Is Netflix Renewed Kenya Barris’ #blackAF for Season 2? Know The Release Date, Synopsis, Cast, Trailer, and many more!

Kenya Barris #blackAF is all set for its second season that will be going to premiere soon on Netflix originals. This mockumentary sitcom is a complete creation of Kenya Barris’ along with featuring stars Rashida Jones, Kenya Barris, Iman Benson, Justin Claiborne, Scarlet Spencer, and Ravi Cabot-Conyers.

The first season of #blackAF debuted on 17 April 2020 during the home arrest phase. Firstly, Kenya Barris had a deal with the ABC studios and then premiered the show on Netflix’s streaming network. He was considered one of the high-profile creators to make such a move for a streaming service other than Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy.

In June 2020, Netflix announced that it would be going to release its second season soon. However, this mockumentary is quite enough to gain 6.97/10 average rating scores on Rotten Tomatoes. The whole story of #blackAF revolves around the star cast, Kenya Barris’ as pictured as a fictionalized version of himself. It uncovers this world’s dark secrets, but the Black family later reached a bitter truth that God’s deeds and Right things are no longer a constant concept of this era.

Let’s go into more detail about the information you must know about season 2 of #blackAF.

When will be the #blackAF going to appear on Netflix?

According to the GREAT CELEBRITY, #blackAF season 2 has started its production in June 2020, and it will take about to complete April 2021.

BlackAF will more likely appear on Netflix after April 2021, but there is still no official confirmation regarding #blackAF season 2.

Netflix’s decision to extend the #blackAF comedy series for a second season a year ago has now been reversed. So it means the series is not returning for the second season.

BlackAF was originally renewed for Season 2 by Netflix, but creator Kenya Barris is now revising it as a movie series, with two films presently in progress.

The star Cast of #blackAF Season 2:

According to news Express, all the characters of season 1 will reprise their role in season 2 of #blackAF.

The main star cast that you will get to watch in season 2 are:

  • Rashida Jones in the character of Joya Barris
  • Kenya Barris in the character of Kenya Barris
  • Iman Benson in the role of Drea Barris
  • Geneva Walton in the character of Chloe Barris
  • Scarlet Spencer in the character of Izzy Barris
  • Justin Claiborne in the role of Pops Barris
  • Ravi Cabot-Conyers in the character of Kam Barris

Although there is no official declaration regarding the new additional cast, if the creators have made any declaration, we will update our page.

The Trailer of #blackAF Season 2:

Still, no trailer of season 2 has been released by Netflix, but you can look over the #blackAF season 1 to get a quick Synopsis and the cast performances of the show.

The Storyline of #blackAF Season 2:

The story of #blackAF season 2 will pick up from the same cliffhanger that has been left in season 1. You will watch in the finale of season 1 that Kenya and Joya’s marriage had become too complicated in the end. Rather than a relationship, it looks like a bit of competition in both of them.

Although they made a trip to Fiji to get over the messy things later, Kenya found that the trip was just part of a shared business, and it caused much tension among them. The situations had become messier by the end, so in this way, season 1 closed up with such a high note. It will be so thrilling to watch this upcoming season, which will reveal the end of Kenya and Joya’s relationship whether the couple will end up happy or finally choose to part their ways apart. Once the trailer has been off its season 2, then we will come with a broader storyline.

Till then, stay attuned with us for more latest updates. 

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