Top 10 Unknown Facts about Beer

Beer the third most consumed beverage after water and tea and probably it is one of the oldest alcoholic beverage. The process of making beer is called as brewing and the added ingredients for beer are water, Starch source, Hops, Yeast, Clarifying agent.

There are many unknown facts about beer, Here are the top 10 unknown facts that are revealed here.

1.Reduce Kidney Stone,Reduce Heart Disease

Scientifically proven that drinking a can of beer every day, can reduce the risk of kidney stone by 40%. By a study it is shown that moderate consumption of beer will strengthen your bones and helps to reduce heart disease.


2.Not on Television

In the USA it is a law that one cannot be shown drinking in any TV commercial shows.


3. Co2 Addition

About 2.5 pints of carbon dioxide are added in a pint of beer. As oxygen makes beer so bad.


4. Brewmeister Snake Venom

The Strongest beer in the world was Brewmeister Snake Venom. It has 67.5% alcohol content. Where else other beer contains only 10% alcohol.


5. Cenosillicaphobia and Light

Cenosillicaphobia is a fear of an empty beer glass. And light will make beer go bad.


6.Beer Types

There are 400 types of beer. Belgium ranks number one country to have the most individual brand beers.

Beer Types

7.Beer Foam

Important part of beer is beer foam. It is formed by complex carbon dioxide reaction. The foam in the head of the beer can say a lot of beer quality. If the foam is missing, then there is a chance of beer being flat.

Beer Foam

8.Recycled Beer Bottle

In Thai countryside the Buddhist temples were built by over millions of recycled beer bottles.


9.Beer strengthens bones

Beer is rich in Silicon. Which helps to increase the calcium deposit and minerals for bone tissues.


10.Experimenting with Beer

Experimenting with beer has many forms. An 18th century English biologist studied the behavior of beer on drunken ants.


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