Best Love SMS Collection-Part I

    • 8 Leters, 3 Words, 1 Meaning?????????????????
      I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I love you More than Words can Over Say
  • Learn from your past……control the present….and plan for the future…..
  • Flowers open to see you.
    Rains drop to touch you.
    The sun rises to cherish you.
    I am born to love you.
    I love you.
  • Winds whisper in my ear,
    here is the love of your life,
    which you were searching for,
    Don’t let it go anywhere,
    Go and hold this love tightly,
    and keep it into your heart
    for always.
  • You are the joy of my life,
    You are the smile of my face,
    I live to see you,
    Your warm smile gives me strength,
    Don’t you ever leave me.
    I love You.
  • My life is for you,
    My heart beats for you,
    My soul goes on love you,
    My eyes always wants to see you,
    My lips wants the touch of yours,
    I exist only for you…..
  • Darling!
    If flowers could express my heart,
    I send you yellow flowers to always be with me ,
    Pink tulips to bring happiness in my life,
    Red flowers for always living in my life,
    This bunch shows you are everything to me.
    I love you…..
  • There are 3 steps to happy happiness:
    1 you.
    2 me.
    3 our hearts 4 eternity!
  • Can miles truly separate you from friends… If you want to be with someone you love, aren’t you already there?
  • Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
  • Before I met my husband, I’d never fallen in love. I’d stepped in it a few times.
  • At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.
  • As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words.
  • All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name.
  • All mankind love a lover.
  • All love shifts and changes. I don’t know if you can be wholeheartedly in love all the time.
  • Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.
  • Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones, as the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires.
  • A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.
  • A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love.
  • A pair of powerful spectacles has sometimes sufficed to cure a person in love.
  • A man reserves his true and deepest love not for the species of woman in whose company he finds himself electrified and enkindled, but for that one in whose company he may feel tenderly drowsy.
  • A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.
  • A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years.
  • A kiss is a rosy dot over the ‘i’ of loving.
  • A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.
  • If The Person U Love Doesn’t Love U Back
    Just Imagine That U Are The Letter ‘E’
    In The Word L O V E –
    You Are Always Thr But Never Pronounced.
  • Love is just like life,
    It’s not always easy & does not always bring happiness.
    But when we do not stop living, why should we stop loving.
  • Love is dat ocean in which even if u get drown u wont call 4 help..
    coz itz d suicide which u have committed 2 begin another new beautiful life
  • Loving is not how u forget but how u forgive,
    not how u listen but how u understand,
    not what u see but how u feel & not how u let go but how u hold on.
  • If i cud gift u sumthing in lyf
    i wud gift u d ability 2 c urself thru my eyes..
    only den wud u realiz how special u r 2 me.
    I love u sweet heart…
  • I believe that GOD above
    created u for me to love..
    He picked u out from all the rest..
    because He know I Love u the best..
  • If a raindrop would mean “I love you”
    and you would ask me
    how much I love you,
    I bet you that it would rain all day.
  • Dive in ma heart u can c ocean of love in it.
    A boat of faith is w8in 4u 4a nonstop journey in2 d core of ma heart.
    I Love You
  • Time will always fly,
    but our love will never die.
    Keep in touch
    remember me and my love.
  • Love has its ups and downs, its twists and turns.
    Love leaves you pain, teaches u until you learn
    even if love takes so long,
    it always takes you to where you belong.
  • Leave it once it’ll will be left forever,
    Get it once it’ll be yours forever,
    It’s nothing but LOVE,
    LOVE only once and you’ll be loved forever.
  • Day & Night only your thought,
    Other than you no one in my heart,
    You are MY ANGEL that is a fact,
    You have became beat of my heart,
    Love you still my soul will depart…
  • If the road ahead is not so easy,
    Our love will lead the way for us
    Like a guiding star
    I’ll be there for you if you should need me
    You don’t have to change a thing
  • Love is so strange..
    sometimes it becomes reason to live life..!!
    and sometimes it becomes reason to leave life.. ..??
