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The 30 Popular Singers in the World !

It isn't easy to name the 30 most popular singers in the World at any given time. This is because many factors determine popularity, including age, gender, and musical genre. Among other stuff, here are some of the most important factors to be considered when assessing popularity. So, let's round up to the most popular singers of the World and flow in the saga of music.

Top 20 Best Movies About Music, Chosen by Musicians !

Check out our latest article on Top 20 Best Movies About Music, Chosen by Musicians! Click here for more!

Top 20 Rappers Who Died Too Young !

Over the years, some prominent rappers were killed by homicide, drug overdoses, natural causes, and a range of other reasons before their time. Some rappers were shot, while heart attacks and cancer killed others. This article provides you a penetration into the top twenty rappers who died at a relatively early age.

The Best Album Covers of all Time: 40 Coolest Album Covers!

Music doesn't mean to come alone. Of course, the sounds are certainly the essential element, but the role of cover art in making an outstanding album can't be ignored. Here we chose 40 of the coolest designs ever made for the album. Get them on your wall and turntable..

16 Best Celebrity Interviews of all time: However, Some Have Gone Wrong!

We were fortunate enough to speak in entertainment with a few of the greatest names. This then deals with the 16 Best Conflicted Interviews with film, musical, satire, literary, and more stars.

The 45 Best Mustaches of All Time!

We presumed we would look at some of the most famous mustaches of all times, but he isn't an easy talk about maintaining them as these legends did. Here some are beautiful and stylish, some look aggressive, and some are over the top!

Fashion Kings BTS Declared As The Newest Louis Vuitton Global Brand Ambassadors !

BTS was named Louis Vuitton's House ambassadors shortly after its unexpected collaboration with McDonald's. The announcement comes following the band led by HYBE that wore red carpet designs from the fashion brand. The K-pop stars are now ambassadors of the French luxury house after the custom Louis-Vuitton suits for the Grammy Awards 2021.

Watch Chris Brown & Young Thug’s Go Crazy(Remix) Video Feat. Future, Lil Durk, and Mulatto!

The new version of the pair, along with a brand-new video, began its debut on Thursday, 15 April, adding the talents of Lil Durk, Mulatto, and Future to the new track. Brown announced the world premiere of this video with a clip of the action-packed visual on his Instagram, tagging all the artists involved.

Top 10 Most Popular 1980’s Music Artists !

Wanna know about the top 10 Most Popular 1980's Artists? Click here to know more.

Bella Thorne Is Committed to Italian Singer Benjamin Mascolo After Two Years Of Dating

Bella Thorne is committed to Benjamin Mascolo, her almost two-year-dated boyfriend. That's true. After the Italian singer raised the big question over the weekend, the couple takes their romance to the next level. On Saturday, Mascolo announced the sweet news of Instagram.

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