Is the Movie ‘Run’ Based on a True Story?

Sarah Paulson’s horror mystery movie Run has dropped on Hulu recently, and viewers feel that it is based on a true story and resembles the movie 2019’s The Act. 

It’s the mysterious true story of (Joey King) Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her mother, Dee Dee (Patricia Arquette). In 2015, Gypsy Rose came to notoriety after stating that she was encompassed in the murder of her mother. Dee Dee had misused and falsified her daughter throughout her life.

The latest movie, Run, features Sarah Paulson as Diane, a sole mother. She nurtured her daughter Chloe for 17 years in a highly protective parenthood manner, managing her daughter’s lengthy list of health problems. However, Something more sinister is hidden inside the behavior of her possessiveness.

At first glance, she seems a loving mother, devoted to her daughter, Diane’s sinful intentions soon emerge. Chloe is in a wheelchair and takes many medicines per day. She has realized her mother’s reality when she finds a bottle of pills with Diane’s name. 

It is revealed that her mother wanted to remain Chloe ill and dependent on her by giving her false medicines. When Diane realizes that Chloe has discovered her intentions, she becomes unmanageable and does anything to keep her daughter under her power.

Run is not mainly based on a single true story; it came from numerous real-life examples. Aneesh Chaganty and Sev Ohanian united to create the Run and penned the script together. Allen confessed that she learned from other people’s real-life incidents to performing as Chloe. So basically, it’s not a real story-based film. To find out more movie updates, stay attuned with our page.

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