  • Someone said, “It’s hard to live alone, It’s harder to choose someone to love
    but the hardest part of loving is to admit that you have fallen in love
    with someone who can never be yours
  • I replied, “and you know the best part is when you get the person you love the most
    while other peoples still keep thinking it’s not possible!!!”
  • Speak less to people whom u love most..
    Because if they cant understand ur silence..
    They can never understand your words..
  • Thought of you today, That’s not new,
    Thought of you yesterday + the day before too,
    I will think of you tomorrow & my whole life through,
    & I will think of you forever because I think the world of you.
  • I love your eyes,
    I love your smile,
    I cherish your ways,
    I adore your style
    What can I say?
    You are 1 of a kind & 24/7
  • As I lie awake in my bed.
    All sorts of thought run through my head,
    Like why do I love you as much as I do.
    Then I realise its because u r u!
  • I m feeling so happy, do u know why?
    cause i m so lucky, do u know how?
    cuz God loves me.
    Do u know how?
    coz he gave me a gift.
    Do u know what?
    its YOU my love.
  • Life ends when you stop dreaming,
    hope ends when you stop believing
    and love ends when you stop caring.
    So dream hope and love.. Makes Life Beautiful
  • Do u know whats the meaning of FAMILY?
  • Love or affection is so strange..
    sometimes it becoms reason 2 live life..
    sometimes it becoms reason 2 leave life..
  • I am not a painter to paint you
    I am not a creator to create you
    I am not a destroyer to destroy you
    I am not a teacher to teach you
    But I am a person to love you!!!
  • Smthing in ur smile which speaks 2 me,
    smthing in ur voice which sings 4 me,
    smthing in ur eyes which says 2 me dat…
    u r d dearest of all..
    I love You
  • I Was a Smoker!
    Once I Read : “Smoking Is Injurious To Health”
    I QUIT Smoking.
    I Used To Drink WINE.
    I Read: “WINE is Bad For Health”
    I Left Drinking.
    I LOVE Someone.
    Once I Read: “Love is an illusion”
    You Know What I Did?
    I Left “Reading”!
  • A HEART dies
    when it is not able to share its FEELINGS.
    but a HEART Kills itself
    when another Heart
    doesn’t Understands it’s FEELINGS.
  • Court Order!!
    You Are Accused of Crawling into my inbox
    & Hijacking My Smile with your cute massages.
    You Are Sentenced to be MY SWEET HEART FOR LIFE!!!
  • Heaven is not the one
    which you see after your death,
    True Heaven is the one
    which you can see here in my True Love.
  • Let love fill your heart instead of hate.
    When hate is in your heart,
    there’s room for nothing else,
    but when love is in your heart,
    there’s room for endless happiness.
  • A boy found a tear in his gf’s eyes, so he huged her.
    Still grl continued 2 cry, boy asked – y . ?
    grl – if 4 evry tear i get a hug frm u, den i wud cry 4evr..!
  • Hello my love a day without you is like years without rain.
    You are my sunshine that brings light into my life.
    Without u i will be in total darknes.
    I love so much my love
  • I’m afraid of your love.
    I’m afraid that you will one day take it away
    and everything you ever said to me will shatter.
    And I’m afraid I’ll be broken once more.
  • When U feel the love, U will get the reason to smile on every single moment u have……
    even when u have tears in ur eyes.
  • If I had a RED ROSE for every time I think of you.
    I would walk in my garden forever.
  • The most loveliest life:living in the arms of one who loves u……And the most loveliest death is dying in the arms of the one whom u love….
  • Loving Sum1 Who doesnt Luv U
    is Lik Watchng a Star,
    U knw U Can Nvr Reach
    Bt U Just keep tryng & Y nt?
    Aftr all..Stars also fall.
  • Love has its ups and downs, its twists and turns.
    Love leaves you pain, teaches u until you learn
    even if love takes so long,
    it always takes you to where you belong.
  • Leave it once it’ll will be left forever,
    Get it once it’ll be yours forever,
    It’s nothing but LOVE,
    LOVE only once and you’ll be loved forever.
