Sony Pictures Animation Movies Feature Heavily In Revamped Theme And Water Park In Thailand With ‘Ghostbusters’ ‘Men in Black’ Or ‘Jumanji’ Rides!

Disney and Universal may have more competition from another theme park franchise that the studio supports. After announcing their plans to enter the theme park business more than three decades ago, Sony officially throws his hat into the ring. Of course, Warner tried, but it is not the only way to make money from his DC catalog: Paramount +’s Super Bowl ad or trailer for Space Jam‘s recent sequel reveals how big business sees its properties entertainment. 

With a branded water park in Thailand, Sony seems to be testing the water for its next theme park ambitions. The park will be built from an existing water park in Bangsaray, approximately 90 minutes from Bangkok. The rides will include “Men in Black” and “GhostBusters,” “Bad Boys for Life,” and kids’ areas based on Sony animated films like “Hotel Transylvania” and “Cloudy With an Opportunity for Meatballs.” 

In the past, Sony had deals in Germany and Motiongate Dubai with other parks abroad, like Heide Park. This comprises an attraction for the “Ghostbusters.” The Universal Studios in the United States has currently located with the Men in Black: Alien Attack attraction, which opened in Universal Orlando in 2000.

Halloween Horror Nights 2019 featured Ghostbusters recently. We have to wonder how long their properties realistically remain in universal theme parks when Sony announces its theme park plans. As for Ghostbusters, it’s a good time to make the announcements.

Sony pushes heavily into anime as a side note. Anime-based attractions at Universal in Japan are extremely popular, and there has only been a considerably higher chance of a Sony IP-based tour such as “Demon Slayer.” Aquaverse is an existing water park in Bangsaray, the beach town owned by Amazon Falls, Columbia Pictures’ Aquaverse. The company is to renovate the park with some of the most recognizable properties of Columbia Pictures. Apart from the animated films, Aquaverse will also feature Ghostbusters, Jumanji, Men in Black, and Bad Boys.

Aquaverse aims to attract Thai and international tourists with rides, attractions, and experiences through a phased restart in October and an official soft opening in 2022. The various themes recognized in the park are:

Men at Black Thrill Rides — The most exciting sights and attractions in Aquaverse can be found here, including hair-lifting rides on the waterfront, of which one has a 12m freefall journey that sends you to the Wormhole MIB.

Ghostbusters Supernatural experience — Take the Ghostbusters portal and zip over the fantasy trap as your first and only complete water dome on a family rafting tour glides along with a water coaster with your best friend or wage a day out.

Bad Boys Raceway — Experience the thrill and pull the pedal in a Neon Miami racecourse around new outdoor race paths.

Jumanji Jungle Adventure — Visit Jaguar Mountain by Mandril before plunging into Jumanji Splash Pool through wild, jungle-themed water slides.

Kid-Friendly Zone Hotel Transylvania – Aquaverse is the most important water park with over 100 water features, splash buckets, water rockets, and more. 

Surf up in Surfers Paradise — Surf a powerful splash and show you what you have to enjoy with the dual Flowrider in the exciting water park!

Vivo Wave Pool — Relax in a huge wave of animated music inspired by it. Mainly in live shows and music events, where famous artists and international DJs will perform.

In a statement, Jeffrey Godsick, EVP from global partnerships and brand management, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s head of location-based entertainment, said:

We’re happy to partner in Sony Pictures’ first theme and water park with the Liakat Dhanji & Amazon Falls. His vision inspires us that Thailand will have an immersive entertainment destination. The next step in Sony Pictures’ broader global strategy for developing and expanding local entertainment is Columbia Pictures’ quavers, using its strong worldwide film and tv brands. We create opportunities for every audience worldwide to delve into our stories more deeply through water parks, touring exhibitions, and theme parks.

Sony Pictures Entertainment’s partnership is part of Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor. This initiative aims to turn several eastern provinces of Thailand into economic hubs, with tourism as a major focal point. Stay attuned with us as we will update you the moment as we hear further details on Sony’s theme park rule plan.

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