Bump Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Details!

Bump is an Australian comedy-drama series that features Claudia Karvan, Angus Sampson and Nathalie Morris. The three are known for their rib-cracking performances throughout season 1 while blending in life lessons. The good news just dropped for the show lovers as it is set to return for a third season. The series first premiered on Stan in 2021 and broke all previous viewing records for the service. There is no better way of finding out what the show offers for it to break records other than just watching the show.

Bump Season 3 Release Date: When will it air?

The season may drop sooner than we think, as the crew accomplished a stunning record of releasing season 1 and season 2 in a year. Season 2 dropped on Boxing Day, and the third season is already in production.

Claudia Karvan, the co-creator, producer and actor of the movie, said she would have changed the series’ storyline had she known there would be season 3 from the let go. The premiere date is set to be on June 9,2023.

Bump Season 3 Plot: What is it all about?

The season 3 plot is likely to continue the previous seasons. The storyline in the previous episodes revolves around a girl Oly who finds herself in deep waters after conceiving while still a student. The pregnancy is termed a surprise baby. She has a nice boyfriend, but the pregnancy complicates the lives of the two families. The pregnancy also serves as trouble for the ambitious and high-achieving teenager.

Season 2 ends with Oly yelling at a nurse to “get that thing away from her,” referring to her baby. Season three is probable to pick up from here, and questions linger, how will Oly embrace parenthood as a young teenage mother? The storyline is perfectly laid out not just for entertainment purposes but also to give life lessons to parents and teenagers, just the ideal movie.

Bump Season 3 Cast: Who will be in?

The cast in bump has been sourced from a wide pool of talented actors. We expect the same cast to take up their roles in season 3. However, the director has stated that there would be a massive shake-up in Bump season 3. In season one through season two, the characters were Nathalie Morris as Olympia Davis Chalmers, Carlos Sanson Jnr as Santiago Hernandez, Angus Sampson as Dom Chalmers, Claudia Karven as Angie Davis and many more talented actors.

Bump Season 3 Trailer: Is there any trailer out?

The official trailer for season 3 of Bump is out now and you can watch it below. Other shows that share almost a similar storyline to Bump are Results, Senior Year, The In-Between, Along For The Ride and Blue Story.

Season 3 Trailer:

Season 2 Trailer:

Get ready to dive back in by checking out the trailer below and reminding yourself of all the excitement of the second season. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this!

Where Can We Watch Bump Season 3?

Bump Season 3 will stream on BBC iPlayer, so grab your popcorn and settle in for some heart-pumping episodes. Don’t miss out on all the twists and turns as the plot thickens in this addictive TV series.

Will There be a Season 4 of Bump?

The fourth season release date for Bump has not yet been disclosed to the public, leaving us all eagerly waiting to hear more. Numerous rumours suggest if Bump does return, it may not grace our screens until the latter half of 2023. In the meantime, we are left with our fingers crossed and hoping for an official confirmation.

Bump Season 2 Recap:

In season two of Bump, we dive deeper into Oly and Santi’s life as they navigate the joys and struggles of being teenage parents. With baby Jacinda – or Baby J as they lovingly call her – in tow, they struggle to balance school and parenthood. As their future looms near, they strive to prepare themselves for what lies ahead.

But it’s not just Oly and Santi’s lives that are filled with drama. Angie and Dom, Oly’s parents, are dealing with their own struggles after their separation. We see them navigate new relationships and try to find their footing apart.

The season finale sees Vince trying to help Madison while also searching for a solution with Reema. Meanwhile, Rosa embarks on a journey of self-discovery, and Dom tries to recover after being ghosted. Get ready for a season filled with heartwarming moments and enough drama to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Bump Season 2 Review:

The second season of Bump has been receiving glowing reviews from critics. According to The Guardian, it’s a “brilliantly crafted show that keeps you hooked” and particularly emphasizes the exceptional character development of Oly, thanks to the outstanding performance by Nathalie Morris.

Meanwhile, Ryno’s TV praises the show’s emotional depth and its ability to connect with viewers on a personal level, noting that it’s not afraid to pack an emotional punch. Finally, Mamamia raves about the show’s star-studded and multi-generational cast, adding that it effortlessly appeals to viewers of diverse backgrounds and interests.

Overall, Bump season two is a must-see for anyone in search of gripping storytelling and memorable characters.

Bump Season 2 Rating:

Season two of Bump has garnered impressive ratings and continues to captivate audiences. As per JustWatch, the show boasts an impressive 85% rating and a score of 7.6 out of 10 based on over 1,000 votes1, proving its excellence.

IMDb also strongly favors the show, giving it a rating of 7.6 out of 10 based on over 2,000 votes. This proves that Bump is a must-see show that is leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Keep up with our updates as we unveil more exciting details about the upcoming seasons. Stay tuned and be the first to know!

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