  • Love is a gross exaggeration of the difference between one person and everybody else.
  • Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.
  • I but know that I love thee, whatever thou art.
  • Come live in my heart and pay no rent.
  • Love is the silent saying and saying of a single name.
  • Love is missing someone whenever you`re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you`re close in heart.
  • Love is the delusion that one woman differs from another.
  • I don`t wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone.
  • Part of the reason that men seem so much less loving than women is that men`s behavior is measured with a feminine ruler.
  • Love is the child of illusion and the parent of disillusion.
  • In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.
  • Falling in love is so hard on the knees.
  • Bee love honey,
    Miss love money,
    Flower love due,
  • When time comes for u to give ur heart to someone,
    make sure u select someone who will never break ur heart,
    cuz broken hearts has never spare parts.
  • Love is sweet poison:
    Do not consume without your beloved’s advise ..
    and keep out of reach of children ..
    and keep it in cool and dark place.
  • Touch my heart & u will feel,
    Listen to my heart & u will hear,
    Look into my heart & u will see that
    U will alwayz be a special part of me.
  • If I was a tear in ur eye.
    I wud roll down onto ur lips.
    But if u were a tear in my eye
    I wud never cry
    coz, I wud be afraid 2 lose u!
  • Love knows no reasons, Love knows no lies,
    Love defines all reasons, Love has no eyes…
    But love is not blind,
    Love sees all but doesnt mind…..
  • When you love someone
    Its like reaching for the star .*.
    U know u cant reach them .*.
    But u keep trying
    Coz may be 1 day
    that star might fall for u .!.*.!.*.!
    I LOVE U
  • One second without you can last for ever!
    They learned me that one hours equals 60 minutes
    and that one minute equals 60 seconds,
    but they never told me that one second
    without you can last for ever!
  • I love your eyes
    I love all the stars in the sky,
    but they are nothing
    compared to the ones in your eyes!
  • Remember My Love
    Time will always fly,
    but our love will never die.
    Keep in touch
    remember me and my love.
  • Without you my life is Blue
    I‘m lost in your dreams, during the days,
    and coz of that ,i can‘t feel the sun‘s rays,
    I‘m lost in your dreams, even at night,
    and coz of that ,i can‘t see the moon light,
    I‘m lost in your dreams, for months together,
    and coz of that, i can‘t feel the changing weather,
    So dear now i can‘t leave you coz,
    Without U my life is “Blue“,.
    Love you
  • Love is what, when I am with you
    Love,is more than what I have.
    Love,is more than what you are.
    Love,takes me where I‘ve never been.
    Love,takes me where I am today.
    In love,is what I am with you.
  • I love the touch of your hand
    I miss the touch of your hand in mine.
    your love warms me like the morning sun shine.
    I miss your breath on my ear as we embrace.
    I miss the softness of your cheek when I touch your face.
  • Nothing is more important than you
    If someone waits for you,it doesn’t mean that they have nothing to do…it just means that nothing else is more important than you…
  • Proposed and rejected in love – inspirational Msg
    Boy proposed a girl, she rejected.
    He was not sad so frnds asked Y U don’t feel?
    Boy- Y should i feel?
    I lost 1 who never loved me!
    she lost the 1 who really love her…
  • Dont wait if you love someone
    Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much you love, how much you care. Because when they’re gone, no matter how loud you shout and cry, they won’t hear you anymore.
  • If love is water…
    If love is water, I’ll give u the ocean. If kisses are spaces, I’ll give u the universe… If heat was your love and care, how I wish the sun was beside me..
  • The smallest word is I,
    the sweetest word is LOVE
    and the dearest person
    in the world is U.
    dats why I Love You..
  • All I wanted
    All I wanted was sum1 2 care 4 me
    All I wanted was sum1 who’d b there 4 me
    All I ever wanted was sum1 who’d b true
    All I ever wanted was sum1 like U…
  • Love someone is madness
    As days go by, my feelings get stronger,
    To be in ur arms, I can’t wait any longer.
    Look into my eyes & u’ll see that it’s true,
    Day & Night my thought r of U..
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