16 Best Celebrity Interviews of all time: However, Some Have Gone Wrong!

Interviews are a great chance for the public to see actors move beyond their appearances on TV, in film, or on the stage. In the best case, the interviews humanize famous people and empower people. In the worst case, they sometimes insult the people. People were surprised that Vin Diese (Guardians of the Galaxy 3) interrupted a reporter and said in 2016 that she was “sexy.” Katie Couric was also called upon to ask her “private bits” on national TV in 2014 as a transgender model.

However, some earlier interviews were considered intolerable since they were not received when the first broadcast. Now that campaigns like Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, and Times Up have increased consciousness of ethnic, gender, and oppression, some interviews are only now being resurrected and named issue.

There are sixteen of the most controversial interviews ever.

16. Jimmy Kimmel smiled as Megan Fox claimed she danced as a 15-year-old extra movie in a waterfall

The “Transformers” actress re-held her tenure as a “Bad Boys II” addition during a 2009 performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” a part she played when she was 15. Since Megan Fox was not mature enough to get a drink legally or sit at the pub, director Michael Bay has an alternate scheme. Her outfit was made in a bikini with stars and stripes, a red hat of cowboys, and six-inch pumps to dance beneath a waterfall and “to soak” it.

She said, “That’s a kind of microcosm of how the mind of Bay functions. Kimmel told her in reply, “Ok, that’s a microcosm of the workings of all our minds. Some of us have the honesty to repress those thoughts and pretend that they don’t exist.” Eleven years later, as the interview rebooked on Twitter, Kimmel reacted with a response to Fox’s article, including a minor and calling on the late-night host to apologize.

Celebrity:Megan Fox
Interview Year:2009

15. Ben Affleck’s interview in 2004 with a French-Canadian journalist was not well-aged

Affleck talked to a French-Canadian reporter called Ane-Marie Losique, who sat in his lap for the remainder of this interview during his promotion of the movie “Jersey Girl” on the “Box Office.” The “Batman” comic recommended Losique to remove her shirt, ridicule the French accents, and remark on her “firm breasts” with his arms wrapped around his reporter’s waist.

Following Hilarie Burton’s argument that Affleck tucked away in 2003 on “TRL” by MTV in the middle of the 2017 #In The MeToo campaign, the interview with Losique by the “Box Office” was circulated via the Internet. The video brought many to challenge the actions of Affleck towards women.

Celebrity:Ben Affleck
Interview Year:2004

14. David Letterman begged Madonna, again and again, to kiss a member of the crowd in 1994

Shortly after, the pop star on the “Late Show” stage joined Letterman, and he invited her to kiss a man in public, requesting that the crowd received joy. “Why is my sex life so obsessed?” asked Madonna.

“I have none of my own, as we all know,” he answered, prodding her to kiss a guy in the crowd. Once again, the audience encouraged his appeal. After Madonna denied it once again, she told him, “Unexpectedly, you are a sick f—. I don’t understand why I get so much s—. It’s twisted.

Interview Year:1994

13. Anne Hathaway questioned her physics for a long time in 2012

In a series of questions on her body, Hathaway spoke to “extra” reporter Jerry Penacoli on her appearance as a Catwoman in the 2012 movie “The Dark Knight Rises.” Hathaway would have been in a “great condition” for the video, Penacoli touched on the subject of her ‘feline workout routine.’ It didn’t mean to be in excellent condition. It’s all about doing the stunts and struggles well,” said Hathaway.

When Hathaway asked her about the “shaped” costumes, he patiently told her that the suit did not feel like “sweatshirts” and turned the spotlight to her male costar, Christian Bale, claiming that he “had it worse.” Penacoli kept talking about her healthy food and practice schedule leading up to the movie. The questions about her body went on. Her regime was swept as tedious, but the reporter seemed firm that she gave some details. “Are you seeking to lose weight? What’s the chance, man? You look great,” she said, snatching him off guard. She added, “No, no, seriously. We have to talk about this. What do you need? Are you striving to fit into a catsuit?”

Celebrity:Anne Hathaway
Interview Year:2012

12. A reporter asked Scarlett Johansson if she wore underwear in her ‘Avenger’ costume

In the 2011 interview with “Extra” reporter Penacoli, the expensive movie Avengers co-star Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) and Johansson sat down, and he asked the actress if she wore underwear under her Black Widow dress. Johansson said: “You are like the fifth man who questioned me today. The performer continued, “Did so? Since when do people begin to remind each other about their underwear in interviews?”

As Penacoli explained, he asked because, in the film, she wears a “skin dense” outfit, but at the same moment, Scarlett interrupted him and added, “That’s your imagination, I’ll leave it over you. ” Whatever you like, under the costume, I can wear or not wear it”.

