both disciplines. Furthermore, the NFL star participated in shows like Blue Mountain State.

Even if you’re not concerned about anything else, we’ve compiled Ed Marinaro’s net worth in 2022 and all of the facts you need to know about his age, height, weight, wife, children and biography. Ed Marinaro’s personal information is also included. The following is everything we know about Ed Marinaro as of this writing.

Ed Marinaro Early Life:

Full Real Name Edward Francis Marinaro
Profession Football player
Date Of Birth March 31st, 1950
Age 72 Years Old
Birthday March 31st
Year Of Birth 1950
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion N/A

Ed was born in NYC on March 31, 1950, and grew up in the United States. Born in NYC, New York, Ed Marinaro is an American actor and former professional athlete who has been in several movie and television shows. According to popular belief, his nationality is American, and his ancestry is white. Furthermore, we know very little about Ed’s early life.

Ed Marinaro Education:

Highest Qualification Cornell University

Before entering Cornell University, Ed attended New Milford High School. He got into football as a kid and hasn’t looked back since.

Ed Marinaro Family:

Father Louis John Marinaro
Mother N/A
Brothers N/A
Sisters N/A

Actor and director Edward Francis Marinaro was reared by his father, Louis John Marinaro. However, his mother’s identity and the location of his parents remain a mystery. On the other hand, Ed hasn’t revealed anything to his siblings yet. As a result, it is extensively conventional that Ed was the sole child of his parents.

Ed Marinaro Zodiac Sign:

Sun Sign Aries

To put that in perspective, Ed Marinaro was born on March 31, 1950, in the Big Apple, and he will be 72 years old in 2022. According to our findings, Ed Marinaro is an Aries according to the Zodiac.

Ed Marinaro Physical Stats:

Weight In Kg 96 kgs(212 lbs)
Height In Feet 6 feet 2 inches(188 cm)
Hair Color Brown/Grey
Eye Color Dark Brown

The former footballer, who stands 188 centimeters tall and weighs 96 kg, is a formidable opponent. Regardless, Ed had a terrific physique when he was a teen. Marinaro was a woman killed with his gorgeous appearance, short brown hair, and brown eyes. Moreover, he won over many young female followers after his acting debut.

Ed Marinaro’s Relationship Status:

Marital Status married

Ed is one of the most successful athletes-turned-actors of his day. In addition, he was adored by his fans and excelled in all of his endeavors. As a result of this, Marinaro’s mission was a resounding success. Tracy York Marinaro, Ed’s wife of 70 years, is the light of his life. Before they tied the cluster on December 31, 2001, the two had been dating for quite some time. Tracy, his wife, is a personal trainer.

Eddie Marinaro, the son of the charming couple, is seldom mentioned in the media. There is still a particular relationship between the happy family of three. It has been 19 years since the pair have been inseparable. Moreover, in terms of rumors or scandals that may threaten their marriage, none of them has come to light this far. However, not all of the reports about him were true.

Ed Marinaro Career:

Ed began playing football in high school at New Milford High School in New Jersey, which he attended because of his passion for the sport. He was a member of the New Milford High School Knights basketball team. In college, he followed the trend. Marino was an outstanding athlete at Cornell University, where he established over 16 NCAA records.

Moreover, he was the first flowing back in NCAA history to rack up over 4,000 career yards of total rushing. In addition, he commanded the nation’s retreat in 1971.

The NFL career of Ed Marinaro

Marinaro came in second place behind Pat Sullivan in the 1971 Heisman Trophy race. It was the best finish for an Ivy League football player since the mid-1950s when the league began to de-emphasize the sport.

In addition, Ed was named the finest college football player in 1971 after winning the Maxwell Award and the UPI College Football Player of the Year award. There are two NCAA records to his name: most rushing per game in one season (39.6/ 1971) and lifetime average carries per game (34.0/1969-70).

Ed was also a member of Psi Upsilon and the Sphinx Head Society at Cornell. The Minnesota Vikings selected Ed in the second round of the 1972 NFL Draft. A three-year stint with the Vikings followed, during which he featured in both the Super Bowl VIII and IX.

Marinaro also played for the New York Jets in 1976 and the Seattle Seahawks the following year. Marinaro, born in the United States, amassed 13 career touchdowns.

Acting Career

After all the glory and grandeur of his football career, it ended in 1977. Football wasn’t the only thing he excelled at; he was also a talented actor. After quitting football, Ed launched his acting career. Furthermore, he appeared in various films, television shows, and programs. Since then, he has had several roles in films like Fingers (1978), portraying Gino.

As a follow-up, Ed had a small appearance in the 1980s The Gong Show Movie. However, Hill Street Blues were the show that made him famous. From 1981 through 1986, Ed assumed the role of Joe Coffey, a police officer. Marinaro’s popularity soared due to the series, both among fans and reviewers. Later, Ed, still young and dashing from another big series, appeared on-screen in Blue Mountain State, a comedic football show on Spike TV.

As a head football coach, he served from 2010 to 2011. In addition, he appeared on Turner Classic Movies in September 2019 as a guest. He appeared alongside Ben Mankiewicz in a wraparound and presented a series of college football clips. It’s worth commenting that he has also worked on such notable projects as Dead Aim (1987), Queen’s Logic (1991), Sisters (1991-1994), Amy Fisher: My Story (2000), Circus Camp (2006), Fist of the Warrior (2007), Offer and Concession (2016), The Twilight Zone (1989) and many more.

Ed Marinaro Social Appearance:


Fans of Ed Marinaro, a well-known footballer and actor, are enthusiastic about him. You can also follow Ed Marinaro on Twitter, where he has 7.7 million followers.

Ed Marinaro Net Worth:

Net Worth $3 million
Source Of Income Football

To calculate Ed Marinaro’s net worth, you add up all his assets and debts. Homes, automobiles, and a slew of Ed’s financial accounts are all up for grabs. Stocks and bonds and Ed Marinaro are all sources of further wealth for the businessman.

As a result, you’ve heard of Ed Marinaro and are curious about his net worth. Moreover, In other words, Ed Marinaro’s life as a record-breaking player and actor has paid off. There may be some truth to it. Ed deserved respect and admiration for all he did, from his heartfelt performances to his smoldering acting abilities.

Actor Ed made a good living from his work, too, thanks to his natural skill. According to Forbes, his net worth is expected to be approximately $3 million as of 2022. On the other hand, Marinaro may have made a sizable sum during his NFL tenure. On the other hand, the actor is well aware of the dangers of disclosing his earnings to curious public members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Ed Marinari an NFL player?

Marinaro was a former NFL player who had stints with the Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, and Seattle Seahawks and participation in Super Bowls VII and IX.

Did Ed Marinaro play for the NFL in any capacity?

Yes, Ed Marinaro was a five-year NFL veteran.

When did Ed Marinaro play for the Vikings?

From 1972 through 1976, he was a Minnesota Vikings roster member.


Ex-NFL player Ed Marinaro is a retired American football player who played in the NFL for five seasons. In addition, from 2010 to 2011, he appeared in the football-themed comedy series Blue Mountain State. Even so, he’s still well-known because of his time with Hill Street Blue. Furthermore, he has featured in countless more films and television series, just like this one.

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