“Helstrom” Reviews: Hulu’s Action-Horror Show Is One of Marvel’s Worst in Years!

Marvels always bring great series to its fans. And the audience is always curious when marvels come up with something new. But this time, fans got a bit disappointed with their new series Helstrom, based on Daimon and Ana Helstrom, separated siblings with vaguely defined supernatural powers. They are the daughter of a serial killer Satanist. Tom Austen played the role of Daimon, an exorcist and ethics professor. Sydney Lemmon, as Ana, is an antique dealer and goth who kills criminals. The two reunited to support Victoria, their demon-possessed mother, who has been fastened in a psychiatric institute for two decades.

Marvel’s darkest show:

A fearless horror show Helstrom compelled by implausible acting and an intriguing cast. It is one of the darkest TV series of MCU. So it was a reason to expect that Helstrom’s showrunner Paul Zbyszewski would wrap up this series of Marvel TV on a favorable note. Sadly, even diehards fans will try to find much value here.

The audience had higher expectations from this series, but the creator didn’t live up to their anticipations. Helstrom is a nostalgic step over demonic things. The demons almost exclusively inhabit normal human bodies, speak in an unusual voice, and perform rudimentary tricks of telekinesis. Controlling the powers of absolute wickedness is not an easy task, But it takes too much time for the demons’ plan to be clear.

Is Helstrom a scary show?

Daimon, Ana, and the rest of the cast of the show didn’t do well. Austen’s take on the demon hunter is seriously flawed. Ana’s role is slightly better because the writer has given her character some personality, even if she is constantly obnoxious.

Despite this, neither the Helstrom family nor the show’s other themes pose as credible characters with lives or personalities that exist beyond the series purpose. Poorly, not much has been added to those goals. There is a discussion about demons about an ancient war against humanity, which disturbs a lot, but the “Helstrom” is not as scary as the producers were saying.

 What went wrong?

There is a lack of horror and drama, but apart from this, the show was not even shot well. Most of the scenes in this show have an irresistible tint of blue or darkness. Such disgusting lighting is a large, constant issue, and impossible to see what is happening during the varied scenes and horror-focused scenes were discontented for viewers due to lack of visibility.

What Will Happen With Helstrom?

Helstrom hasn’t been terminated yet, but Marvel has estranged the MCU brand from the series marketing and already distanced the franchise’s other non-Disney+ shows. It doesn’t look like Daemon and Ana’s story will continue.

You can still watch this show on Hulu, its first season is available on it. If there will come any latest update on Helstrom, we will keep you updated. Till then, stay with us for more updates.

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