Celebrity:Scarlett Johnsson
Interview Year:2011

11. A news anchor misled Laurence Fishburne in 2014 with Samuel L. Jackson

When KTLA news anchor Sam Rubin rattled Jackson’s news ventures, he told the latest buzz of his Super Bowl while hosting him at the show. “What is the marketing of the Super Bowl?” asked the star. Before remembering that Rubin had mistaken him for black star Fishburne, which had been published many weeks earlier in Kia in 2014, Jackson got confused. “You’re as crazy as the Twitter users. Laurence Fishburne, I’m not, “The anchor excused Jackson.

“All of them do not look the same. He said, “You are the station’s entertainment reporter, and you don’t know the difference between Laurence and me, but we don’t both look equal.” So, he said, “There should be a short queue for your work outside,” as Rubin rushed through the mix-up and continued the interview.

Celebrity:Samuel L. Jackson (The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard)
Interview Year:2014

10. In 1987, Sean Connery said it’s not ‘that bad’ for slapping women if the case ‘merits’

Barbara Walters asked the actor James Bond for his introductory remark that it is easier to smack women openly than closed. Connery said to her, “I haven’t changed my mind.” Walters asked if he thought it was “Well,” the actor said, slapping a lady, “No, I don’t believe it is healthy. That’s not evil, I believe. It depends fully on and deserves the circumstances.”

She then asked him what sort of case a woman could be struck by, and Connery told him it should come only when a man “tried everything else.” He replied, “Women are strong enough — but they can’t leave it all for themselves. You deserve to get the last word. Then you owe them the last word, but with the last word, they’re not pleased. You would like to repeat that and get into a provocative scenario.
Further, he said, “Then it’s perfectly right, I believe.” After the interview, Walters warned him he would probably get mail from people. “Can you get a woman,” answered the actor?

Celebrity:Sean Connery
Interview Year:1987

9. A journalist told Taylor Swift that after the 2015 Grammy Awards, she would go home with several men

During the Grammy Awards 2015 red tapestry, the pop sensation looked at her dress and accessories while the camera panned over her. The Entertainment Tonight Reporter Tonight, “I wanted to expose the legs only.” “As I told you in advance, maybe with more than a medal tonight, you’ll be going home with many guys, I suppose.”

Responding quickly by Taylor Swift, “I won’t walk home tonight with any guys. I’m going to go stretch out with my buddies, and then I go home to the cats. Men get me into trouble.”

Celebrity:Taylor Swift
Interview Year:2015

8. Letterman sucked in 1998 on the hair of Jennifer Aniston

Since Jennifer Aniston spoke of her reluctance to fly an aircraft at a show in 1998, Letterman was closer to her. Letterman added that “If this is disrespectful, forgive me. I want to do a drum write in the background and the host at night placed a bit of her hair with his mouth.

Aniston squeezed in pain and was shocked and said, “What are you doing?” He then placed a piece of her hair in his mouth and sucked it until it dropped out. Aniston was stunned and used a towel to dry her hair.
The interview began; Letterman noticed that Aniston seemed to be blurred, saying, “You’re traumatized yet, aren’t you?” The actress admitted that she was still traumatized before she jokingly requested that someone carry her off stage.

Celebrity:Jennifer Aniston
Interview Year:1998

7. Letterman also questioned Uma Thurman if she would ever have met a man of her age

The actress “Pulp Fiction” came to meet with Letterman in the “Late Show” when she was 25 years old. The host asked her to bestow the age of the oldest man she had ever met during the talk of her career. He questioned her if she was 30, raising the figure to 48 at the time, her age.

“No,” she said. Then he asked her about her engagement, and it lasted about one year, she said. After she had concluded her speech, Letterman told her suddenly, “God, your ears are just right.” Thurman then rattled and spoke about the script she had been working on for the first time. For that, Letterman replied, “It’s a beautiful and pretty piece of art.”

Celebrity:Uma Thurman
Interview Year:1995

6. In 2016, Vin Diesel interrupted an interviewer to tell the reporter that she was “sexy”

Carol Moreira from the Brazilian YouTuber sat with the actor to talk about his future, but Diesel constantly prevented her from making a statement. He broke down on a tangent as he spoke about “Saving Private Ryan” (1998) around the middle of the interview.

“God, she’s so lovely,” he told the offscreen crew. “Am I wrong or right? Look at it, How do I conduct this interview? Look at that woman.” Since he suggested that they quit together to have a picnic, Moreira attempted to refocus the interview on his career by showing that he was a “nerd” like her in Dungeons and Dragons. He added, “How can I sit here while I see such beauty?” Further, he told Moreira that she was “too beautiful” to have an interview with and got on his knees to get next to her at the end of the segment.

Moreira released an interview stating that when talking to Diesel, she was “absolutely uncomfortable” and “not sure what to do.” “Amid the interview, he started to hit me, to say that I was nice, and to speak about it stopped the interview three times. I was uncomfortable, totally laughable. I didn’t know what to do,” Moreira stated. She kept going. “I laughed only because the matter was so fragile. I wouldn’t say I liked it. I haven’t been able to respond now, but you can see that I was uncomfortable. It wasn’t good to disrupt my job.”

