The Cleaning Lady Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Want To Know!

Does the end always explain the means, even if it means dead bodies on your conscience? Well, Thony knows better. An expired visa, a son with a rare condition, and jobless, she has to do anything possible to stay in Vegas but is she playing with fate? Written by Miranda Kwok, The Cleaning Lady is a crime series-based Lucas Combina’s film on La Chica Que Limpia. The series plot revolves around a mother who has to make sacrifices for the wellbeing of her son while flirting with the possibility of years behind bars. Will Luca get well? Will she be able to bring herself out of the web she has gotten herself into? 

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Release Date: When will it hit the screens?

The Cleaning Lady has been renewed for a highly anticipated third season by Fox. This marks the network’s first scripted live-action renewal for the upcoming 2023-24 season. The show’s popularity continues to grow, and fans can look forward to another exciting installment of the series.

The Cleaning Lady’s upcoming third season will see the addition of a new co-showrunner. Jeannine Renshaw, known for her work on shows like In the Dark and Good Girls, has joined the series and will serve as co-showrunner alongside Miranda Kwok, the show’s creator. Renshaw will take over from Melissa Carter, who is leaving to concentrate on development as part of her overall deal at Warner Bros. With Renshaw on board, fans can expect fresh perspectives and exciting new developments in the upcoming season of The Cleaning Lady.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Recap:

In the gripping Season 2 finale of The Cleaning Lady, Thony (Yung) finds herself confronted by FBI Agent Garrett Miller (Oliver Hudson) who raises questions about Arman’s (Adan Canto) involvement in Maya’s (Chelsea Frei) tragic demise. Meanwhile, Nadia (Eva De Dominici) strives to maintain a favorable relationship with Robert Kamdar (Naveen Andrews). Despite being cautioned to stay away from Kamdar, Thony takes matters into her own hands to safeguard Fiona (Martha Millan) and ensure her family’s safety.

The talented ensemble cast also features Sean Lew as Chris, Faith Bryant as Jaz, and Sebastien & Valentino LeSalle as Luca. Prepare for a thrilling season finale that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Review:

According to a review by TV Fanatic, The Cleaning Lady knew how to keep viewers glued to their TVs for the two-hour finale. It kept the reviewer guessing and was action-packed until the final seconds. Another review on Rotten Tomatoes praised Élodie Yung’s performance as Thony, stating that she handled every new thing thrown at her character brilliantly.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Rating:

The second season of The Cleaning Lady experienced a slight decline in on-air ratings. Nielsen data reveals that the drama garnered an average of 3.52 million viewers per episode with a week of delayed viewing, excluding streaming numbers. This is in contrast to the first season, which averaged 5.17 million viewers.

However, when considering the multiplatform audience, including streaming, Fox reported that the show reached a total of 5.4 million viewers in season two. This represents a significant 53 percent increase over the Nielsen seven-day figure. Despite the modest dip in on-air ratings, The Cleaning Lady continues to draw a strong and dedicated audience across multiple platforms.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Plot: What could it be about?

Witnessing the offender in action turned out to be a pivotal moment for Thony, potentially saving her life. She unexpectedly receives a lucrative job offer within the corporation, surpassing her financial needs. However, Thony is now faced with the challenge of maintaining her double life, including hiding her true identity from her loved ones and continuing her role as a cleaner, dealing with the aftermath of the perpetrator’s actions.

The question looms: How much longer can she keep up the deception and concealment before her secrets unravel? The tension mounts as Thony grapples with the growing risks and the constant fear of her lies being exposed.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Cast: Who will return? 

Season 3 of The Cleaning Lady will feature a talented ensemble cast including Adan Canto, Oliver Hudson, Martha Millan, Sebastien and Valentino LaSalle, Sean Lew, Faith Bryant, Eva De Dominici, and Naveen Andrews. Fans can look forward to their captivating performances as the story continues to unfold. It’s worth noting that The Cleaning Lady is based on an acclaimed Argentinean drama, bringing its unique and compelling storyline to an international audience.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Trailer: When can we see it?

A trailer for the third season is not out yet, it is delayed because of a writer’s strike from the writers guild of America. In the meantime, you can check out the Season 3 trailer of the series on YouTube. Fox also has similar crime series such as Prison Break, Homeland, and Bull that you can binge on.

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