Dennis Rodman’s Ex-Wife Annie Bakes: Model, Age, Bio, Net Worth !

Anicka Bakes, also known as Annie Bakes, is a former adult model from the United States. Her most prominent claim to fame is that she was Dennis Rodman’s ex-wife, an NBA player, actress, wrestler, and TV personality. She was first approached by a modeling agent when she was 16 and has since modeled for many agencies and businesses.

She has also held hostess positions in clubs. Bakes, well-known for her stunning beauty in the modeling world, used to be a highly sought-after adult model. She has an amazing physique to die for and is bold and fashionable. Bakes, a multi-talented individual, is the author of the book “White Girls Don’t Bounce.” An American diva is reportedly a down-to-earth person despite her notoriety.

Annie Bakes Early Life:

Ankica Bakes, born on February 26, 1965, was brought up by her parents in Allentown, Pennsylvania. When Bakes was a young girl, her family traveled a lot, which made it hard for her to make friends. Information concerning Annie’s early years and background, as well as the identities of her family, are unclear. Her ethnicity is White, and she comes from a Christian family.

Annie Bakes Education:

Because Annie’s mother cleaned her classmates’ homes for a living, her classmates teased her in school. Online sources also claim that she reached puberty sooner because she was bullied. To pursue a career as a model, Annie ran away from home because her mother harassed her as well. In terms of education, Annie Bakes reportedly holds a degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Annie Bakes Family:

The identities of Annie Bakes’ parents and other relatives are unknown. In a similar vein, it is unclear if she has any siblings. Annie hasn’t spoken to the general public or the media sources about her upbringing, family history, or background yet. However, we will provide useful updates whenever we obtain reliable information.

Annie Bakes Physical Stats:

Annie Bakes weighs around 56 kg (123 lbs) and is 5 Feet 8 inches tall (172 cm). She has a lovely face, form, brown or blonde hair, and dark brown eyes.

Annie Bakes Zodiac Sign:

Born on February 26, 1965, the former model is around 57 years old. Pisces is the zodiac sign of Annie Bakes’s birth.

Annie Bakes Career:

At age 16, Annie Bakes started her modeling career. When she was 16 years old, a modeling agency approached her. Annie made significant development thanks to this exposure, and she now appears in lingerie and even swimsuit companies. After turning 18, she began modeling for lingerie and swimwear after originally doing print commercials. In 1986, Annie participated in Ford Models. Her comparatively illustrious career experienced a big upswing when she joined Ford Models.

Around this period, Bakes started working at nightclubs to augment her income. Unfortunately, her modeling career ended in 1986 due to her scars and injuries from a vehicle accident. It was a tragic incident that left her with several scars and wounds. As a result, her modeling career was put on hold, and nothing was ever the same.

The fact that Annie is also an author is unknown to her fans. After ending her marriage, she started writing and publishing a book. Worse Than He Thinks He Is: My Walk On The Wild Side is a book by Bakes published in 1997. After her divorce in 1997, the book was released and well-received. The title of the book, “White Girls Don’t Bounce,” is one of its strange features.

Annie Bakes Relationship Status:

Some people become famous due to their careers, while others become renowned due to their romantic relationships. In the instance of Annie Bakes, her union with Dennis Rodman catapulted her to fame. Dennis and Annie first connected at a Los Angeles club event. Due to Dennis Rodman’s significant financial and psychological support, Annie Bakes’ relationship with him marked a turning point in her life.

The couple hooked up in 1986 since, at first, Dennis thought Annie Bakes quite attractive, and so did she, which resulted in her liking. After dating each other, the couple started remaining in a live-in relationship. At the time, Dennis used to bring Annie to his matches as his girlfriend, demonstrating how simple he was. 

Dennis proposed to Annie after they had been living together for a year, and in 1990, Annie Bakes gave birth to her one and only daughter. Along with helping them get closer, Alexis Rodman also helped them have a kid and live together. On September 28, 1992, the pair took their relationship further by marrying and exchanging vows.

Sadly, their relationship did not survive long, and they both decided to divorce in 1993. It was not a happy marriage or relationship for Annie. Living with Dennis was “like living in hell,” according to Annie, who stated that this was the main cause of their divorce. 

Although everything might appear wonderful on the surface, Annie had to deal with a lot as Dennis infected her with many illnesses. include gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and herpes. She even claimed that during their relationship, Annie had become pregnant seven times, had four pregnancies that she had to abort, and had miscarried twice. Finally, she delivered their only child. Even Annie Bakes admitted that there was violence in their relationship.

Annie was living a single life after divorcing Dennis Rodman. Although certain reports about her marriage to a police officer were substantiated, no evidence of this has yet been discovered.

Annie Bakes Social Appearance:

Despite being one of the top models of her era, Annie’s status has recently been progressively fading. She now enjoys life and makes money as a result. She like keeping information private. After separating from his husband, Denish Rodman, Annie has maintained a low profile. Annie Bakes does not have any social media accounts as a result.

Annie Bakes Net Worth:

Throughout her modeling career, Annie made a sizable fortune. As per our research, we determined that Annie’s professional writing and modeling careers had contributed to an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Even though she works there, she is related to “PETA.”

Annie Bakes Facts:

  • Annie Bakes is currently residing in Pennsylvania with her daughter Alexis Rodman.
  • Kim Jong-un, the North Korean dictator, is good friends with her ex-husband Dennis Rodman.
  • She has ink on her hands, arms, and breast.
  • Annie Bakes’ debut novel got a 4 out of 5-star rating.
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