Celebrity:Vin Diesel
Interview Year:2016

5. In 2015, a journalist wrote on the tan of Rashida Jones, laughing as the actress said she was ethnic

The reporter remarked that Jones was looking “much like an island or something” when the camera was panned over the actress’s robe at the 2015 Screen Actors Guild awards. The reporter said, “You look very tanned, very tropical,” apparently ignoring Jones’ piracy and a black father and white mom. Jones said, ” “You know, I mean. I am multicultural. I am ethnic.”

A white male reporter replied, making it worse “And me also,” chuckled and added the female reporter, “It’s just racial. This is what it is.”

Celebrity:Rashida Jones
Interview Year:2015

4. Katie Couric asked about the ‘private parts for the transgender model, Carmen Carrera

Carrera was asked to perform on her chat show “Katie” in 2014 by the tv personality. Following Carrera’s discussion on modeling, Couric started questioning her transformation. “Was it uncomfortable for you emotionally in the entire process?” she asked. Carrera shook Couric with the second question, by asking “There’s new your private parts now, aren’t they?”

I won’t talk about it because it’s personal, actually, “She said. Carrera went on, but Katie answered it ek by saying, “I don’t know why. I don’t know. I want my modeling stuff to worry about. I’d rather speak of being in W and maybe in Italian vogue and having fun doing things and telling people that there’s still life to enjoy after the transfer. I’ve always got my professional objectives and my family objectives.”

In 2017 Couric announced she could remove the segment from the interview but wanted to hold it for her viewers as an informative moment. She told The Daily Beast, “I spoke to Laverne [Cox] about it and, maybe stupidly, I tried to use myself as an excuse to get a real enlightening moment on television.” “That’s my intention, and I think I’ve done that to the extent I appear to be an arrogant buffoon – which I suppose I was.”

Celebrity:Carmen Carrera
Interview Year:2014

3. A reporter asked Rihanna what she looked for in ‘the next man’

At a fragrance launch in 2014, the singer debated her cologne, Rogue Man. One of the reporters asked: “What are you looking for in the next man?” Rihanna leaned towards her to repeat her question to verify that she had correctly understood the lady.

The singer walked back after hearing again and telling her, “I’m not looking for a guy. Let’s start there”—this segment of the interview viral on social media for that bold answer of Rihanna.

Interview Year:2014

2. Lindsay Lohan cried after Letterman confronted her about her rehabilitation plans in 2013

Though Lindsay Lohan visited the late show of “Scary Movie 5″ in 2013, Letterman spent the bulk of the interview on the upcoming rehabilitation of the actor. Letterman said that the ‘Parent Trap’ actress looked ‘exceptionally nice’ as she sat down. He then started to wonder how she steals items and spends her finances responsibly.

However, the main subject of the interview was her rehabilitation plans. Lohan asked him when she was rehabbing, why she would go, and how long she had been planning to stay. She said eventually that in the interview, she “didn’t talk about this” and begged the host to “stand in the nice.” Despite her obvious distress and statement that her healing process is “not a joking matter,” Letterman later reverted to the topic.

By the completion of the interview, Lohan was in tears. The interview resurfaced online in 2021 and sparked a surge of backlash against Letterman, who now hosts a talk show called “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman.”

Celebrity:Lindsay Lohan
Interview Year:2013

1. Diane Sawyer rescued a woman who was threatening to kill Britney Spears

The New York Times “Framing Britney Spears,” published on Hulu and FX in February 2021, included a series of misogynistic interviews with the pop star at the height of her fame. Spears’ 2003 talk to Sawyer on “Primetime Thursday ” is one of the most amazing of these. The journalist posed militant questions as if Spears “liked” her voice or not. She also commented how Spears wore little clothes and raised her “popular bottom of the earth.” Sawyer also told Spears that she “shoots several mothers in this world” and defended Kendel Ehrlich, Maryland’s wife’s governor at the time, who told Spears that she would shoot if she had the chance to show young people the way she did.

Spears sat through the interview, even though Sawyer pointed to Justin Timberlake for details about her division. You broke his heart, he said pretty much. You have done something that has given him so much grief. What have you done?” Sawyer asked Spears, apparently saying she was in charge of the division.

It was not when Sawyer said Spears split up and wondered if the singer would take a break for a “year that would test a lot.” Since the 2003 special, which came in 2021 after the premiere of “Framing Britney Spears,” several viewers said Sawyer had an apology for the pop star.

Celebrity:Diane Sawyer
Interview Year:2003

We were fortunate enough to speak in entertainment with a few of the greatest names. This then deals with the 16 Best Conflicted Interviews with film, musical, satire, literary, and more stars. We believe that you will find something you would not be able to learn elsewhere in any interview.

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