Lucifer Season 6 Will Include a Black Lives Matter Episode

All summer has seen the world remain staunch on the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter.’ According to Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson, Lucifer’s showrunners, they felt that as a cop show, it would be ideal to show their support for the popular trend this summer. Therefore, Lucifer season 6 will showcase how cops have contributed and not addressed some of the issues in the police department. Although season 6 is yet to be released, thanks to the COVID 19 inconveniences, the season will definitely highlight a narrative that addresses Black lives matter. 

Lucifer is an urban fantasy TV series produced in America and developed by Tom Kapinos. The series premiered on Fox in January 2016. The series has been adapted from the comic book series ‘The Sandman.’ The first season was received with mixed reactions and was heavily criticized. The subsequent season was rated better, but they were still criticized and remained with consistently low ratings. This led to Fox canceling the series after three seasons, but Netflix picked it up and renewed its 5th season in August 2020. 

Lucifer Season 6 Storyline

The series revolves the story of Lucifer Morningstar; a powerful angel cast out of heaven for his betrayal. He, however, gets very bored and unhappy as the lord of hell. Lucifer then resigns his throne after defying his father and hence abandons his kingdom and starts running a nightclub in Los Angeles. It is here that he gets involved in a murder case with Detective Chloe Decker. In the next seasons, celestial and demonic threats face Lucifer in Los Angeles, where he is happily staying with Chloe. 

Lucifer Season 6 Storyline

Lucifer Season 6 Release Date

Initially, Lucifer was scheduled only to have five seasons. It is therefore not guaranteed that season 6 will be released. However, Netflix has been negotiating with Warner Bros, on ways to expand the season’s lifespan. On June 23, Netflix confirmed that Lucifer would be showing season 6 as the finale for the series. There is no word from Netflix or Warner Bros yet, so we can only wait to hear from them about the season’s release date. 

Lucifer Season 6 Cast

For all the seasons that Lucifer has aired, the main cast has remained the same. We expect the same thing upon season 6 release. Our favorite Tom Ellis playing Lucifer Morningstar will definitely be back. The other main cast to expect include;

  • Chloe Decker played by Lauren German. 
  • Kevin Alejandro as Detective Daniel Espinoza,
  • D. B. Woodside, as Amenadiel. 
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen. 
  • Scarlett Estevez as Beatrice “Trixie” Espinoza.

Several recurring actors will be back. Inbar Lavi, who played Eve, will not come back as a member of the cast but rather a guest celebrity. 

Lucifer Season 6 Cast

Lucifer Season 6 Expected Plot

Lucifer season 5 had been announced to be the finale for the series. Plans to renew it came much later, probably when filming for season 5 was already done. It is, therefore, tough to predict what the renewed season will comprise of. We can just hope that it will be juicy for its fans. 

Lucifer season 6 Trailer

The trailer for Lucifer season 6 has not yet been released. The only available trailer is one for season 5. Let’s remain patient for the trailers’ release. 

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