15 Best Home and Garden T.V. shows to Watch

Home and Garden T.V. shows are at their peak these days. With more and more people looking to get a beautiful house – or add an indoor garden, there are so many options from which to choose. Lucky for you that we picked out the 15 Best Home and Garden T.V. shows to watch to help you make your decision. There is also a plethora of great outdoor gardening ideas – that you might not think about otherwise. 

Moreover, Don’t forget about the gardening tools too! Television has become an approach to life for most people. Today’s T.V. shows sometimes border on the ridiculous, even silly that we wonder why we even bother to watch. But then you get a show that is both entertaining and very informative. These T.V. shows are the ones that millions of people have come to expect from their T.V. set-top boxes and DVRs. 

Home and Garden T.V. shows have been a part of the television scene for many years, entertaining millions and making a select few people wealthy. The shows vary in scope, format, and subject matter, from building houses to cooking delicious meals. In this article, we will discuss 15 of the best Home & Garden Tv Shows. The following 15 Best Home and Garden T.V. shows to Watch are ones that you will enjoy watching, whether your home or office decor involves home or garden elements or not. So, let’s round up!

1. Fixer Upper

Available on: Amazon Prime Video, Discovery+

Fixer Upper Home and Garden shows are part of the home improvement television series. It is hosted by the husband-and-wife team, Chip and Joanna Gaines. It is a tv show produced by HGTV. It’s based in Waco, Texas, and the owners are Chip and Joanna Gaines. They’re the stars, and their job is to help people fix up and flip their homes. They like to add their personal touches to the houses they renovate, creating beautiful classic designs unique to their client’s tastes. Watching Fixer Upper has become a daily routine for many. However, we feel it’s not enough to watch the show. If you want to fully appreciate the experience of someone building you a house and wanting to learn nothing but the best tips and tricks about home remodeling, you’ll have to look up other resources regarding the show. Fixer Upper is more than just another home and garden television show. It’s the latest innovation in the home and garden network. 

2. Nate & Jeremiah By Design

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Nate & Jeremiah By Design is one of our favorite T.V. shows. The show began in 2013. It’s about the garden design ideas of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Allen. We’ll give you all the information about Nate & Jeremiah, including our favorite episodes, so you can watch them online or record them for future viewing. It is one of the best lawn and garden shows. The show hosts Nate and Jeremiah are wives and husbands who have created a unique store with modern designs for their customers. Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent are the duos — the nation’s number one primetime home and garden television show. The television stars recently counted down their top picks for small spaces for Inside design magazine. In conclusion, Nate & Jeremiah by Design T.V. show is one of the top-rated design shows on HGTV and best garden shows on Amazon prime.

3. Dream Home Makeover

Available on: Netflix

Dream Home Makeover is a home improvement television show based in the United States. It is produced by Endemol USA and is distributed by Telepictures. It is one of the best flower and garden shows. Moreover, the show features Pat Richardson and two other expert designers, who help families across America remodel/rebuild their dream homes. Each episode of “Dream Home” shows viewers a family’s renovation project as it unfolds. The show also highlights the hard work, design expertise, and costs associated with each specific job. From home improvement programs to makeovers, there is something for everyone. Dream Home Makeover is an interior makeover show, which gives the home a fresh new look. The makeover usually consists of adding new rooms to the home and making everything look new. The house also gets a lot of new furniture and appliances. This makes it one of the best garden shows on Netflix.

4. Sarah Off the Grid

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Sarah Off the Grid is a home and garden T.V. show about landscaping that has quickly become popular. It started airing on a low-budget local channel but recently got picked up for syndication by Lifetime, History Channel, Hallmark Channel, and DIY Network. If you want to get yourself updated as an advanced user of Sarah Off the Grid, you have an official account on Amazon Prime Videos. The show portrays a new approach to how home decor and landscaping should be done. It delves into the drama of being a genius entrepreneur and a beautiful mom.

5. Selling Sunset

Available on: Netflix

Selling Sunset Home and Garden Tv shows is an exciting endeavor because you never know what’s going to happen next. This tv show about landscaping is a great adventure. The first season of homes was so successful we knew we had to come back for more. And then it happened. We caught lightning in a bottle once again with the second season. They have such amazing talent on the show, and it’s just a pleasure working with everyone. There are many people interested in the real estate market today, and for a good reason, because there are fewer people buying homes now than they have been over the past few years. This is good for someone who is looking to sell their home. Also, there is a demand for that kind of T.V. show among the public in the home and garden network.

06. Candice Tells All

Available on: HGTV.com

Candice Tells All is the most successful home and garden T.V. show on television. If you love to watch gardening shows every weekend, Candice Tells All will become your favorite. Her advice for new gardeners has helped you over the years. If you previously had never heard of home and garden television shows, then we must recommend you to watch this one of the best lawn and garden shows. If you finished watching all the episodes available on HGTV, you would be hooked. Now, when you do laundry or finish a 30-minute workout, you can’t stand being in silence. Instead, you play episodes of Candice Tells All in the background while doing chores around the house to improve my productivity.

07. Rock the Block

Available on: Amazon Prime Video, Discovery+

Rock the Block is an exciting home and garden show aired on the Discovery network starting in early 2005. The show is hosted by two self-taught renovators, James and Damian. The show’s theme song was originally sung by Robyn Hitchcock of the Soft Boys, featured on their 1980 album Underwater Moonlight, but was later replaced by “She’s Got Issues,” a song written for the series by punk rock musician Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. The opening credits feature images of James and Damian singing nursery rhymes as children. There are many television shows about homes and gardens. They give people inspiration and instructions on making their homes look attractive and organized no matter the state of their place. Sometimes even professionals have no idea where to start when making a home look better. Some people like to listen to real-life experiences from fellow homeowners, and sometimes they find it hard to do. This has made many television shows dedicated to home improvement emerge in the media these recent times. The show rocks the Block is one of such shows that are currently available on Amazon Prime.

08. Million Dollar Decorators

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Million Dollar Decorators is another flower and garden show, the ultimate dream for those who love decorating and interior design. Million Dollar Decorators has gotten many viewers with the show’s charming, funny, and packed with information about home renovation and decorating. The stars of this show are Joanna and Michael Lagos. They own their own business in home renovations and are now hosts on popular T.V. shows. Their style is unique as they talk about design and give tips for people who want to change how they look at life. Not many people know this, but Million Dollar Decorators home and garden t.v shows are very popular among people thinking of interior decorating. Many people like watching them in their free time when they have nothing to do. They have endless hours of entertainment that can be used when a person has nothing else to do.

09. Genevieve’s Renovation

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Genevieve’s Renovation is one of the most interesting flowers and garden shows with two seasons: The spring season and the fall season. Genevieve’s Renovation is a local home improvement show which airs on Amazon Prime Video. The show features the owners of Genevieve’s Home and Garden, a successful renovation company based in Toronto, as they host their show where they renovate homes for certain clients. This tv show offers a lot of inspiration and knowledge to anyone interested in gardening. Moreover, this tv show has been available for three seasons and has many fans and high demand among home and garden networks.

10. Property Brothers

Available on: Amazon Prime Video, Hulu

The Property Brothers is a popular T.V. show about landscaping that is aired on Amazon Prime Video. These shows are based on real people who give step-by-step strategies to renovate and transform homes. In addition, they also have backyard makeovers and experts to come in for some advice or specific themed design ideas. Lots of homeowners have become excited about their show which has become a favorite channel among the audience. Property Brothers is not only about finding a fixer-upper and doing renovations in the property itself.  This show is all about locating a home that fits in with your personality and needs, as well as financial plans. Moreover, this show also reveals the individuals’ back story, including how they started real estate.

11. Tiny House Nation

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Tiny House Nation was about ordinary people who wanted to design and build their own tiny houses. This is one of the best home and garden shows which started with a shout-out to all of us “tiny house” fans and then explained that they were going to follow the experiences of not one but four families in search of the right plan and location for their custom home. It’s easy to be inspired by a home that’s been beautifully styled and built from scratch, but what about all of those fans who would love nothing more than a tiny house but don’t have the endurance or time to build one themselves? Tiny House Nation- Season 3 was just released. It is a home and lifestyle improvement series that spotlights houses that are under 1,000 square feet. This 3rd season of the popular T.V. the show promises to be as entertaining as the previous two seasons. Watch it now on Amazon Prime Videos!

12. Rehab Addict

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Rehab Addict Home and Garden T.V. series are considered American reality television. It is focused on one of the rehabbing and flipping of houses with some serious renovations. Rehab Addict also gives its viewers numerous design tips for the proper and good look of their space, along with bringing some notable changes. Rehab Addict is one of the most popular homes and garden tv shows on Amazon Prime Video. Rehab Addict Season 5 and all 1-4 seasons are also available on Netflix. As of this writing, the latest season was broadcasted in January 2018. Go and watch it if you want ideas regarding your home and garden decor.

13. Trading Spaces

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Trading Spaces is a U.S. reality Tv show created by Alison Sachs and produced by Mark Burnett. It’s all about the massive makeovers of interiors, exteriors, and gardens of the houses of two families across America. Many people flipped their property in just six days since the series started in 2000, but so many failed to or were unable to. Specializing in interior design and landscaping, this reality Tv series was hosted by two different sets of homeowners each during its first three seasons, and now there is only one host who guides them through the six-day process. It is one of the most popular home improvement Tv shows. The Tv show first aired in 2000 and features designers and a host, each a specialist in their field. They also have a group of people who would like to redecorate their homes within certain parameters.

14. Queer Eye

Available on: Netflix

Queer Eye is another popular flower and garden show that teaches you about the best ways to improve your looks, cooking, style, and interior design. The makeover the look of a person’s bedroom and bathroom and even help them design their office. It was first launched in 2003 and had four new seasons, which aired on Bravo till 2007. In 2018, it was rebooted by Netflix and was yet to be renewed for any new season. We can say that Queer Eye is the hit show on Netflix about a group of ‘fab 5’ experts who give their expertise to improve the lives of men. Decor, fashion, grooming are just a small part of the show. 

15. Flip or Flop

Available on: Amazon Prime Video, Hulu

Flip or Flop is one of the best gardens shows on Amazon Prime and also put on Hulu. It was successful enough to beget a few spin-off shows. We can say that it is one of the most successful home improvement shows today, starring a husband and wife duo who shell out their time restoring houses. It’s a great show that has inspired many people to get into real estate themselves. Many home remodeling jobs are taken on by DIY homeowners who want to build up their portfolio of skills and knowledge and make greater changes to their homes. These Tv shows have got a big fan base as it brings all the entertainment in a show. This show was made by the famous T.V. star, real estate agent, and designer named Christina El Moussa. Her husband, camera assistant, real estate contract is named Tarek El Moussa​​​​​. They both are the founders of this show and are working together to make it more popular from the early stage. 


Whether you’re cleaning out your backyard or staging a new room in your house, home decorating shows can inspire you to try something new. If you love the look of HGTV and the DIY Network, then these 15 best shows are a good watch and have their most popular episodes. Also, there is no better way to relax than watching T.V. in your garden. That’s why this is the perfect accompaniment to a cozy evening in your garden room, and if you’re not blessed enough to have a garden room, then it’s the perfect treat for when winter finally draws to an end.

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